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Nov 232011

The Super Committee has failed to find 1.2 trillion in budget cuts for the next 10 years. This is a minuscule budget cut that will have little or no effect on the overall bloated federal budget, but yet this Congress has not been able to pass even this tiny little cut in spending. And, even though a 10% automatic across the board spending cut must now be made, Congressmen are already demanding that their pet projects not be cut.

This is despite the fact that the Gallop poll has shown that the approval rating of Congress is a paltry 12%. One would think that Congress would pass this pathetic little budget cut to try to show some good faith to the American people. A simple gesture that says they are at least trying to balance the budget. But NO. Not even a symbolic effort is to be made by this Congress to show at least the beginning of responsible financial planning. NOTHING.

Why is this so, what has happened to our Congress?

Our founding fathers all agreed that:

“Government at its best, is but a necessary evil”

We should have listened to them more carefully. Even though they set about to write a Constitution that limits the power and scope of government,  this is not the government we have today. This Congress, and many before them, have passed legislation that controls ever increasing aspects of the citizens lives, and financial responsibility is not even talked about seriously anymore.

The reasons for this are many and complicated. But one main reason is that, although the founders wanted congressmen who had the same interests as the citizens who elected them;  this has gone to such an extreme that those in Congress represent exclusively the people who actually voted for them; they have absolutely no interest in the nation as a whole. The only reason they support only their narrow band of citizens is because it’s necessary for their careers that gives them a full time pension, an exclusive medical plan and many other perks they can not get anywhere else. They think of America only as a source of funding for their pet projects and if America fails to provide the funding, they cast America aside like a used rag and seek other sources of funding nationally or internationally, they don’t care. Their recklessness has gotten to the point that even though it appears that other nations do not want to lend money to America anymore, that they have gone to financial tricks like one government organization lending money to other government organizations. This is dangerous beyond any belief because this will in a very short time send America  into financial default and the dollar will loose whats left of the little value it has.

Although the current members of Congress have been legitimately elected to office by the narrow group of citizens who support them, they have lost the moral right to govern because by refusing to engage in financially sound financial practices they have shown that they do not have any ethical values and are so not fit to govern. They should all be voted out of office and a new Congress should be denied the right to govern until they first pass a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution whereby they can not spend more than the tax revenues the government collects, and borrowing has to be made completely illegal except in time of  War and all revenue collected is to be used for that War or national emergency only, and repaid as quickly as possible.

The citizens have to realize that they are in the mist of a national emergency caused by an irresponsible Congress that can not stop its reckless spending. The only thing they are capable of doing is the blame game, just pointing fingers at each other, while the nation goes into financial default. Clearly, the Democrats and the Republicans are responsible for this mess. The Democrats for over spending on social programs that were never affordable the first place. They even named these programs “Entitlements”. In America there has never been anything called an entitlement, the only thing people are entitled to are the profits from their jobs or investments. Nobody is entitled to other tax payers money.

The Republicans are just as responsible as the Democrats for reckless over spending as well as giving business interests just about anything they want; from immunity from the law, to tax breaks for sending our factories to other countries.

Members of Congress have become so selfish and narrow minded that they do not realize that if America goes into default that the very people they are trying to help with their so called “entitlement programs” will be the first ones in harms way, because they will be the first to be cut off from financial aid with no one to help them except the church and other charities.

Congress has America headed for the same world of hurt that Greece is in; complete with higher unemployment and riots in the streets. America needs a change as it has never needed before.

Beware the Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing-(read more)

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Nov 172011

    I want you to imagine a map of the United States of America.  In  place of the continental outline, envision a giant, pulsing, human heart.  The blood it pumps are the fruits of our labors.  Blood vessels from every community carry our life blood to Washington, D.C. where our politicians decide how to use it. As fast as it flows, it hemorrhages out vessels everywhere.  It gushes through bailouts and TARP programs. It bleeds into experimental companies that waste our precious life blood.  It is wasted in subsidies, awarded for doing nothing. It wells up in expensive unconstitutional  agencies that infringe upon the rule of law and justice.  It wastes the fruits of our labors on Taj Mahal  style embassies in foreign countries.  It wastes the lifeblood of our youth and our economy in foreign bases and wars that never end.  The Aorta is connected directly to the Federal Reserve Bank, which is neither federal nor are there any reserves.  It is a global banking cartel that works to make profits for its member banks and wealthy  global elitists, not in the best interests of the United States of America.  Our life blood is hemorrhaging mainly through the Federal Reserve, directly to the IMF (International Monetary Fund) and World Bank, to bail out other countries who have been enmeshed in a New World Order globalist  scheme. It is no coincidence, that our Federal Reserve Chair, Ben Bernanke and our Secretary of the Treasury, Timothy Geithner, are also our IMF representatives.  It’s rather like vampires to the feast.  Common sense will tell you that the hemorrhaging must be stopped or the patient will be lost.  Even if we pump the fruits of our labors as fast as possible, through new revenue-neutral tax schemes, the patient will die unless we stop the hemorrhaging first.  Critical care supports the idea that we must stop this hemorrhaging (the spending) first. The United States of America needs to go into shock, drawing all its life-blood out of the world, back to our central core, to save ourselves.  First we must survive.  All connections must be staunched to the United Nations, the IMF, the World Bank, world trade agreements and The Federal Reserve.  Then we could revive ourselves constitutionally, with true free market capitalism, based on sound money (gold and silver).  We could once again, become the strong republic envisioned by our Founding Fathers. It is what George Washington and Thomas Jefferson famously warned us of. They encouraged mutual respect for other sovereign nations, mutual world trade, but entangling alliances with none. They realized the devastation of global empires.  They watched the British Empire imploding. This is not isolationism;  it is non-interventionism, it is wisdom, it is survival.
     How did we get into this life-support situation?  The answers are vividly researched in a publication called The Creature From Jekyll Island, by G. Edward Griffin.  This book explains the history behind The Federal Reserve System,  and the rise of global socialism.  It is a must read for all Americans or for that matter, citizens of the world.  It will give you the answers as to why we are struggling for survival now, as well as the solutions we need. It’s a lengthy read, but even if you read the chapter summaries, you’ll learn a wealth of eye-opening facts.  Another publication that gets to the heart of the matter is Ron Paul’s End the Fed.  His book is an easier read that centers most effectively on learning our lessons from the past with solutions for today.
      Following is a simplistic explanation based on  my personal opinions and the books mentioned  above. 

      Many of you are already familiar with the story of the birth of the Federal Reserve System.  It comes alive  in “The Creature”, which is the name Griffin gives to this system.  It was born through the efforts of wealthy elitists (like J.P. Morgan, Paul Warburg,  & John D. Rockefeller), to completely control world banking (central banking), world currencies and to spread global socialism.  Their efforts have been unfortunately, quite successful to date.  It comes as no surprise, that  the 16th and 17th amendments to the Constitution came at the same time as The Federal Reserve Act in 1913.  This was a terrible year for our Republic.  The power and political influence of these families cannot ever be underestimated.  Read the stories in the history provided in “The Creature” (which I‘ll use as a shortened version).  Your life will be forever changed. 
     Federal Reserve policy directly brought about and kept us in The Great Depression.  Franklin D. Roosevelt wrote an executive order to confiscate the gold of U.S. citizens, continuing us on a path of economic destruction.  In 1944, a socialist economist, John Maynard Keynes, continued to expand policies that will lead to the complete destruction of our economy and that of the world.  It is meant to establish a “New World Order”, with the wealthy elite families and their minions in control, with a socialistic order of serfs and slaves to serve them (that’s our role).  You can see today, that our standard of living is being continually eroded on the road to their goals.  Does that make you angry?  It should.  Let’s stop them!  Knowledge is power. 
     All Democrats follow Keynesian economics.  That’s no surprise.  But what might surprise you is how thoroughly the Republican Party has been infiltrated by the Keynesians.  Many of you are already familiar with the work of John Maynard Keynes, a British economist.  Why is he important today?  After all, he died in 1946.  He’s important because his destructive legacy lives on. Keynes was the major force behind global socialism through slow economic demise.  He espoused replacing sound, solid gold and silver backed currency globally, with empty, worthless, unbacked paper money called fiat currency. Central banking is at the heart of the plan. (Remember that the fifth plank of the Communist Party is central banking.)  Controlling a nation’s currency and the ability to print more unbacked currency at will, gives potentially dangerous, destructive  power to any group.  He secretly plotted  debt and redistribution of wealth globally, to bring all of  the Earth’s inhabitants down to a serf’s existence, with the chosen few, wealthy elite, as their masters. 
     Our government leaders, both Democrat and Republican have followed this destructive, printing press-mad, spending spree, until they have brought us to  the edge of the destruction of The United States of America as we know it. Some are actually complicit in the schemes.  Others are ill-informed or naïve, but are taking us down the same economic path of destruction.  Both parties are hopelessly addicted to  spending money on their chosen causes, so that now we are in a dire state of indebtedness that would make Keynes proud.  We as citizens keep getting drawn to the wolves in sheep’s clothing, to their alluring promises. They promise new tax plans, less spending, more jobs, a better economy, none of which get at the heart of the problem; the spending and our indebtedness.   We foolishly believe them and vote them into office.  Will we finally learn before it’s too late? 
     From his book, Revolution A Manifesto, Ron Paul talks about the broken promises from every election cycle.  “. . . ‘change’ always means more of the same: more government, more looting of Americans, more inflation, more police-state measures, more unnecessary war, and more centralization of power.  Real change would mean something like the opposite of those things.  It might even involve following our Constitution.  And that’s the one option Americans are never permitted to hear.”  He warned us that we’re living in a fantasy world where the housing market and our dollar were in  a state of collapse, indebtedness and foreign involvement out of control.  He was right then and still is now!
     This fiat money creation makes a blank check possible. Imagine the printing presses are cut-off.   Envision that we as taxpayers, would have to actually count the dollars out of our pockets for military spending, directly into the palms of the politicians who continue to keep us at war and maintain worldwide military bases.  (This is not to be confused with a defense budget, which is desirable and necessary to the protection of a sovereign nation.)  It would probably cost over $5,000  for each man, woman and child in this country, per year. If you have a family of four, you would owe $20,000 in military taxes above your regular income taxes. Are you personally willing to pay this?  Most people can’t afford it. Over 47% of Americans pay no income taxes at all right now.  Would the paying half be required to  pick up the entire bill?   Then double that number. You now owe $40,000 in direct military taxes for a family of four. It’s called the pay-as-you-go plan of taxation.  Most people would revolt if so directly taxed.  Here’s where the central banking system steps in.  They lend money to governments to finance wars, extended military empires, and for other over-the-budget expenditures,  collecting profitable interest.  The big bankers are well aware, and have been since the Rothschild banking family of the 17th century, that this strategy works very well. The people would dethrone monarchs or vote leaders out of office, if burdened with a direct military tax. Take away any real backing to the currency,  make central bankers the masters of the fiat currency printing presses, and you have the vehicle for the destruction of our global economy. If we continue the borrowing, they immerse us in perpetual indebtedness from which we can never economically recover. In the process, we suffer for these strategies through the continued devaluation of our dollar, and in the cruelest tax of all, INFLATION.  If most people only realized how we’ve been manipulated, we could reverse this tragedy in the making. Maybe then we would curtail some of the endless trillions that are draining our prosperity and pouring  into a global redistribution of wealth scheme.
      But the wealthy elites always skim the profit-cream off the top, leaving  average citizens with the bill. (Witness the bank bailouts of 2008).  Every printed fiat dollar created by the Federal Reserve, is charged to us in the devaluation of our currency and inflated prices.  Candidates promise us new tax plans.  Tax plans will mean nothing, if your chosen candidate is not sworn to stop the Federal Reserve printing presses, the United Nations/IMF/World Bank bankrupting of the United States of America.   All will be lost if we don’t recognize our true enemies.  We quibble and fight amongst ourselves while the wolves decimate the herd.
     Everything we value is under attack.  This was the design of the wealthy, intellectual elitists from before the formation of one of their greatest weapons in 1913, The Federal Reserve. They have proceeded at a slow pace, which has picked up speed considerably as they near their final New World Order utopia.  John Maynard Keynes was a founding member of the semi-secret Fabian Society.  Their members worked for world, totalitarian-style socialism. They use slow economic demise as their primary weapon, with a turtle to represent their patience in acquiring world domination.  They owe no allegiance to any country, least of all the United States, but are citizens of the world. Their guiding forces are wealth and power. Their symbol is a coat of arms with a wolf in sheep’s clothing.  Many of their followers and political powerhouses are hidden in positions within our government and globally, poised to carry out  their total world domination. Many are the leaders of their countries, and treasury departments. As mentioned earlier, it is no coincidence that our Secretary of the Treasury, Timothy Geithner, and Federal Reserve Chair Ben Bernanke are also our International Monetary Fund Representatives.  It makes it handier to redistribute our U.S. taxpayers wealth globally that way. Henry Dexter White, for instance, Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Treasury in 1944, was a closet Communist, who assisted in carrying out  plans for Keynes. The CFR, Council for Foreign Relations, works for these globalist goals.  David Rockefeller and John Kerry are  current members.   George H. W. Bush (41), talked openly of “The New World Order”.  Hillary Clinton wants to be President of the World Bank. The  Rockefellers, J.P. Morgans, Rothschilds and friends make no secret of their membership. One of our current GOP candidates regularly attends the wealthy elite Bilderberg conferences and defends doing so.  Is he complicit or a pawn?  Do your own research and make up your own mind.  We are surrounded by wolves in sheep’s clothing and must be vigilant to ferret them out.
     What the Progressive Movement, Federal Reserve Act, Woodrow Wilson and Franklin D. Roosevelt  nurtured, the Keynesians continued.  In Bretton Woods, New Hampshire, in 1944,  the world’s wealthy elite met to continue their conquest called the United Nations Monetary and Financial Conference.  (This is today more commonly known as the Bilderberg Conferences…different city, same families, elitists and goals).   Here they conceived of  the United Nations,  established the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank as mechanisms for eliminating gold from world finance.  The hidden agenda behind the United Nations, IMF and World Bank though, is world socialism with the Federal Reserve playing the lead role.  In this short article, I cannot possibly do justice to these great topics in history.  But I ask you please to care enough about our country to at least read  the chapter summaries from The Creature from Jekyll Island  by G. Edward Griffin. He tells this hidden history in detail and is a must read for anyone who calls himself a patriot, a tea partier, an American citizen, or a human being for that matter.  Get a copy.  Read it.  There’s a free download summary at  .
      You have no excuses unless you choose to be purposefully blind to the coming disaster.  We need your help to stop the plot to steal what’s left of our lives, liberty and property.  If we continue  to support the status quo in both parties, our time is short.  I’ll attempt  a summary of some of the most important points of  “The Creature”  ( the Federal Reserve), but it is no substitute for the graphic details uncovered in the book.
     The public was told that the IMF/World Bank  through the United Nations would promote monetary cooperation between nations with fixed exchange rates.  They were to make loans to war-torn nations and underdeveloped countries, so their economies would be strong. Our Federal Reserve was and still is the mechanism to transfer our wealth to the rest of the world to equalize us all in a socialistic scheme.  The methods they use to reach their goals have been planned to  destroy all free nations, free enterprise, and  capitalism, by terminating gold as the basis of international currency.  Paper money is being used and politically manipulated to bring down world economies. The sovereign nations of the world are being murdered one by one.  It’s not an accident of a slow world economy.  It’s a part of a continued plot to bring us back to Medieval Times. (As Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain and Ireland will be  the first dominos in Europe to fall, so will we all without major reversals in our survival strategies.)  Isn’t it ironic, that the cradle of democracy, Greece, is under attack first.  Some Greek leaders are at this very moment making a valiant stand to deny the IMF/World Bank control that they know will end their national sovereignty.  But the might of the New World Order is powerful.  I’m hoping the Greek people get the chance to vote, get the opportunity to put their own house in order without all the strings attached that will cost them their sovereignty. These globalist powers create money out of nothing to destroy all that we know as liberty and opportunity.  The United States is the lender of last resort. If we continue to participate in these global bailouts, we also will fail.
      The Globalist Keynesians have been responsible for the rise of petty dictatorships in the Middle East and Africa.  They have been responsible for genocide, continued wars, famine and atrocities. They care for nothing except the attainment of their ultimate New World Order.  It doesn’t matter how many lives are lost or dreams destroyed or sovereign nations crushed to bring this about.  And don’t think that because you have a strong stock portfolio or even a  few million in the bank,  that you’ll prosper under their reign. The destruction of all classes except their elite one, is a part of this plan.  Unless you regularly attend the Bilderberg Conferences, are a chosen politician or minion that carries out their bidding, you’ll not be on the New World Order guest list. 
       Our economy has been damaged almost to the point of no return.  Homes have been lost, bank accounts drained, jobs lost, and liberties trampled.  New regulations have been designed to ruin any attempts at genuine productivity, manufactured by unconstitutional agencies.  NAFTA-type trade agreements have destroyed our jobs. We are being systematically, by design, shut down as a nation, as a people. Our presidents in this century, and especially of late, have become executive-order legislators and justices, making a mockery of the separation of constitutional powers.  Everyday, our executive branch becomes more dictatorial by usurping legislative and judicial powers never intended by the Constitution.  Our Presidents have given much too much authority to the United Nations. They seek approval for military action there instead of the U.S. Congress, the only constitutionally legal mandate for war. United Nations Agenda 21 creeps insidiously into our communities, sanctioned not by the Legislature, but by executive orders. (See  executive order 13575).    Agenda 21 is an act passed by the United Nations to limit single home ownership, rounding us up into “sustainable communities”, so we can be completely controlled. We as Americans would be prohibited from living on millions of acres of land near waterways, and in the most beautiful rural areas.  We are being misled into believing that these restrictions are all for environmental reasons. Our jobs, habits, use of fossil fuels, use of automobiles at all,  with forced transportation by mass transit, food supplies,  all strictly controlled. The United Nations plan is to herd us like so many sheep into compounds of communities, just as their central bank schemes have caused the people of many African nations to suffer and die.  If we don’t fit the plan of productivity, we are dispensable. Many of these initiatives in the United States, have already unwittingly been passed by local county and city councils, erroneously thinking they’re just getting extra money for their communities.  But it comes with oaths and strings attached that give up more of the control of our properties, liberties and lives.  It’s another strategy to achieve global socialism in addition to the economic strategies.
     Will you go to controlled communities if ordered?  If Americans are starving and homeless, many will go with no choice.  Get out of debt if you can and store necessities as an investment in survival.   We are being brought down daily to our knees.  We keep rising up, but at some time we may be beaten, like the terrible pictures of famine you’ve seen on the African Continent.  Don’t think it can’t happen here.
   From The Creature from Jekyll Island :
     “But if Americans can be brought to the point where they are suffering from a collapse of their economy and from a breakdown in civil order, things will be different. When they stand in bread lines and face anarchy in their streets, they will be more willing to give up sovereignty in return for ‘assistance’ from the World Bank and the UN ‘peacekeeping’ forces.  This will become even more acceptable if a structured demise of Communism can be arranged ahead of time to make it appear that the world’s major political systems have converged into the common denominator of ‘social democracy’.” 2
     I believe that may be what is happening in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. What if the elitists are consolidating these areas of the world into a supposed democracy? Each area is converging toward the final goal of a One World Order.  Iran has not fallen into line as easily as some of the other dictatorships and sovereign nations.  We’ll have to be convinced to invade them to bring them into a  Potentate. Did you think that embassy we built for billions of our hard earned taxpayer dollars, that holds 17,000 employees was strictly for Iraq?  It is the largest and most expensive embassy in the world!  Will it become the seat of Middle Eastern rule?  Of Euro-Asian rule? Oil would be completely controlled in that part of the world, and the wealthy elitists will have done it with the blessings of many (but not all) of their uninformed, American Keynesian flock. They are harvesting nations into their scheme like flies caught in spider webs, all eventually joining in one huge global web. The final fate of all nations in their plans is the same as the spiders’ patient amble to the feast.
     Is this making you sick?  Are you getting angry?  I hope you can channel that anger where it belongs, at the politicians and leaders who continue to sell us out to this Federal Reserve, New World Order nightmare.  Do you begin to see why  many of us are so concerned with this next and possibly last free 2012 election for President?   I challenge you once more, to read The Creature From Jekyll Island .
     Now from the world’s big bankers . . . . . The Rothschild Formula………
     “All that is necessary, therefore, to insure that a government will maintain or expand its debt is to involve it in war or the threat of war.  The greater the threat and the more destructive the war, the greater the need for debt. 
     To involve a country in war or the threat of war, it will be necessary for it to have enemies with  credible military might. If such enemies already exist, all the better.  If they exist but lack military strength, it will be necessary to provide them the money to build their war machine.  If an enemy does not exist at all, then it will be necessary to  create one by financing the rise of a hostile regime ” (This has been going on since the  banking family Rothschilds in the 17th century,  perfected the art of playing both sides of  a war for profit. -my comment).
     “The ultimate obstacle is a government which declines to finance its wars through debt.  Although this seldom happens, when it does, it will be necessary to encourage internal political opposition, insurrection, or revolution to replace that government with one that is more compliant to our will.  The assassination of heads of state could play an important role in this process.
     No nation can be allowed to remain militarily stronger than its adversaries, for that could lead to peace and a reduction of debt.  To accomplish this balance of power, it may be necessary to finance both sides of the conflict.  Unless one of the combatants is hostile to our interests and, therefore, must be destroyed, neither side should be allowed a decisive victory or defeat.  While we must always proclaim the virtues of peace, the unspoken objective is perpetual war.”3
     In other words, war is profitable.  War is power.  They will convince us that it is in our best interests to be involved in perpetual war.  They’ve done a good job of it.  The average citizen has been manipulated like a pawn.  Are you tired of it?  Do you want to save what’s left of our American way of life?  There is hope.  It’s not too late.  To begin,  we need to find some powerful weapons to fight the enemy:
     First, the ballot box!  We must find leaders who understand the true nature of our dire peril and who will adhere to the solutions that follow. . . . .     
Second,  a faithful adherence by these leaders to Austrian School Economic Theory and     
Third, just as importantly, a faithful adherence to the Constitution of the United States of America as written by our Founding Fathers as well as
     Fourth, a belief in a limited central government, with  respect for the Tenth Amendment,  releasing Constitutional authority back to state and local governments for all functions possible     and finally
      Fifth, a well-educated republic filled with citizens who understand and support  these Constitutional safeguards for our lives, liberties, properties and opportunities in a free land.
 The basic beliefs in Austrian School Economics are the perfect antidote for Keynesian poison.  Only sound money, real money backed by gold and silver are honored.  Spending beyond a government’s means is discouraged.  Severely limited debt is the order of the day.  No unbacked currency printing presses are allowed.  Following Austrian School Economic policy could restore free markets,  sound money and true capitalism for the United States of America.  It would restore our chances to pursue happiness again. It’s more of a common sense, pay-as-you-go plan that all of us should live under every day.  Founders  and advocates include Ludwig Von Mises,  Friedrich A. Hayek,  Murray Rothbard, and Ron Paul to name a few. (Thomas Jefferson led our country under these economic principles also.)  and are websites where you can learn more.
     We must learn to distinguish the “Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing”.  Candidates with a liberal background who have flip-flopped their way to the Republican ticket are suspect.  Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday,  October 30, 2011, repeated a criticism of most of these contenders as “perfectly lubricated weathervanes on all major issues”.  Those who have advocated for large government spending projects, including healthcare, TARP bailouts and stimulus projects,  food stamps, or NAFTA highways, are suspect Keynesians.  Those who believe in  unaffordable, global warming, climate change theories which play into the hands of U.N. Agenda 21,  are leading us down the path of destruction.  Again, they are either complicit in the plans, or unaware and naïve. They’re undeserving to be our leaders.
     Beware the flashy tax plan pushers. After all the economic loses of the past decade,  we may have become so desperate to get ahead, that we’re forgetting the big picture.  No single tax plan is going to get us out of this mess. As a matter of fact, it may exacerbate the situation.  The Cain, Perry, Gingrich , Bachman and Romney plans are touted as being “revenue neutral”.  This means the central government in Washington, D.C. is guaranteed to receive in taxes from the fruits of our labors, at least the same amount of money that it has been hemorrhaging out  for the past nonexistent budget.  These plans do nothing to get at the heart of the problem, THE SPENDING.   These plans support the Keynesian policies that are bleeding us to death.  Even if you were so lucky as to pocket some extra jingle-change in one pocket, you will pay dearly in inflated dollars out of your other pocket.  We need severe revenue reduction to the Federal Government if we’re to survive.  Keep sending it and Congress will keep spending it as well  as borrowing even more.  It’s got to stop!
     The only true tax plan that cuts taxes for all, is to lower the level of spending by the federal government, to levels that no longer require the collecting of an individual federal income tax on the fruits of our labors.  Common sense says, spend less, pay less. No new tax bureaucracy  is required. No personal income tax!  That’s the way it was before 1913, before the 16th amendment (which has got to be repealed).  The federal government can supply all the necessary services that are constitutionally allowed with the 60% of other taxes.  That’s about the level of spending in 1997.  It can be done.  Eliminate all the unnecessary agencies, the unending, unnecessary foreign bases and wars.  That will even leave enough revenue to rescue the promise of the entitlement programs to seniors with future options for our young people and enough to lower corporate taxes as well. If  you think we’d be prosperous with a 20% income tax or a 23% consumption tax, try no personal income tax at all.
     There is only one candidate who understands and advocates these concepts. . . . .RON PAUL.  It’s rather like the story of feed a man a fish and he eats for a day.  Teach a man to fish, he thrives for a lifetime.  Only a true understanding of the importance of abolishing the Federal Reserve System and a serious reduction in spending (talk trillions not billions) will restore any fiscal sanity and bring back a chance at prosperity.  With a return to constitutional government,  free markets, sound money, constitutionally limited foreign policy,  and guaranteed individual liberty we could again live the American Dream of opportunity.
     While all the other GOP candidates have been passing out lollipops for votes, Ron Paul has been accurately identifying our problems and trying to legislate to correct them.  From the House floor in 2002, Ron Paul warned about the dangerous policies  of our government concerning Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.  He warned about the coming housing bubble and predicted its bursting.  How did he know?   His thorough knowledge of Austrian economic theory supports the outcome.  From the floor of the House, he asked for support.  This is only the last paragraph in a very prophetic speech:
           “Mr. Speaker, it is time for Congress to act to remove taxpayer support from the housing GSE’s before the bubble bursts and taxpayers are once again forced to bail out investors misled by foolish government interference in the market.  I therefore hope my colleagues will stand up for American taxpayers and investors by cosponsoring the Free Housing Market Enhancement Act.”
     Of course Congress didn’t, and the housing fiasco occurred with taxpayers on the hook.  If we would listen, Ron Paul has always predicted accurately, our economic fate.  An interesting comparison is the complete oblivion of other candidates to the real issues.  On October 28, 2006, Peter Schiff,  President of Euro-Pacific Capital, and an ardent supporter of Austrian Economic Theory, debated with Art Laffer,  PHD, supply-side economist.  Art Laffer was totally oblivious of the coming crash. He stated that the U.S. economy had never been in better shape.  Peter Schiff reinforced the downfall that Ron Paul had predicted and tried to prevent in 2002.  Ron Paul used Peter Schiff as one of his economic advisors.   Some of Herman Cain ’s economic advisors are Art Laffer, his protégé Steve Moore of FairTax fame, who recently admitted that they actually authored the 999 tax plan, and a local Ohio Wells Fargo Investment broker, Rich Lowrie,  with no economics degree, (who got credit for 999).  In a recent interview, Steve Moore actually admitted that a national sales tax may not be a good idea.  Figure that one out!  The economic track record of Ron Paul’s associates is clearly more  accurate.  Their message doesn’t change because it is based on the economic truth.
     Dr. Paul has sponsored legislation for years to end and/or audit the Federal Reserve System.  After finally winning a partial Fed audit, he’s uncovered some 16 trillion in newly created money since 2008, that propped up banks and bailed out governments around the world.  Without his relentless efforts, we wouldn’t have a clue. 
     Some of the other candidates are adopting issues that Ron Paul has championed for decades. Newt Gingrich now questions the Fed,  but like the other candidates, he is counting on the Fed to keep the cash flowing for a continued worldwide war and defense empire.  Gingrich actually voted to approve the WTO (World Trade Organization), while acknowledging how much power we were delegating to such a global organization.  Herman Cain is a former Kansas City Federal Reserve Chair, who doesn’t think it’s much of a problem at all.  He says there’s nothing secret going on in the Federal Reserve. He invites us to just call them up and ask them.   Oh really?  I don’t think so!  This is another case of complicit behavior or naïve oblivion.  Either scenario does not inspire confidence.
     Most important of all, is the overall plan of the billionaire, global elitists, who have utilized strategies designed to keep us all at each other’s throats.  They revel in our class warfare, in our major party disputes, in our candidate battles which are promoted by the media they control.  All the while, they infiltrate as wolves in sheep’s clothing.  They exult in the tearing apart of our society.  All the while, they plan to win no matter what.  As long as they have assured that the winning candidate will keep the Federal Reserve intact,  they have won.  As long as the winning candidate has plans to just switch Federal Reserve chairs to yet another candidate from the Fed’s list, they have won.  As long as the winning candidate has plans to only “tweak”  the system, they have won.  Does it matter whether you choose lethal injection, firing squad, or electric chair?  Does it matter which of the major candidates you choose, if they lead down the same path to destruction, only with different platforms?
     Are you willing to let them win?  To lose all that we know as the American way of life?   Will you sell out the sovereignty of the United States of America for some promised tax plans that even the President has no power to enact?  Will you sell out for a few more dollars in your pocket?  We’ll all lose anyway then, because those devalued dollars won’t be worth any more than the currency in Greece or even Zimbabwae if  economic policy is not drastically changed to stop the insane levels of spending, printing and borrowing.   It won’t matter then whether  the haves or the have nots pay more taxes.  It won’t matter if we have a national sales tax or an income tax.  It won’t matter if we protest or petition or vote anymore if we’re all standing in soup lines, or herded like so many sheep into camps controlled by FEMA, the United Nations forces, or other military forces. 
     Ron Paul understands  how dangerous it is to the sovereignty of the United States of America, to maintain membership in the United Nations, and has sponsored legislation to remove us.  He fully understands  the threat of Agenda 21, the IMF, the World Bank, the World Trade Organization, the Federal Reserve and all the trade agreements that have actually destroyed free trade. He is an economics expert in his own right.  And isn’t that what we need now more than ever?  We also need an honest person who doesn’t tolerate lobbyists who write bills for special interests.  We need someone who understands our dilemma and has for decades.  He never flip-flops because he doesn’t have to.  He tells the constitutional truth.  His supporters are so loyal because it’s not just loyalty to a man, it’s loyalty to the Constitution and a sovereign United States.  He has never let our country down.  He’s a true patriot with no ulterior motives, just a lifelong devotion to preserving our Republic as envisioned by our Founders. 
     “The time has come to act. May future generations look on our work and say that these were men and women who, in a moment of great crisis, stood up to the politicians, the opinion-molders, and the establishment, and saved their country.”  -Congressman Ron Paul in a forward to a printing of the U.S. Constitution.
                                  Shirley and Pat Miketinac
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