Feb 212012

Rumors are flying hot and heavy about little Israel attacking Iran. Sadly, the rumors supporting this are believable.

Iran has antagonized Israel for a long time now by saying “Israel should be wiped off the face of the Earth” and their development of nuclear technology supports this. But will Israel attack first? Most likely they will, but not the way most people think they will.

Think about this. Iran is so far away from Israel, that its bombers will have to refuel in mid-air with aerial tankers over hostile territory with  lots of surface-to-air missiles everywhere. So,  mid air refueling is not likely to be successful.

It could be technically possible for a bombing raid to attack parts of Iran from an American aircraft carrier battle group from the Persian Gulf, something like the Jimmy Doolittle raid on Japan in World War II, but the dysfunctional government in Washington D.C. is not likely to allow this.

If you start thinking about a missile attack, this starts to make some sense, because Israel most likely has missiles with the range and a good load capacity. Also, a missile gains such speed that its something like an artillery shell that’s very heavy and travels at such high speeds that there’s very little that can be done to stop it. Think of it this way, if the missile is the type that separates from the booster rocket, the warhead  is about the size of a small suit case that travels at the speed of a bullet, then you can see why its so hard to defend against.

So, if you start thinking in terms of a missile attack, things start to look workable, but another problem pops up. Iran made the mistake of burying its nuclear research facilities deep under ground under rock mountains, the only type of bomb that may penetrate enough to do some real damage is the bunker-buster bomb that was developed by the American Army, but another problem pops up here. The bunker buster is so heavy that it requires a really big aircraft bomber to lift just one of them. To use a missile to lift it would require a Saturn 5 rocket of the type that was used on moon missions; these are no longer being made and Israel  does not have any of them.

But if Israel somehow overcomes all of the above difficulties and launches a successful attack on Iran; Iran will certainly not stand by, an attack on Israel is guaranteed. They will immediately attack Israel with the full force of its million man army with all of its modern weapons. Also, all of Iran’s allies will also attack Israel from all sides. Even if America defends Israel, its doubtful if America can defend Israel from the whole Mid East Muslim world. Israel will be wiped off the face of the Earth, just like Mahmud Ahmadi-Nejad said would happen.

This is why Iran is being so arrogant about this, they are sure Israel can not attack their nuclear facilities.

This leads to the final conclusion, and I pray to God to make me wrong about this.

Israel does have the  option to launch a full scale nuclear missile attack on Iran and its entire army. In fact, if you consider all the problems involved in an attack on Iran; a nuclear attack may be the only way Israel can attack Iran.

Such an attack will cause so many nuclear explosions to occur that it will be the nuclear nightmare come true with radiation spreading over large sections of the world. Millions will be dead, millions more burned and smashed beyond belief. Hell on Earth will be a reality.

If anybody has any doubts that Israel would do this, remember that Israel has repeatedly said  :

“Next time, the Jews will not go quietly”.

Also, remember that Israel has a long history of doing what it thinks is necessary for its survival, and world opinion be dammed.

But as I keep hoping that I am wrong about this, there is the hope that Israel may just fire one or two nuclear warning shots, like America did to Japan during World War II with two bombs and maybe just take out only one or two cities. This did bring sense to Japan and World War II did come to an end because of this nuclear attack.

As for the worlds so called leaders, they are not talking about this, maybe they’re just not thinking right now, not that they ever think about anything. 

But if a nuclear attack does happen, will it have the same effect as the attack on Japan? It is sure that the entire Muslim world will be shocked into a chilling silence. Talk of killing the infidel will come to an end, because it will be realized that such talk has consequences that are the ultimate nightmare. Strangely, a sort of peace just may come over the world,  this may cause a stop to the mindless terrorist attacks launched by Muslim religious fanatics. Money diverted to war machines will be used once again for peaceful reasons. Will  good come out of mass slaughter?

This will be too horrible a way to achieve peace in the Mid East. But if Israel  realizes this at this time, it will only be another reason to attack. And remember diplomacy and sanctions did not work.

Peace could have come easily if Israel could just have realized that instead of throwing Palestinians out of their homes, they should have given them financial compensation for their loss; I do not recall the word “Compassion” or “Compensation” used in any of the so called  peace talks. And if only the Muslims could have realized that hatred is not the solution for anything, peace maybe achieved and war averted.

 But it may be too late for any talks now, unless the world can realize the position Israel is in now, then maybe peace can be achieved.

I pray to God to make this peace process begin now, before its too late. We are on the brink of a disaster the world has never seen.

Jose Lugo, editor DDTV.ORG



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