A Failed Presidency (read more)

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Sep 162010

President Obama wants to pass a 50 billion stimulus package  for roads and bridges even though the first stimulus package that cost 787 billion dollars (862 billion according to the Tampa Tribune, 814 billion according to Fox News) had provisions for the same roads and bridges. This second “Stimulus Continue reading »

Glenn Beck in DC (read more)

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Sep 012010

The most remarkable thing that happened at the Glen Beck rally on 8-28-10 in Washington DC, was also the most simple. Just five minutes before the rally was to start a flock of Canadian geese flew over the Reflecting Pond in a “V” formation, right up the center, and veered off, just before reaching the Lincoln Memorial. It would have been impossible to stage such an event because wild geese can not be trained to do such a stunt. Somebody in the crowd yelled-out “V for Victory”; but many in the crowd saw this differently, some said it meant that God was there among us and the way most of the rally turned out  to have a religious content, it left many people wondering if God was among the crowd.

Many expected a political rally, not a religious event. The closest it got to being political was when Sara Palin said, “We do not want change in America, we want to restore America to the principles that made it great”. This sure sounds better than the welfare state that America is headed for. And with the constant theme throughout  the rally  being honor, trust, loyalty, respecting our veterans  and rediscovering the Constitution, it sort of seemed to say that Glenn Beck wants America to move away from the “Greed is Good” and the “lets get pregnant and go on welfare so we don’t have to work” philosophy that has gripped America for way too long. If this is Mr. Becks aim, then more power to him.

But to look at this from the unavoidable political angle, the size of this rally (500,000+) was something that no liberal in America can achieve, not even Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid can generate such a huge crowd; this can only mean that the Tea Party, Glenn Beck and the Conservative movement  can no longer be brushed off as a lunatic fringe. These people are making contact with the American people who do not want the socialist road that the current administration is taking America. They want America to be what it was founded as, and that is a country that is based on individual liberty, not the collective that Pres. Obama is always talking about. President Obama better take note of this rally if he wants to avoid disaster in the coming November elections.