Jun 142011

This has been going on for over a week now, it’s getting old, time to move on to other more important issues, but the media and the public just can not. Why? Because the public just loves to see a know-it-all, arrogant leader crash and burn.

And Anthony Weiner was certainly an arrogant person by  being a think he knows it all sort of guy. But politics has always attracted this kind of person, call it a type “A” personality or an Alpha male, or a nut, the public loves to see them crash. Maybe its an inborn thing with Americans that they just know that way deep down inside we are all equal and that the one who thinks he is better has just got to have something wrong with him. And in Weiners case this has been proven right.

To begin with, only a pervert will take pictures of his private parts and put it on the Internet, which is an open bill board for the whole world to see. But in this politically correct nut house that America has become, one just can not say this. But then again, maybe we will be better off saying things like this so that we can weed out the nuts and leave only those in public office that will be clear thinking people who make good decisions for the public good. But there is little of this to see in our government since they continue reckless over spending even though we as a nation are just about bankrupt with continued over spending seeming to be the rule in Washington D.C..

In Weiners case, the only thing being done by Congress is that they are calling on him to resign, but since it just may be the case that he maybe mentally ill, the choice can  not be left to him; he must  be removed from public office immediately for the public good, so that he does no further harm to himself or the public.

But in this politically correct world we have become, clear thinking is out of fashion.  Even our politically correct schools are teaching a no fail philosophy that has nothing to do with the real world, where all abnormal behavior is accepted and not at all criticized, but sometimes treatment is recommended.

It’s my own philosophy that 10% of the human race is nuts and the only thing you can do about it is hope that they have taken their medication today. But it sure would be nice if people like this be discovered and not allowed in public office. But we are doing just the opposite by hiding who the candidates for public office really are. They all hire professional image makers as soon as they decide to enter public office to throw a smoke screen over everything, and America is surely being harmed by this dangerous procedure. Does anybody realize this, so far no, and that is one of the major problems Anthony Weiner has shown us.

Jose Lugo, editor DDTV.ORG

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