Dec 292011

When Obama ran for office there were not as many debates among Democrats as there are now among Republicans. This may be bias against the Republicans. But if this true or not, it doesn’t matter, because it appears that having alot of debates is turning out to be a good thing. It’s giving  the citizens a good look at the people who may be leading the country.

But it must be said that the first real surprise of the debates is that the Republicans seem to be having trouble finding a Republican. The reason for this, may be that there are no real Republicans out there, or maybe its that Republicans have finally figured out (like the Democrats) that you win elections by giving away free stuff (with taxpayer’s  money). Stuff  like section 8 housing, food stamps, heating allowances etc., some Democrats even want to give away free diapers. Then when they get into public office  they get all those great benefits of being a Congressman; straight time pensions, great free health care, kickbacks, insider trading tips– the list is endless because they give themselves all the free stuff. Or, maybe the Republicans finally figured out that helping the rich and the corporations is a really bad idea, because the corporations then send jobs to other countries. This has the people angry and so not likely to vote for them.

This is why every Republican that makes it to the top of the polls, then starts talking like a Democrat to give away free stuff to get elected. And so far every candidate that rose to the top of the polls was quickly knocked off  his perch because he started talking like a Democrat. A majority of citizens realize the mess the country is in, and they blame the Democrats and their social spending for this mess, but the Republicans also spend alot by giving business interests all kinds of tax breaks and other favors. General Electric paid no taxes last year.

First Mitt Romney was top of the heap, probably because  he’s  a  real smooth talker. But his history of setting up government health care, shows the mindset of what got us in the current mess. So he’s stuck at the same level in the polls. Then it was Rick Perry, but then it was realized that he wants to give low cost college tuition to illegals and force medical treatment on teenage girls ( just like a Democrat), so he’s now off the top of the heap.

Then it was Newt Gingrich on top of the heap. A great speaker, but with many skeletons in his closet. His main advantage is the fact that he balanced the budget when he was the speaker of the House and had to fight the Bill Clinton administration to get it. He’s sliping  from the top spot and  fellow Republicans are attacking him, claiming he’s a progressive and his statement that he wants to give amnesty to illegals that have been here for over 25 years, and his desire that everybody have a home, seems to prove this. So he’ slipping.

So, since its a revolving door on the top of the heap, who’s next in line for the top spot.

The first of these  is Ron Paul. He certainly does not talk like a Democrat, he doesn’t want to give away anything free to anybody.  Also, he does not have a bunch of special interests groups tacked onto him like the others.  He’s been gaining steadily because the citizens want to stop the gravy train express to bankruptcy, especially since we’re now 15 trillion in debt; but he keeps making the same mistake, that if not corrected, will loose the race for him; that is his position on terrorism which many see as weak and ineffective.

After 911, the government went after the terrorists in a big well publicized attack, but now the terrorists have been beaten down to the point that they may not be able to launch major attacks on the scale of 911, but they remain very dangerous because many sources say they want to acquire nuclear weapons. Since Ron Paul is the strongest supporter of the Constitution among the candidates running for the Presidency, it ‘s becoming an ever more urgent question as to why he’s not stating that America use the Constitutions authorized use of “Letters of Mark and Reprisal” against terrorism.

The use of “Letters of Mark and Reprisal”  is perfect for the present terrorist threat. If this method is used it means contacting the good people in countries where terrorists are active and help them find these terrorists and bring them to justice. “Letters of Mark and Reprisal” would be simple and not so costly in lives and resources as we are now spending. If Ron Paul can promote this, he certainly would have a chance at the presidency.

The other Republicans, Michael Bachmann, Jon Huntsman and Rick Santorum are real Republicans, they don’t want to give away free stuff. They want people who break the law to answer to the law. They also want a balanced budget and to get rid of Obama Care; real Republican type stuff. Most likely when Newt Gingrich gets knocked off the top, they will have their chance.

Or in the end, America might do what it does too much of; vote for the lesser of two evils. But it’s obvious that Americans are getting tired of this and looking for something else. That something else just might be the continuing trend to electronic democracy; by this I mean the increasing use of the mass media in politics. First by increased use of polls to gauge voter sentiment and now the increasing use of televised debates.

The people are starting to realize that the magic man is not coming to save them, that they must get involved in government. What’s next could be interesting.

Jose Lugo, editor DDTV.ORG

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