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Nov 182010

The November 2nd election showed the power of the Tea Party; most, but not all of the candidates they endorsed won elected positions in government showing the influence of this new grass roots movement. But where is the Tea Party going next? It’s still a fragmented movement, uncoordinated with differing goals and ideas; the main question being, will it become a real political party by nominating it’s own candidates for public office, if so, it will have to have a convention with delegates and a convention hall  with balloons, silly signs and dull speeches. But the bad part of this is that they will have to start acting like politicians, to the Tea Party people the slightest thought of this is sickening. But how else can they become a real political party and so create some real important positive change in America, like getting back to the Constitutional law?

Our two main political parties, the Democrats and the Republicans, are quickly losing favor with the public. The Democrats are out of favor because of the historically proven failure of the socialist agenda they have adopted that is completely out of favor with the public, and their out of control spending is sending the nation into bankruptcy. The Republicans are only winning because they have become the lesser of two evils that the Public is getting tired of voting for. So, if this trend continues, in the 2012 election may be the Democrats will be the lesser of the two evils and so get back in office, and so continue this constant changing of the lesser of two evils, especially if the Republicans mess up again like they did under President Bush. This whole thing is getting old.

The problem with the Republicans is that they are just too pro business and not enough for the people. For example, they voted to stop legislation from coming to a vote on the issue of giving corporations tax breaks to offset the cost of moving their business to other countries. Personally, I think the Republicans should be charged with treason for doing this, especially now with the high unemployment we have, but it’s not sending us into bankruptcy like the Democrats wild spending is. Also, the Republicans have lessened controls on Wall Street to the point that some really crazy stuff started happening, like sub-prime loans, zero down mortgages and adjustable rate mortgages that sent the housing market crashing along with most of the worlds markets. This is why the Republicans are the lesser of two evils, but remember, the lesser of two evils is still evil. This is why we need a new political party and the Tea Party suits the bill just right.

Clearly, the most important issue that is holding the Tea Party back is the charge of racism that has been leveled at them from many groups, including the N.A.A.C.P. and MSNBC. I decided to look into this myself  by attending some of their rallies and meetings and by introducing myself by my real Spanish name, “Jose” and you really can not get more Spanish than that. What I found at the Tea Party was more of a surprise than I though I would find. What I expected was some sly remarks like “where’s you green card” or “was the Rio Grand wet and wild” or some outright hate remarks like “you don’t belong here”, but I got none of this, instead what I found was that I was really welcomed there and even though there were a great variety of people there, some young, some old, some middle age; they were all “gentle people”. They, in fact reminded me of the hippies from the 1960s except that they were clean, had jobs and there were no drugs anywhere. What holds them together is their firm belief in the Constitution, free enterprise, individual rights and personal responsibility. You know, all that good stuff we all forgot about. But as far as being a racist organization, the Tea Party is just not racist. The N.A.A.C.P. and MSNBC  are only damaging their credibility by claiming racism where there is none.

There are two items the Tea Party can straighten out to improve their organization, one is their web page which sounds like the sneaky type contract that most corporation use, the other is the Laissez-faire economic policy they promote.

Their web page is hurting the Tea Party (or at least the Hernando County, Florida web page) because it first states in their terms and conditions that they can change the terms anytime they want, which is an open contract that can change to obligate the members to do anything they want. They can say that the members must mow their lawn or pay them $1,000 a day for use of the web page; this is wrong and unnecessary. For a political party it certainly ends the fairness expected from them. The web page also states that they irrevocably own the copyrights of all submitted material, this is also wrong and shows them acting more like a corporation rather than a political party presenting itself as based on justice and fair play.

They also embrace authors like Frederic Bastiat and Friedrich Hayek who promote Laissez-faire (meaning leave business alone) economic policies which are a historically proven failure, just as socialism is a proven failure. As any student knows, in France before the revolution of 1789, France and England adopted economic policies of no control over business, no taxes, no tariffs, no regulations, no laws, nothing; in other words, Laissez-faire economics. The result of this was the formation of monopolies, no opportunities for the average citizen to start a business and finally the concentration of wealth in a very small portion of the population with massive poverty for the rest of the population. In France, golden coaches were were literally running over starving citizens. On July 14, the citizens decided they have had enough and stormed the Bastille and started the French Revolution; ending the absolute monarchy and establishing the Rights of Man. Then came the rise of Napoleon Bonaparte and his bloody wars. All of this can be attributed to Laissez-faire economic policies and the massive poverty and starvation inflicted on the citizens. The Tea Party should read up on this.

Finally, many people have said that a third political party will only dangerously split the vote and allow the appointment to office of politicians by a very small percentage of the voting public and that can be dangerous. But the current system of two corrupt political parties can also be dangerous because it only guarantees the election of unqualified candidates. But then again if the Democrats could only just fade away with their stupid socialist policies and we are left with just two parties like the Republicans (if they can straighten out) because they know how business operates and the Tea Party (assuming it becomes a real political party) because they know the value of the Constitution, we will all be better off.

Jose Lugo