Transgender Rights

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Mar 202019
Transgender Rights
In May of 2016, then President Barack Obama signed an executive order banning discrimination against transgender people. Since Congress did not vote on this, it’s more of a ” Presidential decree” than an actual law. As an example of the confusion this decree caused is a very disturbing meeting which took place at the Faith Baptist Church in Pasco County Florida on February 25, 2019. A large group of parents, grand parents and teachers came together for a meeting about a school plan to have boy and girl students share the same locker rooms, bathrooms and showers, “TOGETHER”. The parents at this meeting made it clear that they did not want this plan to be put into effect, but the school administrators and the LGBQT community (not present at this meeting) were firm in their position that this plan will go into effect.
There were teachers at the meeting who voiced their concerns to school administrators, and were told that they may loose their teaching certificates if they opposed this plan.
One parent stated that boys and girls need to be accepted as who they are, and they only get confused when they are told that gender is whatever they want it to be. This clearly violates basic gender differences between boys and girls. Some parents charged that this is an experiment that the LGBQT community wants to do with their kids, and that they are loosing their rights as parents.
But realistically, what are the students going to gain from running around naked with the opposite gender and raging hormones? How will this make them better citizens, or responsible parents or increase their grades? Most likely this will only lead to rape and unwanted pregnancies, that will in turn cause severe trauma to the students that will lead to the realities of parenthood or abortion. Elementary school age kids are just not mature enough to handle this.
From a legal point of view, this issue has been dealt within other parts of the country, and a general  consensus was that transgender students must have their rights protected, but they must be “provided with separate facilities”.
Realistically, about one percent of the population is gender transition. But why does the other 99% of the population have to have their privacy rights violated to protect the rights of the one percent? Why is it said that providing separate facilities will not protect the rights of gender transition students?
The following quote from CNSNEWS.COM, gives the legal position:
“As law professor Eugene Volokh notes in the Washington Post, even liberal Justices like Ruth Bader Ginsburg once emphasized that constitutional privacy rights require that separate bathrooms and locker rooms be provided for students of different sexes. Similarly, the Title IX statute itself allows sex-specific facilities, providing that “nothing contained [in Title IX] shall be construed to prohibit any educational institution … from maintaining separate living facilities for the different sexes.” 20 U.S.C. § 1686. The Education Department’s regulations implementing Title IX accordingly have for more than 40 years permitted the provision of “separate toilet, locker room, and shower facilities on the basis of sex.” 34 C.F.R. § 106.33″.
Currently, the LGBQT community does not think that separate facilities are enough to protect their rights. But how can straight students running around naked protect their rights? To try to resolve this, some of the parents present at the February 25, 2019 meeting went to the LGBQT school community and asked them this very question, but they did not get an answer, what they got were insults like: racist, bigot, homophobic etc. Clearly, this is not helpful.
Why is the LGBQT community doing this? Is this doing away with gender identity, so that transgenders can fit in better? Is it revenge for past discrimination? Is it just hatred for the straight community? If this is the problem, then the LGBQT has to realize that there has been a major cultural shift in the last few years. An example of this is the Pulse Night Club in Orlando Florida where a muslim shot and killed 50 gay people. The entire straight community grieved for them and honored them. The victims were given donations for medical treatment, funerals and any other problems they had from the shooting. This is clearly compassion from the straight community and proof that discrimination against gay people is long gone. So, why this anger against the straight community?
A possible solution may come from this. If you consider that separate bath facilities have been rejected because if transgender kids are to be treated equally, then all kids should equally have separate bath facilities. So, in this same line of thinking, all kids having troubles often go to a guidance counselor, so to then should transgender kids go to a guidance counselor if they are having troubles?
As for who goes to what bathroom. This can not be done based on “feelings”, because these are underage kids, they may feel like a boy one day and a girl the next day, then the day after that they may feel like “Rocky the Flying Squirrel”, so “feelings” can not decide what bathroom to use. To be fair to trans students and straight students; bathroom facilities can only be decided on what they are
“physically”. If there are any questions a doctor must be consulted.
Growing-up is hard to do for all students, straight or transgender, but it is clear that students that are different from other kids have a harder time growing-up, so they need help. Instead of confusing the entire student population with gender issues, maybe the only action for the transgender students is some serious counciling to help them deal with their gender issues.
Jose Lugo, editor

Liberals and Mass Murder (part 2)

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May 042018

Liberals and Mass Murder (part 2)

It’s been a little over two months since the shooting at Parkside High School in Florida that left 17 of our kids dead. What has been done to stop such future tragedies, precious little. In Florida, very few teachers will be allowed to conceal carry guns in school, the rest of the nation is doing just about nothing. Sure the politicians made the usual grand speeches, but nothing else. The students are outraged and protesting nation wide, but they’re not getting anything useful done.

This must end. The time for being polite is over, political correctness has no place here, nor does it have a place anywhere else. This essay makes hard disturbing statements, if you can’t take it, then read no more and go away.

Mass killings have happened throughout history, but to figure this out I will look at our current situation. During the eight year term of Barack Obama there were five school shootings; including the horrific Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting that killed 28 of our precious children. What did Obama do about this: NOTHING! Is it that he did not know what to do (a real possibility)? Is this because he could not reach agreement with Congress about what to do? If so, why didn’t he sign an “Executive order” to put armed guards at all school entrances to prevent another school shooting? He used an “Executive order” to let millions of foreigners into our country who can’t speak the local language and 70% of them go on welfare and this raises taxes on Americans. But why is it that nobody is asking the hard question–that is–what if Obama DID NOT WANT TO DO ANYTHING to save our children? Is it that using these tragic deaths was to, his mind only, useful to get guns away from law abiding citizens? They have no other real reason to ban guns. Is the liberal agenda more important than the lives of our children?

Also, consider that the solution for this is as simple as it gets. Namely: armed guards and metal detectors at all school entrances. One reason these killers go to schools to carry out their insanity is because they know that schools are “gun free zones”. So gun free that even armed guards are not allowed. Even police officers who spend their entire working lives walking around with loaded guns; but if they retire from the police and get a job as a school guard, they are not allowed to carry a gun in the school. Why is this?

We spend billions of dollars to protect foreign countries like South Korea, Japan, and even Europe with thousands of our armed soldiers, but spend close to nothing to protect our children with armed security guards and metal detectors.

The reasons given by Liberals for not protecting our children make no sense at all. For example, they don’t want our children caught in a cross-fire. Well if they’re being gunned down by a mad man, what difference does it make if some bullets are flying toward the shooter to stop him? Or they might say “they don’t want our children exposed to guns”. Again, if they are being gunned down, they are exposed to guns anyway, so more exposure by a security guard to stop the shooter is the only way that they can be saved.

Consider that 98% of mass shootings happen in “gun free zones”, like schools. So, why do we have “gun free zones” ?

Also consider that the police and the FBI were told about problems with Nikolas Cruz. They were told a total of 23 times that he was dangerous and was talking about shooting-up a school. But the FBI and police did nothing.

Finally, consider that the police were actually there at Parkside H.S. while the students were being gunned down. The police heard the gun shots and the screams, and did nothing.

If you add-up all of the above, there can only be one conclusion. Our precious children are being “set-up” to be killed so that the Radical Left, the Progressives, the Communists and the Democrats can have an excuse to disarm Americans, so that they can impose their insane Socialist Agenda on Americans who do not want to live under socialist dictators.

This has happened too many times. It must stop, we must demand an end to all the talk and demand armed guards and metal detectors at all school entrances.

We must not allow insane people to get their hands on guns; but we must not allow socialists to take away our guns and our freedom.

Jose Lugo, editor

American Slavery and Colin Kaepernick

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Sep 292017

Many people are critical of America for having had slavery, eventhough this slavery ended 152 years ago, many people still see America as a basicaly bad country for having had slavery.

What these critics fail to realize is that when slavery existed in America, slavery was the established economic system in the entire world since the beginning of history. If you go back in history the Romans, the Vikings, the Egyptians and the Greeks had slavery. The very lands that Jesus Christ walked on had slavery. Joseph, the father of Jesus Crist was himself a slave for a time in Egypt. Africa had slavery (and still has slavery in some parts), South America and Asia had slavery. Many Native American tribes had slavery. It was the established economic system world wide and this was going on for thousands of years before America even existed. But yet, America is the only country that is critized for having had slavery.

Most of the men who signed the Constitution were also slave owners. This is not because these men were evil people, this was the world they were born into. But what most anti-American critics don’t say is that these men came to realize that slavery is wrong and they dedicated their lives to ending slavery. And, they did in fact start the process to end slavery.

But what is even more amazing is the way the real story of slavery in America is being covered-up. You see what actually happened was that America right at it’s founding was divided. Half of Americans thought slavery was needed, and that the world has always had slavery because it was a workable system. The other half of Americans hated slavery and wanted to outlaw it, because it was against Gods law, totally unnecessary, cruel and inhuman. This is clearly shown by the First Congress where the issue of slavery was put up for a vote, the bill lost by one vote. So, clearly, 49% of America were against slavery and 51% were for slavery.

But history clearly shows that the 49% of early Americans still fought on to get rid of slavery. Around 1804, slavery was outlawed in the Northern states. Later, slavery was outlawed in the Western territories. The Underground Railroad was established, so that escaping slaves could find freedom in the Northern States. Then the Civil War errupted and caused the deaths of 620,000 Americans, but slavery was finally ended. Indeed, a very high price to end slavery.

So, the reality of American history is the history of a divided people, you can say that all the “Old World Thinkers” were against the “New World Freedom Loving People”. Clearly the New World Freedom Loving People” won this long battle. But America remains divided even today.

Freedom in America can be thought of as “A Process”, it did not happen all at once. It was a slow process that established a standard of freedom, individual rights and liberty. Around 1880, the Suffragettes demanded freedom for women that won the right to vote, the right to get an inheritance, hold a job and get an education. Then in 1969 the Stonewall Rebellion started and it established the rights of Gay people. These struggles are still going on today, but it clearly shows the process of gaining freedom and equality for ALL people. The Consitution started this process of freedom by stating that “it is self evident that all men are created equal”.

But many misinformed still blame America for once being a slave state, instead of the rightful title of American being the start of freedom and liberty for all, and the ending of slavery.

Colin Kaepernick the NFL quarter back clearly hates America because of the injustice suffered by black people in America, eventhough he made millions of dollars playing bouncy-ball. This hatred he has starts with the history of slavery in America. But apparently Mr. Kaepernick knows nothing about the real history of America, neither does he know about the Affirmative Action Laws that give black people preferred treatment in housing and college admission, neither does he know anything about the 1964 Civil Rights Act. He clearly knows nothing about America voting for a black man to be President of the United States. Neither does he know about the fact that since 1965 America has spent 20 trillion dollars to help people in poverty. But least of all, he knows nothing about the hundreds of thousands of Americans who fought and died for freedom in America.

Will the closed minded ever learn.

Jose Lugo, editor

912 Newsletter with List of Communist Groups

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Jul 102017

912 NewsLetter – with list of communist groups
?? Got Freedom ??
A Newsletter by the Nature Coast 912 Group.
Volume 3

Communism has been on the march since it’s founding in 1917. Since then, it has established a reputation of deceit and murder to spread its domain. It established dictatorships that have economically destroyed many nations, and resulted in the deaths of 80 to 100 million people. They are currently making a major effort in the South American country of Venezuela that has already created mass starvation, out of control inflation, and many deaths. But amazingly, there are still people around today who still believe in communism and are working as hard as they can to promote it with the hope that it can make every nation in the world communist in the near future.

The latest tactic they are using is to hide the fact that they are communist. For example, they use names like the “Green Party”, or the “Workers World Party” to hide who they really are. They rarely call themselves communist, they mostly call themselves Socialists, or Marxist or Progressives. They also have succeeded in generating a large number of people who believe in communist principles, but yet do not believe they are in fact, communist. They use terms that on the face of it sound great. Terms like, “Income Equallity”, where all people make the same amount of money, like in communist Cuba. In Cuba a janitor in a hospital makes the same income as a surgeon; this is supposed to set them free, but what it actually does is kill their incentive to make a better living for themselves with hard work. After a while people who want to work hard, stop working hard because it just doesn’t pay. Lazy people also stop working because they realize that the government will give them all they need, so why bother working. So, they all give up and they all live in poverty.

Another term they like to use is “Social Justice”. Sure this sounds great, but what this does is create a class-less society, where everybody is equal in poverty, without any distinction between them. In fact, they even tried to create “gender neutral” bathrooms. Thankfully, this did not work out for them.

The following is a list of communist organizations that are working to spread communism in America.

If your organization is on this list, and if you believe it should not be on this list, let us know and we will re-examine it.

Arizona – Living United for Change in Arizona (LUCHA)

California – People Orgainized for West Side Renewal (POWER)

Colorado – Colorado People’s Alliance (formerly Rights for All People & Colorado Progressive Coalition)

Connecticut – Connecticut Citizen Action Group

Florida – Florida Consumer Action Network

Idaho – Idaho Community Action Network
United Vision for Idaho

Illinois – Citizen Action/Illinois
Illinois People’s Action
Jane Addams Senior Caucus
ONE Northside (Organizing Neighborhoods for Equality: Norhtside)
The People’s Lobby
Southsiders Organized for Unity and Liberation (SOUL)

Iowa – Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement

Kansas – Sunflower Community Action

Main – Main People’s Alliance

Maryland – Progressive Maryland

Massachusetts – Neighbor to Neighbor Massachusetts

Michigan – Michigan Citizen Action
Michigan United

Minnesota – Take Action Minnesota

Montana – Indian People’s Action
Montana Organizing Project

Nevada – Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada (PLAN)

New Hampshire – New Hampshire Citizens Alliance
Rights and Democracy

New Jersey – New Jersey Citizens Action
New Jersey Organizing Project

New Mexico – Southwest Organizing Project

New York – Citizen Action of New York
Community Voices Heard
Good Old Lower East Side
Northwest Bronx Community & Clergy Coalition
People United for Sustainable Housing (PUSH)
International Action Center
Workers World Party
Peoples Video Network
Communist Party USA – CPUSA
Voices of Community Advocates and Leaders (VOCAL-NY)
Socialist Workers Party
The Green Party
Media Matters

Ohio – Communities United for Action (CUFA)
Progress Ohio

Oregon – United Oregon (formerly Oregon Action & Center for Intercultural Organizing)

Pennsylvania – Keystone Progress

Tennessee – Tennessee Citizen Action

Vernont – Rights and Democracy

Virginia – Virginia Organizing

Washington – One America
Washington Community Action Network

West Virginia – Our Children Our Future
West Virginia Citizen Action Group

Wisconsin – Citizen Action of Wisconsin

“Do your own research” remember what is in the past can reflect the future.

Question with boldness, hold to the truth, speak without fear.

Trump Must Apologize

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Jun 282017

The violence in America is escalating at a rapid pace. Congressman  Steve Scalise was shot down by a Democrat, who attacked a group of Republicans playing the innocent game of baseball. The attacker was killed by officers who responded to the incident. After the attack, a list was found in the shooters pocket with the names of other Republicans he wanted to kill. Since the month of May, about thirty other Republicans have been threatened or attacked by means, not as lethal as was used on Congressman Scalise, but they were non-the-less very troubling.

Anytime a Conservative like Ann Coulter wants to speak at a college or university, the students riot and cause major damage to the college; causing a further rise in the already dangerously high level of tension.

Republicans and Conservatives are becoming increasingly angry. They see their freedom of speech rights being taken away because their representatives cannot speak at colleges, and now the people they elect to represent them in congress, are being attacked and gunned down.

You would think the news media would try to calm down the situation, but NO, it seems they are doing everything they can to rise tensions to new dangerous highs.

What is causing this dangerous atmosphere; but more important, what can be done to stop it? We have had many Republicans in the White House before, but non has caused the anger and violence we see now. What makes Donald Trump different from all other Republicans, is the insults he yelled at many Americans during his presidential campaign of 2016. He insulted the largest number of Americans ever insulted by a person running for public office. He insulted women in the most outrageous manner ever seen in any public official. He insulted our courageous veterans, gay people, immigrants, religious groups, in the most outrageous manner possible. How he won the presidency is a miracle never before seen.

But whatever the case, the legacy of the insults Trump made during his campaign are his own doing, and so this is his responsibility.

But can you imagine the burn the victims of his insults must have had when he won the Presidency? It’s like the whole nation spit in their face with Trump’s election win. It’s a burn they feel to this day, and they vent this anger every chance they get. One actor said publicly he wants to punch Trump in the face. Another actress said she wants to blow up the White House.  Another is walking around with an effigy of Trump’s bloody decapitated head. Actors are having performances where a Trump look-a-like is stabbed to death. This is all a result of the burn they feel from the Trump campaign insults, and his win of the Presidency.

“How can the nation elect such a person”, they feel this with genuine anger and hurt.

The only hope we have to cool down the anger and violance Trump caused with his insults and campaign win, is for Trump to sincerely apologize to these seriously aggrieved fellow Americans. He is President, it is his responsibility to stop the violence he caused by his election win. I know he has a big ego, but he is President now and he has to do what the nation needs; that is to apologize sincerely to our fellow Americans who have a very real hurt from his actions.

Jose Lugo, editor DDTV.ORG

Samantha Bee – Full Frontal

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May 052017

On April 29 Samantha Bee had a television special titled “Not the White House Correspondents Dinner”. The show was promoted as a comedy show, but it was certainly not comedy, it was political assassination directed at conservatives masquerading as comedy.

The show was proof positive that the liberal establishment has become a group of anti-social degenerates banding together to protect each other using arrogance to cover-up their collective insanity.

Anti-white racism and cursing was a common thread throughout this tastless show, that from the very beginning showed its bias.

The opening scene had a press room full of liberal actors pretending to be conservative reporters. The woman moderator dismissed some reporters randomly to justify mindless arrogance. She finally yelled out:

“You’re all monsters (to conservative reporters), YES we have freedom of speech and of the press in this country and that is a beautiful thing.”

This completely contradicts the fact that liberal students have been rioting on college campuses to stop conservative speakers from talking at their campus. Then she went into a rage insulting the conservative reporters; while praising the liberal reporters for their hard work at producing propaganda, and  then she said:

“Yes sometimes they f–k-up, but sometimes they appologize for it, most of the time.”

Then she said the most amazing thing:

“We have to let you exist, but we do not have to listen to you.”

She feels generious by “letting you exist” (thank goodness she does not have that power), but then she totally invalidates her first statement that “democracy is a beautiful thing” by saying “but we do not have to listen to you”. ? ?

Another notable skit was when Samantha found an old film reel showing the inauguration of Hillary Clinton as president (yes they were ready). Then she went into tears at glories that never happened. Yes they almost had it all. They could have controlled the mass media without any challenges, they could have abolished the Constitution, abolish the military, abolish the police, abolish all borders, make all white men an oppressed minority. They could have had free medical for all, free college, free child care, free housing and nobody would have to work anymore. Everybody would get a welfare check from the government. Yes, they could have had it all (except a way to pay for it). But NO, they got nothing. Nothing but Donald Trump. Oh the pain!

The liberal establishment has nothing to stand for anymore, it’s just protecting it’s collective insanity with insults to their opponents. They stand on a mountain of failed policies and serious damage they have done to America. Someday they will realize this, then their card house of fantasy will come crashing down; maybe then, they will start thinking.

Jose Lugo, editor


The O’Reilly Question

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Apr 262017

What Happened?

One day Bill O’Reilly is doing his regualr show, then goes on vacation, then he’s fired from Fox News.

It turns out that five women accused him of sexual harrassment, and the network paid them 13 million dollars to drop the law suits.

O’Reilly said:

“It’s tremendously dishearting that we part ways due to completely unfounded claims”

It’s hard to believe that a man who has spent over 20 years on Fox news searching for truth and justice should be accused of unfairly harassing women. How can a man be “Fair and Balanced” one moment; then a bully the next?

It turns out that some of the accusations involving O’Reilly are just looking women “up and down”. Well, you can’t be alive and a breathing woman without some men looking you up and down, or having a man say to you “Hey good looking”. Unless men are feminized to the point of being brainless. But the main point here is that nobody accused O’Reilly of physical contact of any kind. I mean, the last time I looked, we still have free speech in America; so we should still have it unless some people are so ultra sensitive to micro-aggression that nobody can look at them, or talk to them about anything.

One point that is constantly being made, but nobody ever listens to, is the fact that President Bill Clinton (Democrat) harrassed AND sexually attacked many women that crossed his path. He even had sex in the oval office at the White House. So, what happened to Bill Clinton for his hundreds of attacks on women? He got $500,000.00 in speaking fees, and a government pension. If any Republican did what Bill Clinton did, they would wind up in jail or worse.

So, is O’Reilly guilty of anything, or is America guilty of a sickining double standard? Or is the Fox Network guilty of trying to shut up the accusing women instead of taking them to court where the accusations must be proven? Nothing was proven against O’Reilly, but he was pronounced guilty anyway and sentenced to unemployment and disgrace.

One issue that must be seriously looked into is the behavior of the left wing news media. A few years ago, the left wing was going around telling people not to listen to Bill O’Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, and in fact, any and all Right Wing news commentators. These Lefties were surprised when this tactic caused the opposite effect. In that many people (myself included), got angry with this because we thought “who the hell do they think they are by telling me who I should listen to” and many people started listening to Right Wing news. Having met failure with this, they then went around telling advertisers not to sponsor Right Wing News, again failure. They were always using lies and smears to end Right Wing News, but again failure. So, it’s not out of the question for them to try another trick. So, getting Left Wing women to work at Fox News to set up somebody, is not out of the question. This cannot be proven, but then again neither can Bill O’Reilly’s sex allegations be proven.

What the Left is doing is getting rid of democracy in America and if they are successful, then we will be like North Korea.
Do you really want that?

Jose Lugo, editor

2040 Comprehensive Plan

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Apr 192017

Subject: press release
It’s well known that many animal species are becoming extinct, due to habitat loss caused by the expansion of human towns and cities. In response to this some governments are trying to reverse this trend; some by policies like the Hernando County 2040 plan. But this plan has major flaws as pointed out at the Nature Coast 912 Group meeting held on Saturday, April 15, 2017. Shirley and Pat Miketinac spoke about this plan. At first Pat Miketinac stated that the word “shall” appeared 834 times in this plan, since this basically means compliance is necessary, this establishes 843 new laws, most of which cause problems. Such as: people must use only the type of fencing mandated by the plan; this causes problems because different farm raised animals require different type of fencing. Land owners must also use only the outdoor lighting allowed by the plan.

Shirley’s speech got very disturbing when she said that people who own over 100 acres of land will only be able to use 50% of their land. People who own between 20 to 100 acres will loose 30% of their land to the government; but people who own under 20 acres will be able to use all their land. These land owners will still have to pay tax on the land they are not allowed to use. This is clearly a land grab by the government.

With 35% of the land in Hernando County already owned by the government, how far will this plan go? This plan also has many ways to make suburban living too expensive and so force people to move to cities that will become increasingly overcrowded due to this plan!

What is basically happening here is that private property is being taken off the market, and with the law of “supply and demand” setting in, this raises the cost of existing land. Shirley said that some states have had the cost of land go so high that it was priced out of the market. So, a question must be asked here, is this plan a secret a way to raise the cost of land so that people who already own a lot of land are rigging the real estate market for their own profits?

The strangest aspect of this plan is that it establishes “wild life corridors” that’s supposed to help wild life survive, but it was never proven if this works. Little plots of land scattered around at random allows animals to wonder around, often into human living areas where they can be harmed. It seems that large plots of land like Yellowstone Park do help wild life live better, but this not possible in a highly developed state like Florida without serious financial trouble.

The attached picture shows Pat Miketinac on the left and Shirley Miketinac on the right.

Jose Lugo, editor DDTV.ORG and reporter for the Nature Coast 912 Group.



1. The Draft 2040 Plan should be voided in its entirety.

2. Staff should go back to the current Comprehensive Plan and modify it with “strike” for deletions and “underline” for additions as is common legal procedure.

3. The GOP (Goals, Objectives and Policies) Model should be retained, dropping the GOS (Goals, Objectives, Strategies) Model.

4. The use of “shall”, “will” and “must” or other such legal mandates should be removed to be replaced by “may”, “could”, “should”, “consider”, “encourage” and other non-legally binding language. This plan should only be a guide for ordinances to be decided by our County Commissioners.

5. The current private property rights language should be retained, and State Statute Title VI, Chapter 70, section 001 entitled “Private Rights Protection” should be added. State Statute 163.3161 (10) Private Property Rights should be added.

6. Where possible, easy to read charts should convey information such as land density and open space options, if any, county facilities and parks, total acreage by categories, etc..

7. All references to “Ecological Linkages” with additional open space, fencing and lighting requirements should be deleted as well as any such restrictions in the Rural Category.

8. Any reference to “wildlife corridors” should be referenced as theory only and used only in voluntary educational programs.

9. No one should lose usage of any portion of their property for a wildlife corridor or ecological linkage theory.

10. Clustering should be totally voluntary at the discretion of the property owner.

11. Any restrictions on private property rights should be the very minimum required by state law.
Remove any open space requirements that are not mandated by the State of Florida.

12. Any mention of land acquisition should be stricken from the Comprehensive Plan, as almost one-third of Hernando County is already in Conservation, more than 42 other counties. With government holdings, a full 45% is off the tax rolls.

13. This plan should have an extensive chapter devoted to natural history, and all the conservation lands, parks and special features that Hernando County already possesses.

14. Transportation by automobile should be acknowledged as the primary transportation mode in Hernando County (over 95%) at this time. Bicycles and pedestrian should be acknowledged as mainly recreational.

15.“ Smart Growth” strategies such as “traffic calming”, “complete streets”, mixed-use communities, transportation-oriented development, extreme growth restrictions on rural properties, should be deleted . In 2011 the Florida Smart Growth Laws were repealed as an acknowledged failure and as being harmful to our economic growth.
Page 1


We the undersigned, are opposed to the Draft 2040 Comprehensive Plan for Hernando County, as written and agree with the actions called for in Numbers 1 through 15 above. Please enter this request into Hernando County records.












Page 2

Please send completed petition to:

Pat and Shirley Miketinac
P.O. Box 1391
Brooksville FL., 34605

Solution for A Divided America

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Feb 202017

Solution for a Divided America

Something is seriously wrong in America today, and many news casters on TV and radio are coming to the same conclusion; which is that we are as divided as we were just before the Civil War.

Abraham Lincoln said:

“A house divided against itself cannot stand”

But none of our news casters seem to realize that it is themselves who are to blame for this. If you listen to MSNBC about one story, then go to FOX news, you will hear the same story; except that it is the exact opposite.

How can this be? Consider this example; Barack Obama once said: “if an enemy convoy is headed to America to attack, he won’t use nuclear weapons”. The Left Wing said this was courageous because it will prove our moral superiority. The Right Wing said this is stupid because it would needlessly cost American lives, so just nuke’em and get it over with. Who is right? Who is wrong? This depends on which news source you watch all the time.

All the news sources use people who are the best con-artists ever. They are selected because they have great personality and devastating charisma. Just look at Chris Matthews, Bill O’ Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, Rachel Maddow and all the rest of them.

Both sides do an extremely good job of making the other side look like liars, incompetents, and just downright dangerous people, hell bent on destroying the nation. Plus they all do it with selective written proof and video of actual events. It’s really amazing. But what they are really doing is destroying the other stations for ratings, the higher their own ratings, the higher their paychecks.

For example: Rachel Maddow of MSNBC once put on a game show skit with contestants who tackled the issue of who is the biggest spending president. The conclusion they came to was that President George Bush (the younger) was the biggest spending President in American history. Then FOX said that when Barack Obama started his first term, the national debt was 10 trillion dollars and when Obama left the White House, the national debt was 20 trillion dollars. Making Obama the President, who spent more than all former presidents combined.

But MSNBC is not the only bad boy in town. Bill O’Reilly of FOX News fame once said that FOX News does not insult the other news networks, while the other networks insult FOX News all the time by calling them racist, sexist, homophobic etc. etc. Then John Stewart showed a video of Bill O’Reilly calling Left wing people pinheads and loons. But, believe it or not; the big Irish man O’Reilly did apologize, he had no choice.

Denzel Washington said: “If you don’t read the newspaper you’re uninformed, if you do read it,  you’re misinformed.”

I can give other examples here, but then so can anybody else; suffice it to say that the mass media is an out of control circus. That would be a joke, except that the news media is endangering the whole nation with division and (hopefully not), Civil War. The solution for this is as simple as it can get; we have to impose “Parliamentary Rules of Debate” on the news media.

If you look at governments around the world (except dictatorships) they have a congress with opposing sides debating issues with strict rules of debate that include time limits, the right to present an opposition voice and no interruptions. Our news media is nothing like this. Add to this is a habit most people have of watching the same news channel day after day with the same propaganda and after a while they get brain washed into thinking that the news they watch is the only right side and the other side is nuts.

As another example, most court rooms have the same structure in that there is a defense attorney and a prosecuting attorney; if there were only a defense attorney then nobody would go to jail, if there were only a prosecuting attorney then everybody goes to jail because the jury is only getting one side of the story. Having a defense and a prosecutor examines all sides of the case and it’s more likely to get the right decision. This is what must happen in our news media– all sides of an issue must be examined to get to the best decision possible; clearly this is not happening now.

Right now we can’t even have civil discussions among citizens because we have different facts. It’s all “Fake News” or “Alternative Facts” in a “Post Truth” world. It’s all lies and B.S.

Look at the case of Ivanka Trump. Her clothing line has been dropped from many stores. MSNBC said this is because of declining sales. But FOX says the opposite because the sales are up 21% and total profits were 100 million in 2016. So this is just an attack on Ivanka  because of her dad’s Presidency. This is typical of news operations.

By “Parliamentary Rules of Debate” I mean  all newspapers must have two columns, one for the home newspaper, the other column right next to it must belong to an opposition newspaper, so that an opposition can be heard. The same for all web pages, opposing opinions must be side by side. TV news must have an opposition seat belonging to the opposition with full rights of parliamentary debate, even shutting off the mike for interruptors. Penalties and fines must be used for violations.

This raises many questions, like how can you put Bill O’Reilly right next to Rachel Maddow, no building can take the pressure without blowing up, but something has to be worked out to unite our nation.

Rodney King said: “Why can’t we all just get along”

Jose Lugo, editor DDTV.ORG

Donald Trump, Lame Duck or Dictator

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Feb 012017

In reading Donald Trump’s book “the Art of the Deal” he sounded like a man who was just as concerned about interpersonal relations as well as making money. One quote he made was:

“Maximize your options, have fun”.

This sounds like good fatherly advice as well as sound financial advice, but it certainly does not sound like the guy that just ran a scorched earth campaign to win the White House. What in fact did happen was that the Donald did what Dennis Rodman once did, which was to do some outrageous acting to get attention. This got Dennis Rodman a lot of TV spots and also made him some good money. Well, the Donald was running against 17 other guys who also wanted the presidential nomination, so he followed the Dennis Rodman technique– got outrageous, got attention, and won the White House.

What this means is that the Donald likes to win; he even said so himself. But what now, he is not in the corporate world he came from, he just can’t fire Congressmen who are doing a lousy job. And, if you add up the Democrats and the RINOs in Congress, they are the majority and they will oppose him anyway they can. So will the Donald be able to get anything done? Or will we have a lame duck in the White House for the next four years? Or does the Donald have another trick up his sleeve, since he likes to win.

Will the Donald drain the swamp, or will the swamp drown the Donald?

Look at it this way; the Donald said he wants to get manufacturing back in America to get the economy going again, and so wants tariffs on goods sent to America from American industries that moved to other countries, (to take advantage of low wage workers), to make products to sell to the high priced American market, and so make huge profit margins. This has been going on for many years and these corporations have been making big money like you won’t believe. These are rich powerful corporations that found it easy to buy congressmen to pass NAFTA, the WTO and pass legislation to give China special trade status to make this big money scheme work. They are not going to say good-by to this deal on the say-so of the Donald. To stop the Donald from getting the tariffs he wants, congress just has to DO NOTHING. Don’t pass the legislation to establish the tariffs. Then probably use BS like they don’t want a trade war, when we have been in a continuous trade war that we lost 30 years ago.

So, what will the Donald do? He can try exposing the bought-out congressmen, that is after all one method he used to win the election. But if that doesn’t work, what then? Well, he can use his Twitter account to convince the people that Congress must be minimized or ignored ( just like Obama did, without the Twitter account) to get anything done. The problem here is how much can you minimize or ignore Congress before it becomes useless, and without a Congress what else can there be but a dictator.

So, the process that Barack Obama started to minimize Congress, or go around Congress is continuing with the Donald, he has already started action by “executive order”. But how far this will go is anybodys guess, will Congress get a set and fight back? Or is this the beginnig of an American Caesar; a historically proven failure as far as government structure goes.

A good case can be made to let the Donald have these special powers (executive orders) to repair the damage that anti-American elements have done to America. But what happens when a future president takes power who wants to do damage to America and he has these expanded powers that executive orders will give him? Again, great damage to America can be done.

But then again, just to keep the show going, the owners of Congress may let the Donald do some small stuff like pick some Supreme Court Justices, or let men use the mens bathroom again. But as far as changing the current trade deals, not likely; there is just too much money involved for too many very rich people.

Then the Donald said this at his inauguration:

“For too long, a small group in our nation’s Capital has reaped the rewards of government while the people have born the cost. Washington flourished – but the people did not share in its wealth.”

The Donald has been critical during his campaign of the government, but now as President he has fired the first shot at Congress. Clearly the Donald and the corporations that own Congress are going to go to war. If the Donald wins– then America gets a better economy, if the corporations that own Congress win– then America is finished. This is a prime factor to start a dictatorship, especially if the Donald is successful in bringing back the jobs that the Democrats sent to other countries with really bad trade deals they made.

Will the price of letting the Donald fix the economy be the loss of the American Democratic-Republic? Will executive orders vs. the owners of a fading away congress be our new form of government; or will executive orders vs. street protests and riots be our new form of government? The next four years will be interesting.

Jose Lugo, editor DDTV.ORG