Sep 282011

GOP where are you?

OK, everybody knows what’s going on now. We’re 14 trillion in debt, our credit rating has been downgraded; by the year 2055 the payments on the national debt will consume all government revenue and the dollar will soon become worthless and be replaced with  food stamps as the national currency.

So, the Republicans, who have been telling us they are our saviors put together some debates and a  Florida straw poll gave us some results, where are we now?

Well, the debates started out as expected with Mitt Romney and Rick Perry having a slug fest, but what we got instead was the spectacle of them knocking themselves out of the race. This happened because they exposed themselves as the establishment politicians the public is tired of and wants to get rid of.

This was already suspected of Mitt Romney because of his RomneyCare health care plan, but the debate showed beyond any doubt that he has the mindset of a person that thinks the government has to take care of the people. Despite the fact that current experience has shown that this leads to entitlement programs that are not affordable and is  leading America to financial disaster.

Rick Perry was a big disappointment when he showed himself as also having the mindset that the government has to take care of everything for the people as if they were children. This came out again with the fact that he ordered that 12 year old girls should be injected with medications as ordered by the government. This got even worse when it was disclosed that he approved a bill that gave illegal aliens free  tutuion money so that they can attend college in his state of Texas. The question was raised as to why American kids can’t get this free tuition money to which Mr. Perry had no effective answer. He only said “you gotta have a heart” , and so missing the point that the people are sick of politicians showing a big heart for foreigners and sticking the taxpayer with the bill.

So, its Rick Perry and Mitt Romney as just a couple of establishment politicians running for office when the people are basically looking for something else. This was proved with a Florida straw poll that showed Rick Perry and Mitt Romney tied with 15% and 14% of the vote; but Herman Cain got 37% of the vote and is now way ahead of the Rick an Mitt show.

The reason Herman Cain is now ahead in the race  is because he impressed  the audience when he told them about his fight with cancer; he is a cancer survivor and a brave man beyond question. When a man is told by a doctor that he has a 30% chance to live, this changes a person forever; they forget about the petty things in life and focus on what is important. And I hate to say this, but this makes for a better man. His financial plan of 999 meaning: 9% national sales tax, 9% flat business tax and 9% flat personal income tax sounded like a tax cut, (a popular thing to do when running for office) but if it is a tax cut, it was not explained how can he cut taxes when America is 14 Trillion dollars in debt? Then his advocating of the Social Security plan that Chile has of personal saving plans as a workable alternative to the American Social Security system, raises the question of the IRA accounts that Americans have and are ignoring, so can this be a workable plan? More answers are needed here from Mr. Cain who is now the front runner in the GOP race.

Then there is  Newt Gingrich, who only got 8% in the poll; but he was perhaps the only real political operator on the stage at last weeks debate. He looked like a big wise old Yoda throwing out sound bites. But the real question about him is, who is the real Newt Gingrich, why did all his campaign managers just quite one day recently? Was he too much of a maverick for them? He resigned his speakership of the House of Representatives and his Congressional seat in 1998 and was sanctioned for ethics violations. But he was speaker of the House during the Clinton presidency when he forced a government shutdown to force a compromise plan that lead to a balanced budget (ah, the good old days). So there remain a lot of questions about him. But,  maybe he has to be looked into a bit more. Is he the rebel America needs now?

Then there is Michele Bachmann. In many of her other appearances she showed herself to be a great public speaker, but in the debate she showed herself to be too measured in her statements. She also repeated statements she made in the last debate. She lacked the sharp come backs the other candidates had and so had the lowest vote in the poll of 2%. I was disappointed.

Rick Santorum and Jon Huntsman had that new kid on the block look that many voters do not like, perhaps more public exposure can help them.

This  leaves Ron Paul, you know, the small guy in the over size suit. A strict Constitutionalist who has many good ideas. He may be just the guy to cut the Washington D.C. over-bloated bureaucracy down to size. He spent just about his whole career demanding to audit the Federal Reserve, a questionable organization of private bankers that control the currency. If Ron Paul  becomes President, its a sure thing that he will balance the budget and terminate useless agencies and seriously cut down to size other agencies. But those suits he wears? He has to realize that he is running for the Presidency of the United States, ( the big enchilada) and you just can’t do this while swooshing around inside an oversize business suit. He has to dump that Wal-Mart rag and get some serious threads if he wants to get the Presidency. His vote total in the Florida straw poll was 10%, this puts him in fourth place, behind Herman Cain, Rick Perry and Mitt Romney.

Herman Cain has little political experience, no foreign experience; only business experience, so is he what America needs now? Should we  replace the clueless one in the White House with an “on the job training” administration?…..Let us pray.

Jose Lugo

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