GOP Where Are You? (part 2)

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Sep 262015

The good news is that John Boehner has resigned, the bad news is that this changes nothing.

Have you ever wondered why it seems that a lot of things just do not change in government as administration after administration comes and goes. John Boehner is a good example of why this is so. You see, he is registered as a Republican while he clearly is not a Republican, he is clearly a Democrat as proved by his every action. Right after the mid-term election, when Republicans won a majority in both the House and Senate, John Boehner went right ahead and supported the vote to fund a budget that was written by Democrats. He also supports Common Core, abortion, Obama Care and the Iranian Nuke Deal, all of these are issues that are supported by Democrats. The reason he does this is because he is a Democrat who lies to the American people by saying to them that he is a Republican, while his voting record proves that he is clearly a Democrat.

If it was just John Boehner that was doing this, then it’s no big deal, Boehner is gone, end of problem. Not so, because the Republican party has so many Democrats who have infiltrated its ranks that it is very difficult to pass any real Conservative legislation. Unless it’s just a show vote.

And lets not forget that it was Boehner who said flat out, that impeaching Obama is off the table; and his Democratic supporters openly supported him in this with the help of Democrats in the Republican party. Impeaching Obama is impossible. Not even talking about it is allowed.

Some people have ignored this and even laughed about it by saying “Oh, they’re just RINOS” meaning “Republican In Name Only”. But this is not funny anymore, America is sinking fast, financially, socially, militarily and just about every other way you can imagine. America does not even have any control over it’s own borders; this is threatening to change American culture itself.

Many Republicans who are actually Republicans, are proud to say that they have a majority in the House and Senate. Not so. If you count the Democrats who are lying about being Republicans, then the Republicans are a minority in both houses. This is why they can not pass anything that has a conservative look to it.

The Democrats have control of Congress and are well on there way to achieving their ultimate goal. That is a dictatorship controlling all of America. Does this sound extreme to the point of being stupid. Think about this; remember when the Democrats (including the President) were saying to the Republicans, “stop obstructing” and “get out of the way, let us adults decide things”. Well, by getting the Republicans out of the way, what is left but government solely by the Democrats. i.e. Dictatorship of the Democrat Party.

But the well laid plans of the Democratic Party are being threatened by the current crop of contenders for the Presidents office. I mean, there are some real Conservatives running for office (just a few RINOS are among them). AND voters are actually supporting these Conservatives, maybe because they are afraid of a nuclear armed Iran. Also, 18 trillion dollars of debt that is well on its way to bankrupting America is a cause of serious concern. The Democrats strongly support this crazy debt and a nuclear armed Iran because they think that like during the Great Depression of the 1930s when it was declared that capitalism failed and so they were able to enact may socialist programs pushed by a dictator like president. Maybe the Democrats are tired of waiting for their dictatorship and want to speed things up. Sure this will cause a lot of pain and suffering among the American people, but to the Democrats it seems to be worth it.

The Republicans have a lot of house cleaning to do, the sooner the better.

God speed Donald Trump or Carly Fiorina, we need either one of you, or both.

Jose Lugo, editor

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