Sep 162010

President Obama wants to pass a 50 billion stimulus package  for roads and bridges even though the first stimulus package that cost 787 billion dollars (862 billion according to the Tampa Tribune, 814 billion according to Fox News) had provisions for the same roads and bridges. This second “Stimulus Bill” also has about 300 billion dollars in tax credits that will in all likelihood have the cost passed onto to taxpayers, who are already overtaxed. Also, it should be realized that the first stimulus package supposedly still has about 250 billion dollars that has not been spent!

Overall, President Obama has spent about a trillion dollars on projects, such as: aid to cities, cash for clunkers, the before mentioned first stimulus package, as well as other social programs. All of this spending, and he has not yet completed his first two years in office. It should be noted that the majority of the American people have opposed most of these spending programs mainly because people realize that all this is being done with borrowed money that is only adding to an already dangerously high national debt of over 13 trillion dollars! All this spending and it still hasn’t accomplished anything, the economy is in fact getting worse! It can only end with the nation going into bankruptcy. Future generations will be slaves to a massive debt that they received no benefit from.

Another questionable decision by our President occurred on 8-31-10, when he told the nation that America is removing combat troops from Iraq. His announcement speech was cold and delivered in that monotone that the President uses way too much. It was a flat speech for a strange ending to a long and difficult war. It was not a victory or a defeat, it was the meeting of a campaign promise he made to get him into office. But it’s not the way a war should end. There was no peace treaty, no surrender terms, no cease fire or any other agreement with Al-Qaida to stop the war by solving the issues that caused the war in the first place; it’s just a strange walking away.

America should be looking after its own interests in that oil rich region, especially when a soon to be nuclear-armed Iran is next door and would just love to take over Iraq so it can control the oil market. It seems that the radical left and this President somehow established the principle that it’s wrong for America to look after its interests and only pursue vague philosophical ideals, when every other country on the planet exclusively looks after its own interests in foreign affairs.

Unless you look at politics as the rational for this strange unilateral troop withdrawal from Iraq, it makes no sense. But the President did promise to leave Iraq this year and with the mid-term elections coming in November, he needs something to keep the support of the radical left, since most other groups (including the Democrats) are running away from him at full speed. But yet, this support from the radical left is apparently so important to the President, that the sacrifices America has made, which includes about 4,4000 dead, tens of thousands of grievously wounded, as well as about a trillion dollars spent, are just being brushed aside for these political considerations.

Another indicator that the motive for this is politics, is when he said the economy needs attention and the expensive war wasn’t helping it; in other words-entitlement programs (since he refuses to cut domestic spending) are more important than the national security or the overall national interest.

Then, in his speech, he completely contradicted past policy statements by stating, (to quote him exactly):

“A better life awaits anyone who is willing to work for it.”

This completely contradicts his former statements of “sharing the wealth” and collective thinking. It’s clear he is abandoning these socialist ideals for the explicit purpose of practical politics, namely, the coming November elections; thereby losing   the support from the radical left that he is leaving Iraq for!…. STRANGE!

His popularity ratings are way down, about 46% (down from 65%) because Americans do not like the direction he is taking the country and that successful rally Glen Beck had at the Lincoln Memorial on 8-28-10, proved that this opposition is gaining strength because of his bad policies. He pushed through Congress, a health care bill that a clear majority of citizens were against, since there is no money to pay for it. And, even though an extremely large majority of Americans approve of the Arizona Immigration bill, the President filed a lawsuit against it. Then there is the question of the Islamic Mosque in New York City, near ground zero, where a majority of Americans oppose it, But yet President Obama has only made ambiguous statements about it, providing a lame support for the mosque. This President clearly does not care anything about the will of the people. Back in the old days when a government imposed laws that the citizens were against, it was called “Tyranny”, these days it’s called “Progressive”.

Perhaps the most egregious issue the American people have with President Obama is the way he went into office by saying he was going to “Change” America; but he did not say what he was going to “Change” America into. He also did not ask the American people if they wanted change or if they simply wanted America to get back to its roots to what America was founded as; not the distortion that America has become because of Congress meddling with America in a way that the American people do not want. Then, when it became apparent to the American people that Obama was changing America into a more extreme form of an entitlement society (which is a historically proven failure), and the fact that Obama just keeps pursuing these failed policies, is just beyond belief. This arrogance and poor judgement is shocking and resented by the American people.

People look to a leader for sound judgements to manage the nation, for inspiration to be better than they already are. They look to a president to personify the national character to other nations. President Obama has not done any of this. Our enemies are laughing at us, and our friends are walking away from us.

There is a growing belief that this president’s only concern is for the expediency of politics, even though his political moves are undermining all his efforts. It shows him to be a man without principles and poor judgement in managing the nation. Not at all the leader America needs in these troubling times. This is a tragic end to the hopes that the first African-American president gave the nation. When he was elected, America felt like it made a great achievement, the end of racism, the moving onto bigger and better things for all Americans, but instead, America got a failed presidency!!

Jose Lugo

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