Britain Exit Stage Right

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Jun 252016

Now that Britain finally got out of the European Union, it’ time to clear the smoke and  find out what’s going on.

You see, Europe has always been an amazing place, the Europeans are a brilliant people who create great works of art, build beautifule buildings, cook delicious food and are always at the forefront of technological progress. But as amazing as Europeans are, they do have one nasty habit, which is to murder each other by the millions in endless Wars.

So, they got together and decided that if they form one country they will not have any more wars, and there will be peace and everybody will live happily ever after.

They were wrong. Civil Wars are still a possibility even with a united Europe. In fact, Civil Wars are often more bloody than international wars. So, the premise upon which the EU was formed was a false premise. But they decided to give it a go anyway.

The second mistake they made was to put liberals in charge of the whole thing. So, in came the liberals with their usual arrogance and I’m always right and your stupid if you think other wise attitude; this is no different from the Kings during the dark ages. Except that the liberals were not cutting off peoples heads, or maybe they just did not have any time to get around to this.

Then the liberals started with their usual liberal agenda, which is a welfare state, high taxes for working people, a crushingly high national debt and a flood of immigrants; all this has nothing to do with keeping peace in Europe. These liberals were doing what liberals do, in the same way that liberals always do things. And the result was the same as always with liberal agendas, a complete mess was created.

People became angry with their taxes going up to pay for free stuff to foreigners who were only increasing the crime rate and stealing their jobs. Taxes got so high for working people that they could not afford to raise a family, while the foreigners who were getting every thing free were having large families. This had the effect that the foreigners were starting to replace the local population, a sort of cultural genocide.

Many Europeans started feeling like strangers in their own county. There are places in France where French men can not go because of hostile Muslims who would attack them on sight. Then the restaurants, movie theaters, hotels, art works and public places stated to be created to cater to the Muslims, getting every body else angry that they were loosing their culture and their country.

The unelected liberal leaders would not listen to the local people, the leaders would only insult them, calling them racists and stupid. But everybody has a right to their own culture and the native people of Europe certainly have this right. Even though it was not recognized by their liberal masters.

So, the whole thing is falling apart. But there remain some benefits to a unified Europe, Better trade and higher incomes for one thing. Maybe they should try at a union again, but next time (if there is a next time) if they make democracy and respect for local cultures a priority it might work. Getting rid of liberals and their anti-democracy policies would also help.

Jose Lugo, editor

Same Old, Same Old

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Jun 132016

Well, we had another mass shooting, sadly, nothing new. But sadder still,  the response is also still the same.

49 Americans are shot dead in an Orlando Florida night club by another Muslim. Then President Obama gets on TV with the same old stale talking points with the predictable pitch for gun control.

Some Muslim clerics also get on TV saying the same old stale line about “not all Muslims are to blame”, but they are not doing a thing about it either.

And that’s the main point here. The president could have banned “gun free zones” because that’s where most of the mass shootings happen, if people are armed in these current “gun free zones” they can defend themselves and others around them, but no, he did not ban “gun free zones”. He could have required armed guards in “gun free zones”, but he did not do that either. He could have required bouncers or bar tenders at night clubs to be armed, but he did not do that either. Obama basically did nothing but the some old stale talking points to make him self look good, but he’s too stupid to realize how stupid he looks.

One person in that night club with one gun could have stopped the shooter, or at least prevented some of the killings. But of the 350 people there, nobody in that night club had a gun, except the killer.

Then the rest of the news media kicks in with their stupid talking points, like, “we need common sense gun control”. Nobody seems to realize that you don’t dis-arm your people while under attack, but it seems that clear thinking is no longer practiced in America, or at least not by the government or the news media.

We just have “the same old, same old”.

What happened to us.

Jose Lugo, editor

Conservatives and Self Destruction

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May 152016

So you’re not going to vote! I keep hearing that wherever I turn. Cruz people using the hashtag #nevertrump.

Trump people who say if Donald isn’t handed the nomination they will either sit out the vote or go third-party.

Trump himself crying like a bully who finally got punched back, that he has been robbed. Robbed? How is that?

If Trump gets to the convention with 1237 delegates he wins. But he isn’t there yet, and lest we forget past history, there have been 10 brokered conventions.

Seven of which did not go to the candidate with the most delegates, hence we have a history when a candidate that may be caustic to the cause.

Truth be told in Colorado, Trump blew it. He knew what the rules were. They weren’t new rules meant to stop him. He simply wasn’t prepared and hence lost the delegates. And now he is trying to convince everyone its a ” vast right wing conspiracy.” Sound familiar?

And to the Cruz people let me say this also. America, in case you haven’t noticed is about to go under. Not a recession, not a depression, an end. And your playing games.

When any of you threaten not to vote, you threaten every family, every person in America. My family included and I’m not ok with that. If in your selfish, self-centered thinking you take the “its my ball, I’m taking it and going home” attitude, you not the Democrats, not the establishment, you will have responsibility not only to all Americans but to God for the end of this nation.

Our founding fathers fought and died to give us the freedoms we have, and you with your , “I just won’t vote” attitude threaten the future of this nation. Not the Republican party, the whole nation.

If you can’t see that a democrat victory will finish this nation off you are even less intelligent than your current behavior indicates. I am so tired of the insults, the lies, the me, me, me that I hear. Perhaps you don’t see it but that’s very Bernie like.

So for the love of your children, and grandchildren, grow up, man up, and when we finally have a Republican candidate join up and whether its Donald Trump, or Ted Cruz lets start rebuilding American, and turning back to the precious Judeo-Christian ethic that made us great in the past. Wake up!


Sola Veritas

A Letter to Brussels

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Apr 122016

You are at War with Islam. Your leaders will not tell you this, but you are at War with Islam. But why you ask; you have spent the last few decades putting together a society based on understanding, cooperation, tolerance; a socialist paradise, so how can you be at War? What happened, why are you now at War with Islam?

Now, in order to understand the following, it is important to first understand that all political parties tend to stick with their own kind; for example, Republicans stick with Republicans, Democrats stick with Democrats. But when Liberals stick with other Liberals the following happens.

To begin with, most societies, like America are now based on liberal policies, and if you talk to most liberals you will find out that most liberals think of themselves as good people who just want to do good and build a better world. But a mistake liberals make is to focus on people who they believe are the victims of their countries colonial past. They forget that the people who committed these long ago horrible acts against innocents are all dead. All laws state clearly that to convict someone of a crime, you must charge the actual person who committed that crime, not their children or even grandchildren. Even the Bible states clearly that you can’t blame the son for the sins of their fathers. But yet this is exactly what liberals are doing, they want this generation to pay for the sins of their grandfathers. So, liberals think of their fellow countrymen as racist, sexist, homophobic and just plain mean people with a long history of doing evil deeds. This in itself is racist thinking by liberals in that they label a large group of people the same, the good people with the bad.

But you must also realize how liberal policies are created. They are created by a closed society of liberals, who lock themselves away and allow only like-minded people to join this inner circle, because they talked themselves into thinking everybody else is racist and just plain rotten. So, anybody with a different point of view, or a different life experience is shut out of the conversation.

Here in America, liberals have tried to get sponsors of TV programs to stop supporting programs that do not support their point of view. They block roads to political rallies of their opponents, they send their people into their opponents political rallies to shout down the speakers. They have told outright lies, like Harry Reid saying that Mitt Romney did not pay his taxes, when tax records clearly show he did pay his taxes. Liberals have tried to change history by saying that America was a slave state when it was founded, but the truth is that when America was founded, the whole world was a slave state and America was different in that America said that slavery was wrong and struggled for years to end slavery. But yet, liberals still say America was founded as a racist slave state.

So, whether or not liberals realize it, this closed society that liberals live in is causing great damage to Europe and America, but liberals get away with this, with the lie that they are the kind, caring, the progressive and enlightened ones, while they are destroying Europe and America by flooding these countries with foreigners, who do not share their culture or their values; and are raising national debts to such high levels that they threaten the financial stability of nations.

Another harm liberals are doing is to over-tax working people so that they cannot have a family of their own. Then the liberals use this excess tax money to attract and pay foreigners with welfare checks, free housing, food stamps and free cell phones. These foreigners then can have large families that then start to replace the native population. This way liberals change the make-up of a country to one that is more socialist oriented and more likely to vote liberals into public office. That’s what free stuff does.

Liberals also do all they can to make these foreigners happy by accommodating all their cultural habits. But when a fellow countrymen wants his own culture and traditions maintained, the liberal calls such a person a racist and a bigot for wanting their own culture respected.

Since Liberal policies are not established by democratic means, these policies do not consider all facets of a problem, they only use ideas from people who think like them, this limits the number of solutions for problems, so these policies are more likely to fail. These liberal policies have turned Europe and America into terrorist targets where public places are killing fields, and rape is now a way of life.

Such is the harm that Liberals cause; other political parties cause other problems that can cause harm, but this what Liberals do.

People have to wake-up and see what these liberals are really doing, see how they are destroying their countries and ours. If nations are to be places where people can live in peace, they must have leaders who know about democratic values and the real world and how to deal with it. The closed mind of a liberal can’t do this.

Wake-up before it’s too late.

Jose Lugo, editor DDTV .ORG

How Rubio’s Campaign failed: Problems From the Start

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Mar 172016

If you read below it is clear Rubio is a man of little character .
Marco Rubio had all that you need in a Republican presidential candidate: fluency on the issues, a conservative outlook, crossover appeal as a Cuban-American, and youthful good looks. But in an election year when anyone associated with the Republican establishment is seen as tainted, Rubio ended his campaign after New York real estate mogul Donald Trump won the coveted primary, or nominating contest, in Rubio’s home state of Florida on Tuesday. “This may not have been the year for a hopeful and optimistic message about our future,” Rubio told supporters as he announced his decision.
How the 44-year-old U.S. senator got to this point is a story of miscalculations and missed opportunities, according to interviews with more than a dozen campaign officials, financial donors and Republican strategists.
Rubio attempted to position himself as a new-age Republican, the son of Cuban immigrants who was able to connect with everyday voters with tales of his hard-luck upbringing. He also tried to appeal to America’s growing Hispanic population to help boost his party’s chances of claiming victory in the Nov. 8 election.
He got off to a difficult start.
His advisers wanted to run a campaign where it made more sense to be on Fox News, a channel popular with Republicans, or on other cable networks and local broadcasters whose clips can go viral on social media, rather than spend a lot of time in small towns in Iowa and New Hampshire. The early nominating contests there often shape the narrative and direction of presidential elections.
So Rubio made a strategic gamble. He would try a different approach in those two states, strategists familiar with his campaign said. He would try to save time and money by making strategic stops in those states rather than carpet-bomb them with multiple visits.
It would be a break from the usual playbook of White House hopefuls that says candidates should saturate Iowa and New Hampshire with town halls and other events and aim for early wins to garner media coverage and campaign donations and build momentum.
Rubio’s gamble backfired. Republican activists in Iowa complained he was largely absent from the state for long stretches, not spending the face-to-face time necessary to sell himself. He only made an all-out push in the late stages of the race.
Throughout the campaign, Rubio has battled perceptions that he does not work hard enough. For other candidates running for president, a voting record in the Senate would be a minor issue. But for Rubio, missing votes on the Senate floor dovetailed with the narrative that was building on the trail. If he was not in the Senate and was not on the trail, where was he?
Rubio spokesman Alex Conant said Rubio faced more than $50 million in attacks ads. “Obviously that had a massive impact. I think we could have won Iowa had it not been for the more than $25 million in attacks spent on us in Iowa alone.”
Republican rival and U.S. Senator Ted Cruz of Texas tried to visit every Iowa county on a bus. Rubio tended to fly in and fly out. Polls showed he typically did better in metropolitan areas, not the hamlets than can often make or break candidates in early states.
Cruz won Iowa’s caucuses on Feb. 1 with Trump second. Rubio’s third-place finish was seen as something of a victory by his camp, but Republicans in the state were not so sure.
“He had a chance to win Iowa, said Jamie Johnson, a Republican activist in Iowa. As Johnson traveled the state ahead of the caucuses, voters often asked him when Rubio would visit their area, he said.
Iowans like being visited in their home county, he explained. If a presidential candidate wants to win in Iowa, then he must put in the shoe leather.
Rubio’s team said he had tended to campaign in major population centers in Iowa in order to get the most impact from the news media.
“I was very pleased with the campaign that we ran here and I thought the national team did a very good job and I had no complaints,” said Iowa state Senator Jack Whitver, who was the head of Rubio’s Iowa campaign.
Rubio heard similar complaints in New Hampshire. He spent just 28 days campaigning there, about half as much as former Florida Governor Jeb Bush and a fraction of the some 70 days that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and Ohio Governor John Kasich were there.
Fergus Cullen, a former chairman of the state Republican Party, sought to hold meet-and-greet events at his home for each candidate. Candidates such as Bush and Kasich took him up on it. Rubio did not. Cullen eventually aligned himself with Kasich, who went on to finish second to Trump in the state.
There were a lot of opinion leaders – key endorsers who end up on a candidates delegate list – who were interested in Rubio but never got to meet him or have those small-group, private meetings that result in commitments,” Cullen said.
Renee Plummer, a real-estate developer and an influential conservative activist in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, who hosted more than 10 Republican candidates for intimate dinners with local leaders, said she tried to schedule Rubio three separate times to no avail. She eventually threw her support behind Christie.
Rubio faced another problem: a perception that he could only muster well-worn talking points.
At a July 6, 2015, dinner at a Chicago steakhouse with reporters, he appeared relaxed and knowledgeable. But as the campaign intensified, that Rubio appeared less and less frequently, replaced by a candidate who seemed able only to deliver canned lines and talking points.
Christies campaign noticed. Days before the Feb. 9 New Hampshire primary, Christie caught Rubio in repeat mode during a debate, calling him robotic and scripted. It affirmed some voters doubts that he lacked depth. Rubio never quite recovered.
“What happened to Marco in New Hampshire struck a responsive chord,” said John “Mac” Stipanovich, a prominent Florida lobbyist who first supported Bush and then switched to Rubio. “It crystallized that lack of stature.”
Trumps unrelenting dominance of the media spotlight made it hard for rivals to shine. But Rubio’s decision, starting with a debate in Houston on Feb. 25, to try to match Trump insult for insult was cited by voters as another wrong move. Rubio has since said he regretted the negative turn.
A campaign source said it was Rubio who made the ultimate decision to switch gears and attack Trump personally, motivated in part by a desire to win more media coverage. It worked. At a rally in West Palm Beach, Florida, on Monday, he ruefully noted that when he was engaged in his war of insults with Trump, CNN and other networks carried his events live, something they had not done before.
That was, in a nutshell, the problem. Months of wall-to- wall news coverage of Trump decimated Rubio’s strategy of using free-media avenues.
“You can’t out-Trump Trump,” said Rubio supporter Jim Bundstein in Florida.
For some, the roots of Rubio‘s problems can be traced back further to an icy afternoon in Washington on Jan. 28, 2013. That is when he held a news conference with three Democratic senators and a Republican on Capitol Hill to launch immigration reforms.
The legislation, sponsored by what became known as a bipartisan Gang of Eight senators, would have created a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants, but only if steps were taken to secure the U.S. southern border with Mexico and strengthen visa tracking.
Rubio had already faced conservative anger when flirting with immigration reform a year earlier, when he proposed a path to citizenship for young people who came to the country illegally but would join the military.
Conservative columnist Ann Coulter derided those ideas as “nothing but amnesty” for lawbreakers.
The Gang of Eight bill ran into similar resistance. As Rubio distanced himself from it, Hispanic groups faulted him for giving up.
In a Republican primary race where Trump has thrilled many conservatives by vowing to deport immigrants and build a wall on the Mexican border, Rubio’s involvement in the legislation and sudden abandonment of it haunted his 2016 campaign.
It was the centerpiece of attack ads by his rivals and the independent fundraising groups supporting them.
At a rally in Tampa, Florida, on Monday, Trump said of the senator: He’s weak on immigration. He’s very weak on amnesty. I don‘t know how he got elected.

Check Out What The Idiot Has Done.

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Mar 062016

I don’t care if you are Republican or Democrat, all red-blooded Americans should be concerned
Think we don’t have a problem?

Mosque Name Address City State Zip Contact
Al-Iman Mosque 500 Se 9th St . Belle Glade FL 33430 561-996-6411 g
Masjid Al-Hidaya 320 Charley E. Johns St . Blountstown FL 32424
Islamic Center of Boca Raton 3100 NW 5th Ave. Boca Raton FL 33431 561-395-7221
Alhuda Islamic Center
Florida Islamic Educational Center 831 E. Palmetto Park Rd. BocaRaton FL 33432 561-361-7033
American Islamic Center of Florida 807 N. Federal Hwy Boca Raton FL 33432 561-900-4330
Assalam Center of Boca Raton 1499 NW 4th Ave. Boca Raton FL 33432 561-391-8285
Bonita Springs Islamic Center 25221 Bernwood Dr. Unit 8 Bonita Springs FL 34135 239-821-3969
Al-Amin Center of Florida 8101 South Military Trail Boynton Beach FL 33436 551-859-2296
Islamic Center of Brandon 613 E. Morgan St . Brandon FL 33510 321-243-0693
Albanian Islamic Cultural Center 225 N. Fort Harrison Ave. Clearwater FL 33755
Bosnian Muslim Association 120 N. Main Ave. Clearwater FL 33765 727-466-6215
Islamic Center of Clermont 15128 Lost Lake Rd. Clermont FL 34711 407-267-8320
Islamic Center of South Lake County 1208 Bowman St. Sunnyside Plaza Clermont FL 34711
Nur Ul Islam Masjid
Nur Ul Islam of South Florida 10600 SW 59th St . Cooper City FL 33328 954-434-3855
Islamic Center of Daytona 347 S. Keach St . Daytona Beach FL 32114 386-252-3501
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Islamic Society of Central Florida 1350 Gilpin Ct. Deltona FL 32725 386-860-9663
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Association of Islamic Charitable Projects 2820 Griffin Rd. Fort Lauderdale FL 33312 954-986-1373
Masjid Al Iman 2542 Franklin Park Dr. Nw Fort Lauderdale FL 33311 954-581-6295
Islamic Center of Broward 8658 Nw 44th St . Fort Lauderdale FL 33351 954-741-4214
Islamic Center for Peace 2056 Linhart Ave. Fort Myers FL 33901 239-671-1761
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Islamic Center of SW Florida 3337 Broadway St Fort Myers FL 33901 239-939-0292
Center for Islamic Culture Awareness 2371 Crawford St . Fort Myers FL 33901 941-332-7833
Islamic Center of Fort Pierce 1104 West Midway Rd Fort Pierce FL 34982 772-465-9200
Islamic Center of Fort Walton Beach 6-A Hollywood Blvd. Sw Fort Walton Beach FL 32548 850-664-0373
Masjid Tawhid 1557 Nw 5th St . Ft. Lauderdale FL 33311
Islamic Center of Muslim Friends
Muslim Friends of Florida 2181 N. Bridge Plaza Ft. Pierce FL 34950 772-462-0242
Hoda Center 5220 SW 13th St. Gainesville FL 32608 352-377-8080
Islamic Center of Gainesville 1010 W. University Ave Gainesville FL 32601 352-372-1980
Islamic Jaffaria Association 10554 Nw 132Nd St . Hialeah Gardens FL 33018 305-557-6835
Islamic Movement of Florida 3201 Nw 74th Ave. Hollywood FL 33024 954-894-9110
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This is just Florida !!


“Has everyone lost their ability to see what is happening in the USA? Think America! Before Obama, there was virtually no visible presence of Islam in America.
All of a sudden, Islam is taught in schools. All of a sudden, we must allow prayer rugs everywhere and allow for Islamic prayer in schools and businesses.
All of a sudden, we must stop serving pork in public places and institutions.
All of a sudden, we are inundated with law suits by Muslims who are offended by America. (For God’s sake, they are IN America)
All of a sudden, we must allow burkas to be worn everywhere even though you have no idea who is covered up under them.
All of a sudden,Muslim training compounds are popping up throughout the USA.
All of a sudden, Muslims are suing employers for being expected to do their jobs.
All of a sudden, all of our aircraft carriers are recalled for maintenance by Obama rendering the Atlantic unsupported.
All of a sudden, our troops are withdrawn from the middle east.
All of a sudden, there is no money for American poor, disabled veterans, jobless Americans, hungry Americans, or displaced Americans, but there is endless money for Obama’s refugee programs.
All of a sudden, Obama fills the Federal Government with Muslims in key positions.
All of a sudden, there is an ammunition shortage in the USA.
All of a sudden, Americans are threatened by the Federal government for complaining about Muslims.
All of a sudden, the most important thing for Obama to do is disarm American Citizens.

Now, why is it so important for Obama to disarm America? Why?
Because a disarmed country is ripe for takeover by the Muslim Army that Obama has imported into the United States.
Nikita Krueschev, the Russian Dictator who visited the USA in the 1950s said the USA could never be occupied by any army because of it’s citizen Army.
Obama knows this fact and is doing everything within his power to disarm our Citizen Army.
If Obama can’t do it legally, he will abuse his power and take every gun from Americans because he knows he must do that to turn the USA over to Islam.
Be wary and watchful. Obama’s actions speak far beyond his words. Obama won’t even say the words “Islamic Terrorist”, WHY?”..


Maureen Arrigale, Nature Coast 912 Group

Election Update

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Mar 052016

Trump’s rivals, who’ve tried just about everything to disrupt his juggernaut, can take comfort in one thing: The rules for Saturday’s round of voting make it easier for candidates to claim a share of the delegates than was true in some Super Tuesday states, when Trump rolled up seven wins to three for Cruz and one for Rubio.

Some states require candidates to get at least 20 percent of the vote to claim any delegates, but candidates in Kentucky must get just 5 percent of the statewide vote to get delegates, and in Kansas and Maine the bar is 10 percent. In Louisiana’s primary, there is no threshold to earn a portion of the delegates.

While that may offer some encouragement to the also-rans, it also probably doesn’t help to quickly clarify the race overall.

With the GOP race in chaos, establishment figures are frantically looking for any way to stop Trump, perhaps at a contested convention if none of the candidates can roll up the 1,237 delegates needed to snag the nomination. Going into Saturday’s voting, Trump led the field with 329 delegates. Cruz had 231, Rubio 110 and Kasich 25. In all, 155 GOP delegates are at stake in Saturday’s races.

On the Democratic side, Clinton is farther along than Trump on the march to her party’s nomination, outpacing Sanders with 1,066 delegates to his 432, including pledged superdelegates. It takes 2,383 delegates to win the Democratic nomination. There are 109 at stake on Saturday.

In Louisiana, Clinton was hoping that strong support from the state’s sizable black population will give her a boost. Both Democrats have campaigned heavily in Nebraska and saturated the state with ads. In Kansas, Clinton has the backing of its former governor and onetime Health and Human Services secretary, Kathleen Sebelius. Sanders held a pre-caucus rally in Kansas’ liberal bastion of Lawrence hoping to attract voters.

On the Republican side, Kentucky’s caucuses were tailor-made — and paid for — by a candidate who’s no longer in the race: home-state Sen. Rand Paul. The early March presidential caucus was created so Paul could run for president and re-election to the Senate without violating a state law banning candidates from appearing on the ballot twice in one day. Even though Paul is long gone from the presidential race, he’s still on the hook to pay $250,000 plus other expenses for a caucus that will choose between four people not named Paul.

Trump is the only one of the four to visit Kentucky, promising during a Louisville appearance that he’d lead a comeback for the state’s struggling coal industry.

All four candidates have spent time in Louisiana, where Cruz hopes for strong support from born-again Christians, but so far Trump has been siphoning a considerable share of evangelicals.

Trump’s “tapped into a level of frustration that transcends religiosity,” said Ed Chervenak, who heads the University of New Orleans Survey Research Center.

Trump and Cruz both campaigned in Maine in the past week, but Rubio skipped the state.

Freedom of Speech and Other Follies

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Feb 102016

Freedom of Speech and Other Follies
I’m retired now, but back in my working days I had a strong desire to criticize the government for what it is doing to America, but I knew that certain topics were off limits for criticism for the very real reason that I could be fired from my job for criticizing the wrong person. So, when I retired it was like liberation day for me, I felt I had achieved true freedom of speech as promised to all citizens by the Constitution.
I was wrong.
Even though I could no longer be fired from my job for the simple reason that I no longer had a job, and my pension is untouchable (at least for now) I found out that the establishment has other ways to retaliate. What happened was that the four family house that I own in Pennsylvania was becoming just too much for me to handle, so I decided to sell it. The real estate agent told me that it would sell better if it had no building code violations on it, and since I had it inspected just a few years ago and the dozen violations that came up were mostly cleared up, I figured getting it inspected would be a breeze.
I was wrong again.
The building inspector came back with 95 building code violations.
Among the violations was one that stated that the fire place in one apartment had “to be inspected to make sure it was safe for use”, but the problem was, that the apartment has NO fire place!
Another violation stated that all apartment doors had to have 3 inch high letters so that they can be identified; again this would only be common sense for apartments to have some sort of indentification on them. The problem with this is that ALL apartments already had 3 inch high letters on their doors that were there for eleven years before the building inspector showed up; and were there while the inspector was doing his inspection!
Still another violation stated that one room in one apartment had to conform to the fire code (not all the apartments, just this one); so, it stated that a repair had to be made by removing the suspended ceiling, repair the ceiling above it, then REPLACE the suspended ceiling! This would make this the only room in the world with two ceilings! This left me wondering how I can hire a contractor to do this job without the contractor dying from laughter.
Another violation stated that a working light in the hallway had to be “VERIFIED” that it in fact worked. Maybe the building inspector had a broken finger that day and he could not flip the switch. But this earned me two building code violations for a light that worked perfectly OK.
Then the building building code inspector said that I have to have a fire exrtinguisher in the basement, and of course, there already IS a fire extinguisher in the basement!
I could go on about this funny stuff with this code inspector, but the bottom line here is that this house I want to sell, can not sell because nobody in his right mind will buy a house with 95 building code violations on it even though it is clear that some funny stuff is going on here. I mean, I thought about hiring the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland to do these repairs because no other contractor is qualified to fix a non-existant fire place, but I could not find the Mad Hatters contact information.
So, I decided to file a law suit. I talked to two Pennsylvania lawyers but they both said I have no case. I then went to the District Court and they said they don’t handle stuff like this, go to the District Attorney. I went to the DA and they said they don’t handle stuff like this, go the Civil Court; the Civil Court does not return phone calls.
What is going on here is similar to what went on in the South before 1950 where the KKK controlled the courts, the police and the politicians and so African Americans were denied many of their Constitutional rights. Well, Pennsylvania is a far left state and the mayor of Easton PA is even more far left than DeBlasio of New York City fame. In fact, Pennsylvania is so far left that a permit is required by its citizens if they want to move from one house to another. So, abuse of citizens who don’t follow the party line is the result of this system. And since my own politics are very far Right, in fact, so far Right that I ride around in a car with a 3′ x 4′ sign on top of it that says “Government Betrays You, We the People Must Govern”.. So, a far left government who controls the courts is retaliating against ME for critizing the far left government.
Abuse of citizens right here in America has also happened in other places. For example, in 2012 just before the presidential election, the IRS was abusing Tea Party organizations by denying them 501c3 tax except status, but left wing groups had no such problems. Another case of citizen abuse is going on right now in the state of Oregon in which Steven and Dwight Hammond are being harrased by the government by having access roads and water rights blocked by the government that wants to get them off their land. Recently one supporter, Robert Finicum was killed by government agents. In the same area, the government has also arbitrarily revoked grazing rights of other ranchers and even flooded their land.
There are other cases of government abuse of citizens–like the case of Cliven Bundy and the massacre at Waco, Texas where 74 people were killed. If this abuse of citizens continues it can only lead to civil unrest. But maybe this is what the government wants so that it can declare martial law and impose a dictatorship–which may be the real goal here.
Jose Lugo, editor DDTV.ORG

An Open Letter to My Communist Friend

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Jan 312016

My dear friend:

We grew-up together an we shared a lot of good times and bad times together, but threw it all you are still my friend, your like family, and I will always help you out if I can.

After sharing a lot of Face Book posts, I realized that you are a communist and thats OK with me, if that’s what you believe in, then go for it. At first I thought we could exchange a lot of political stuff and have some fun with it. But when you said that “I am sick and should go to the hospital because of my political ideas” it stunned me into a cold silence.

Yes, I know I am very right wing, I mean Rush Limbaugh looks like a liberal compared to me, but good buddy, you have crossed a very dangerous line. You are now in with people like the Russian Communists who believed that people that don’t agree with them are sick and they really did send them to mental hospitals where they were injected with all sorts of chemicals. But they were the lucky ones, others were sent to concentration camps where they were worked to death, or they were starved to death; others were simply shot dead. Read Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn book “The Gulag Archipelago”, he survived the concentration camps and told the world all about it. You should really read that book, it’s the end game of what you’re thinking.

A final tally of what the Russian Communists did was to kill abut 20 million people, the Chinese Communists killed about 50 million, The Cubans who have a smaller population killed 17,000 people because they did not support the ideas of Fidel Castro. Then there was Pol Pot who killed about a million in Cambodia. The list goes on and on with South America and Africa with their communist activists. Here in America we have people like Bill Ayrs who was caught on video tape saying that “we have to kill 25 million Americans” then he went on to talk about how we should kill them and how to get rid of the bodies.

So good buddy, that’s the company you are keeping these days. How you got there, I don’t know: but I guess the reason is that communists hate Americans. But the reasons for this hatred are based on lies. For example, the communists say that America is a basically bad country, founded in slavery and got rich by stealing from poor people.

I say this is not true because before 1776, it’s not that America had slavery, it’s that the whole world had slavery and America inherited this system from the rest of the world. But America was unique here because America stood up and said slavery was wrong, and after they beat the British Empire (then the most powerful nation on Earth), they went about ending slavery. They wrote the Constitution that said:

“We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal. That they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”.

In the first Contential congress, a bill was presented to end slavery, but it lost by one vote. But the 49% who wanted to end to slavery, fought on until they ended slavery in the Northern States in 1805, then  with the Civil War and 600,000 deaths they finally ended slavery in America and held the Union together. Then in 1965 they ended the Jim Crow laws in the South. Around 1930, the Sufergets came along and won voting rights for women. Then came the Stone Wall rebellion that gained respect and many rights for Gay people. You see, liberty is a process, it was not gained all at once, it came over time and this process is still going on, women have a way to go and so do African Americans, but it all started with the American Constitution, that was the guiding principal, and it’s getting the job done. This is what makes America exceptional, we were in the vanguard to end slavery and start the march to freedom.

I know that you communists, Democrats, liberals and progressives think we should help the poor, but what you don’t get is that we do help the poor. Since 1965 with the “Great Society” that president Johnson started we have spent over 20 trillion dollars to help the poor. All those programs you said that were around when we were kids are still in place, and in fact have had benefits added to them. There are still food stamps being given out, there are also subsidiaries for housing, heat allowances,  welfare checks are still going out and the poor are getting free cellphones. The poor are getting all they need, the only thing you can add to these programs are a limo and a European vacation. The reason there are still poor people around is that you just can not help people who will not help themselves. The commies are just trying to make America look bad by saying we have to help the poor, when we so clearly do.

When ever there is a disaster like an earthquake anywhere in the world like Haiti or Peru, America is there with the Red Cross and the Army sending in supplies. No other country helps earthquake victims like America does, but yet you say American is a bad country.

Good Buddy, you say I should open my mind, well I did open my mind, I listened to MSNBC, CNN and the other commie channels, and the conclusion I came to is that they are not honest, they do not give you all the news, they only give you their side of the news, and that side is just not the whole story.  I saw what the communists are doing to America and it is wrong. You are on the wrong path, you have to wake up and stop listening to MSNBC, maybe you should watch Fox News a little, get the other side of the news, then make up your mind.

Communist countries always have ration cards, you needed a ration card for everything, food, clothes, furniture, everything. Some people like the East Germans risked their lives to escape to the west and a lot of them were shot by border guards. You should think some more about your communist ideas, and stop drinking the Kool Aid.

But if you still think that communism is the way to go, then I think you should read up on some history. In communist Russia, the government could and did knock on peoples doors and had them meet people they never met before and told them they will be living with them from now on, if people objected to this, they were sent to the hospital.

I’ll be waiting for you.

Your friend.




What Would General Patton Say?

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Dec 182015

Caution: the following essay contains strong language, if you can’t take it, read no more. Go away, NOW.

While watching the latest Republican and Democratic debates on TV with the candidates debating security and terrorism, the thought came to me that what if the famous World War II General George S. Patton were there and what would he say to them, it may have sounded something like this:

“You pathetic pack of wimps, what’s this crap about you all running for president, none of you (except the Donald), can’t even win a place on a kindergarden ball team. I fought a war against the Japanese and the Germans that attacked us with a combined man power total of a couple of million men and I fought back and beat the hell out of them with our allies. But you butt wipes can’t even beat a small bunch of illiterate camel jockeys. You have to pull your heads out of your a$# and realize what war is really about. War is not pretty, your humanity is always the first casualty of any war, you have to wake up and realize that.

You cry about collateral damage, well in the big one, we deliberately bombed cities with people living there. We fire bombed the German city of Dresden, we bombed Tokyo another civilian city, and many other civilian cities and we didn’t shed a tear about it, because we knew what war is about and we did what had to be done to win and establish peace.

All you numb nuts can do is stand there and argue about privacy rights and say “that’s not who we are”. Well political correctness never won a war, it can’t because in war you have to get down and dirty and do what ever it takes to win because if you loose, you and your entire families will be dead or be slaves for the rest of your lives.

You butt wipes can’t even realize that this thing you call the internet is a great intelligence gathering tool that can be used to easily find out all kinds items that can be used to fight an effective war against our enemies. You have to learn that you have to hit the enemy any-way you can, any time you can and hit them as hard as you can. So, stop asking those stupid questions about the internet, just use it and shut-up about it.

You jerks actually want to let those murdering camel jockeys to come to America and live here? How stupid can you get? In my day we rounded-up all the Nazi enemies living here and sent them packing back to Germany. We were going to do the same with the Japs living here, but they would not take them back, so we locked them up, and couldn’t have cared less about them. But you jerks want to take our enemies in and give them welfare checks, food stamps, social security and free medical. You’re all completely insane; totally and absolutely insane (except the Donald).

In war, only the smartest and meanest win, since you all (except the Donald) are neither, you better grow a beard and start wearing berkas, because Muslim or dead you are certainly going to be. Or y0u better get used to a life without music, dancing, movies or beer, because thats what your going to live like when the camel jockeys take over.

 We won World War II because we fought a war of annihilation that only ended with an unconditional surrender that was followed up with an occupation and total disarmament of the defeated enemy.

That’s how you win a war, that’s how it always was and still is today, but you morons just don’t realize it.

Back then in my time, if anybody in our entire nation gave our sworn enemy 150 billion dollars and the right to develop nuclear weapons, they would have been court marshaled and sent to an army firing squad.

You people are too crazy for me to waste any more of my time on. So I will say good-by to you losers. I’m sick of looking at you, and I hope none of you make it to the White House.

As for you Mr Trump, can you please come with me, I want to talk to you”.


World War II lasted four years, the politically correct war in Afghanistan has been raging for 15 years and still there is no end in sight….Need I say more?

Jose Lugo, editor DDTV.ORG