Mar 122010

At this point in time the “Heatlh Care Reform Bill” in Congress has been debated to death but the President keeps trying to pump life into it. Never mind that poll after poll has clearly shown that the majority of the American people are against it. There is no money for it, the economy is in intensive care, not really cured of  the recession disease diagnosis that’s hiding the underlying terminal condition brought about by overspending policies by Congress, so the Health Care Reform treatment just may be fatal to the patient (America).

Democrats appear to be suffering from delusions brought about by high pitch fever spending that’s so intense that they do not see the voter rage that’s throwing elected Democtats out of office at a fever pitch. Three states so far have replaced Democrats with Republicans; including the Senate seat once held by Ted Kennedy that is now held by a Republican, Scott Brown. Other Democrats (about eight so far) have refused to run for re-election and are going into retirement instead. Few surviving Democrats seem to see that their jobs have poor chances of survival and are still pushing the disease ridden Health Care Bill. The February 25 summit achieved nothing.

Republicans have stated that they have other ideas, but in fact they have have only two. One is to allow insurance companies to compete across state lines (I thought this was allowed in the Constitution, but the congress seems to know nothing about the Constitution) and this competion in itself just might solve a great deal of the problems with health care, but the Democrats do not  what to hear anything about this.

The other idea the Republicans have is “Tort Reform”. This is sort of like Chemo Therapy, it’s a poison that if given in small doses may or may not cure the problem, but the patient (America) will most likely die anyway from overspending induced bankruptcy.

You see, “Tort Reform” is a cover-up word used to disguise the phrase “denying the American people the right to sue in court for wrongs inflicted on them”. Republicans think this way because they are cozy with the financial industry, rich people and corporations from which they get most of their campaign funding and these people do not want to loose profits by law suits. In other words, it’s the corporation mentality that says “use all the gimmicks you can to stay out of court because we don’t care about justice, we only care about profits”. The Republicans want to expand this corporate mentality to the medical profession to produce doctors that are not responsible for what they do to their patients. This will not do anything to lower the cost of health care, doctors will still charge what they are charging now, but will be less responsible for what they do.

Doctors without responsibility to their patients; like corporations that are immune to lawsuits. Think about it.

So instead of the health care reform bill extending health care to 30 million people, what it will do is give more expensive but substandard health care to all Americans, because it’s questionable if America has the resources to do what the Democrats want. Add to this what the Republicans want and what we’ll get is rationed health care from doctors who are not responsible for their work. The Ulitmate Poison Pill.

I don’t want to talk about Medicare, it’s dead. Cause of death, “Health Care Reform”. I mean, it only reimburses doctors about 20% of the cost of care and the President wants to reduce funding even more. So, like I said, it’s dead, move on.

It seems that the health care reform disease has spread from Europe to Canada and is now spreading south to America, leaving a trail of bankruptcy behind it. I don’t know what to do, maybe I can get some health care now before Health Care Reform creeps in, or maybe I can escape to Mexico, but I don’t know if Mexican hospitals will accept illegals from America.

J. Lugo

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