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Mar 142012

In 1989 the Berlin Wall fell and the world rejoiced thinking that Socialism was gone forever and we will all be happy little Capitalists from now on.

They were wrong.

Socialism is alive and well today, and is in fact working on a comeback. This is really strange, because Socialism has a 100% failure rate everywhere it was tried.

And you thought your in-laws were thickheaded.

If anything, socialism can now be counted as a historical nuisance. The reason I say this is the obvious evidence of the “Occupy Wall Street Movement”, and  because of reports stating that the organizers are socialist or progressives or even outright communists. Oh, and I did actually see the Red Hammer and Sickle flag being carried in the Occupy Movement by the CPUSA (Communist Party USA).

But why is this? Most people agree that socialism failed everywhere it was tried, but yet it keeps popping up every now and then. But to look at this from a historical perspective, this has been going on since way before Karl Marx raised his pen.

For example, the Essenes who lived about 2,000 years ago near where the state of Israel is today; lived a life where there was no personal property, ate communal meals, had no slaves, had no money, they even shared the same clothes which were stored in a communal house. Karl Marx would have been proud of them; it was the perfect communist life, the workers utopia. But all the Essenes just disappeared around the first century and nobody knows why. Perhaps they just got tired of communal poverty and wanted a better life, or maybe they were conquered by an enemy. But either way they’re all gone– just  like all such communities.

Some scholars have said that the Pilgrims who landed on Plymouth Rock in 1620 actually used socialist ideas to govern the colony. Some writers describe the governing philosophy of the pilgrims as:

 “It was said that each person shall receive equal rewards, regardless of the work performed” — this is clearly a socialist ideal. 

Half of them starved to death that first winter. In the spring some Indians came to help them out and they also adopted new rules that allowed private lots of land for each Pilgrim to grow his own food. They then produced enough food for themselves and had a big party with the Indians that we now call Thanksgiving. In other words, socialism failed and free enterprise saved them.

So, Karl Marx was not the new kid on the block as far as socialism goes. But why is this, why does this happen all the time and then just fade away?

A more recent example was the Israeli Kibbutz movement. The basic founding principal was socialist, where everybody shared equally  in the work and the rewards of the communal labor. But, from 270 Kibbutz communities that started out in 1948, today they are all gone.

Other groups that tried the communal life-style are the Spanish Anarchist movement in Spain, the Paris Commune, the Bohemian movement of the 1950s and the Hippie commune movement in America in the 1960s. But, they’re all gone now.

Actually, it just may be that way back in the day, before we were civilized (some say we never were civilized, but whatever), we all most likely lived the communal life, like some communities still do in South America and Africa. And, there is a reason for this; mostly because when food is scarce and difficult to get, communal sharing is a survival strategy thats better than starving to death; but once people get past bare survival, they want a better more comfortable life, something better than communal poverty.

But since we were living in the wild longer (millions of years) than we have been living in cities (about 3,000 years) it may be in our genetic material to live a communal life. But drinking wine under a shade tree can get real boring real fast, there are better more exciting things to do in life. Or, to put this in a better way; the communal life of equal poverty is just not compatible with civilization where we have super markets for food and medical care for longer life spans. Civilization also developed things like the Internet, TV, cars etc. which are also nice; so people move on to the next step in evolution and a better life.

Despite this, Karl Marx invented a new kind of communal life that was forced on the people  by a powerful central government headed by the so-called most intelligent people in society, that controlled everything from the news organizations, industry, housing, medical care, pensions–everything; so that everybody can be equal and so not be exploited by rich capitalists. This of course established the most fertil ground for control freaks the world has ever seen. People like Joseph Stalin, Mao, Castro, Kim. These people killed millions of people, Russia killed 20 million, China 50 million, Cuba 17,000, Viet Nam – Cambodia 2 million. A worst death toll than World War II. 

The system Karl Marx thought was better than Capitalism, turned out to be thousands of times worse than Capitalism. Eventhough capitalism produces scandals like the recent Home Mortgage scam where they sold home mortgages to people who could not afford them, or the adjustable mortgage rate scam that raised mortgage payments to levels that the home owners could not afford, and so they went bankrupt. The banks thought they could get a lot of houses cheap and so make large profits. This worked just too well and they were swamped with so many houses that they could not sell them all; so bankruptcies erupted and the whole housing market collapsed. But the Karl Marx plan to replace Capitalism with mass murder and communial poverty is certainly much worse. 

However, it’s the Mortgage scam that started the Occupy Wall Street movement;  but they don’t  realize that socialism is a throw back to the stone age that we left behind for good reasons.

Today the communist movement is promoting itself with slogans like income equality, social justice, tax the rich and spread the wealth, but if you look closely at these sayings, the communist meaning behind them is clear. Also, the communist movement is different today because it’s blaming America for its failures, instead of looking at its major flaw, namely its lack of incentive for working people: If a poor person is given all they need to survive, then they have no incentive to improve and educate themselves; if a well off person who works hard has most of their earnings taken away in taxes, they have no incentive to work hard; so all of society suffers because of this social rot that socialism causes.

Despite the flaws of communist forms of government and its basic philosophy, most communists do not want to hear this. They in fact self-censor themselves by thinking criticisms are the lies of the bourgeoisie, then there is also the before mentioned genetic factor.  So, this problem will remain with society for a long time to come, if not forever. The only practical solution for this is to have our schools stop teaching to the test, and start teaching our students to think and look at real history. Also, we have to realize that because of our genetic history, we need a sense of community.  That cut throat capitalism and our current system of over taxing half the population, while giving the other half, free cell phones and rent free housing is also not fair; this tears populations apart and destroys our urgent need for a sense of community.

A good idea as to the state of socialism in America today, Congresswoman Maxine Waters said in a Congressional hearing involving the Oil Companies:

“This liberal will be all about  socializing ——–(long pause)——-will be about basically taking over and the government running all your companies”.

What Maxine Waters is talking about is communism because in a communist state the government controls all industries. So there are people in America today who are working to establish communism in America, and communists do have a long history proving that they are capable of taking over governments. But like I said before, communism always fails, the only question here is; how many times must humanity go through the trauma  and pain of communist experiments which always fail? Karl Marx was wrong.

When will they ever learn?

Jose Lugo, editor