Nov 232011

The Super Committee has failed to find 1.2 trillion in budget cuts for the next 10 years. This is a minuscule budget cut that will have little or no effect on the overall bloated federal budget, but yet this Congress has not been able to pass even this tiny little cut in spending. And, even though a 10% automatic across the board spending cut must now be made, Congressmen are already demanding that their pet projects not be cut.

This is despite the fact that the Gallop poll has shown that the approval rating of Congress is a paltry 12%. One would think that Congress would pass this pathetic little budget cut to try to show some good faith to the American people. A simple gesture that says they are at least trying to balance the budget. But NO. Not even a symbolic effort is to be made by this Congress to show at least the beginning of responsible financial planning. NOTHING.

Why is this so, what has happened to our Congress?

Our founding fathers all agreed that:

“Government at its best, is but a necessary evil”

We should have listened to them more carefully. Even though they set about to write a Constitution that limits the power and scope of government,  this is not the government we have today. This Congress, and many before them, have passed legislation that controls ever increasing aspects of the citizens lives, and financial responsibility is not even talked about seriously anymore.

The reasons for this are many and complicated. But one main reason is that, although the founders wanted congressmen who had the same interests as the citizens who elected them;  this has gone to such an extreme that those in Congress represent exclusively the people who actually voted for them; they have absolutely no interest in the nation as a whole. The only reason they support only their narrow band of citizens is because it’s necessary for their careers that gives them a full time pension, an exclusive medical plan and many other perks they can not get anywhere else. They think of America only as a source of funding for their pet projects and if America fails to provide the funding, they cast America aside like a used rag and seek other sources of funding nationally or internationally, they don’t care. Their recklessness has gotten to the point that even though it appears that other nations do not want to lend money to America anymore, that they have gone to financial tricks like one government organization lending money to other government organizations. This is dangerous beyond any belief because this will in a very short time send America  into financial default and the dollar will loose whats left of the little value it has.

Although the current members of Congress have been legitimately elected to office by the narrow group of citizens who support them, they have lost the moral right to govern because by refusing to engage in financially sound financial practices they have shown that they do not have any ethical values and are so not fit to govern. They should all be voted out of office and a new Congress should be denied the right to govern until they first pass a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution whereby they can not spend more than the tax revenues the government collects, and borrowing has to be made completely illegal except in time of  War and all revenue collected is to be used for that War or national emergency only, and repaid as quickly as possible.

The citizens have to realize that they are in the mist of a national emergency caused by an irresponsible Congress that can not stop its reckless spending. The only thing they are capable of doing is the blame game, just pointing fingers at each other, while the nation goes into financial default. Clearly, the Democrats and the Republicans are responsible for this mess. The Democrats for over spending on social programs that were never affordable the first place. They even named these programs “Entitlements”. In America there has never been anything called an entitlement, the only thing people are entitled to are the profits from their jobs or investments. Nobody is entitled to other tax payers money.

The Republicans are just as responsible as the Democrats for reckless over spending as well as giving business interests just about anything they want; from immunity from the law, to tax breaks for sending our factories to other countries.

Members of Congress have become so selfish and narrow minded that they do not realize that if America goes into default that the very people they are trying to help with their so called “entitlement programs” will be the first ones in harms way, because they will be the first to be cut off from financial aid with no one to help them except the church and other charities.

Congress has America headed for the same world of hurt that Greece is in; complete with higher unemployment and riots in the streets. America needs a change as it has never needed before.

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