Benjamin Netanyahu’s Problem

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Mar 212015

The Israeli election is over and Benjamin Netanyahu will be Prime Minister again, but what does this mean in regards to the problem with Iran? Consider that when he made his historic speech before Congress, his desperation was obvious  as he carefully chose words to bring back the alliance between Israel and America that was ended solely by Barack Obama. Clearly, he was talking life or death for Israel in what may very well end up to be a major war.

It’s well known that Israel is facing a future nuclear armed Iran that has publicly stated many times that Israel must be “wiped off the map”. For years Benjamin Netanyahu has been carefully and expertly choosing every tactic he can use so that Israel can survive. Lately he has been waiting with a desperate hope that the negotiations between America and Iran yield an agreement that will stop Iran’s nuclear bomb program. But these negotiations are failing and everybody knows it; except the American President. Instead of supporting Israel, Obama is playing politics. He called Netanyahu’s speech “theatre”, and he did not show up for the speech. Obama used stupid excuses like Congress did not go through proper channels to arrange the speech. It’s embarrassing to have such a President.

Benjamin’s speech before Congress was the last thread of hope that may stop him from doing something that no man in his right mind would ever want to do.

Consider a couple of parts of his speech:

“I can guarantee you this; the days when the Jewish people remain passive in the face of genocidal enemies; those days are over”.

He was even more direct when he said:

“Even if Israel has to stand alone, Israel will stand”.

These statements make it clear that if the negotiations to stop Iran’s nuclear program fail, Israel will attack Iran.

This possibility becomes even more chilling when you consider the following: Israel has a population of about 8 million people, Iran has a population of 80 million. Israel has a military of about 4 million soldiers, Iran has a modern military of about 20 million soldiers with jet fighters, artillery and armored tanks. If Israel attempts a ground invasion of Iran, they will have to travel through Jordan and Iraq, or through Saudi Arabia; clearly hostile territory where ISIS will attack them as well as many Arab armies along the way. This is a distance of 1,194 miles, Jerusalem to Tehran, or about the distance from New York City to Orlando Florida; for the Israeli army to set-up a resupply line will be impossible. So, a ground attack is out of the question.  Another possibility may be a Navel attack from the Persian Gulf, but the Israeli navy is just not big enough for such an operation.This leaves an attack by the Israeli Air Force, but again they must fly over hostile Arab territory and hit ten or twelve nuclear facilities as well as many military bases. Some of these targets are buried deep underground in mountains of granite rock. These targets will require multiple hits while the Iranian military is firing modern anti-aircraft missiles at them, clearly an impossible task for Israel.

This leaves the last and only option for Israel to launch a successful attack on Iran, that is a nuclear missile attack, and it is well known that Israel has about 100 to 150 nuclear weapons.

Is this far fetched, is this insane? Yes, it certainly is; but what other option does Israel have, NONE! Israel does not have the option of an embargo against Iran, only America and Europe can do this. So, a military air  strike like Israel did to Iraq is the only option, but it may very well be nuclear.

But then again there is the Jewish way of doing things, like during the recent Gaza War, Israel actually warned Gaza citizens that they were going to bomb their buildings before attacking so they can leave; so, Israel may just attack with only two or three nuclear missiles to destroy one underground site since it may require multiple hits. Then Israel may tell the Iran leaders, to open all it’s nuclear sites for destruction by an international task force, if Iran refuses, then Israel may tell them that more nuclear missiles will be launched to destroy remaining nuclear facilities. If Iran agrees to this is an open question, but Iran may then launch an invasion against Israel, Israel then facing an attack by 20 million sucidial Muslims may have to use nuclear missiles again.

Where will this end? A dozen nuclear explosions, or two or three dozen, that will leave a vast cloud of deadly radio active ash flying by the winds all over the world. It’s impossible to figure how many millions will be killed this way, but it will certainly be the worst disaster the world has ever seen.

But there remains the possibility that Iran will realize that such a situation is impossible to win, and may surrender. This contradicts their martyr philosophy, but when faced with national death of their ideals, it is a different matter than individual deaths.

This whole situation leaves just too may possibilities of what can happen, surely the best way to stop this, is not to let it happen in the first place. But, consider that the Iranians have spent a lot of money to build it’s many nuclear facilities, and only a fool will think they are going to scrap the whole program just because a few stupid infidels don’t like it. But where are the American leaders to stop it? Do they have any response to Benjamins speech other than to call it “theater” and make attempts to maintain a false veneer of sophistication when the whole world knows about their scandals, cover ups and lies? They act more like the Keystone Cops than leaders.

Will history say that, “Israel died, while Obama played golf?

Since Benjamin Netanyahu may be the one to launch this nuclear attack, he must surely feel the weight of humanity on his shoulders leaving him as the only responsible leader in this mess, while our leader does not realize the evolving disaster; lets look at a historical perspective here. World War II was stopped when Americans used nuclear bombs on two Japanese cities, Hiroshima and Nagasaki because the Japanese saw the horror of such devastating weapons. A lasting peace was established with the use of nuclear bombs, will a nuclear attack on Iran stop world terrorism when they realize the horror that nuclear weapons can do, will they realize that they cannot win?

Is peace with nuclear weapons the only option?

I pray to God that I am wrong about what I’m saying here, but remember that many have said: “next time, the Jews will not go quietly”.

Jose Lugo, eitor