A Different Perspective on the Hunger Games

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May 182012

Editors note: This essay is in response to an essay written in The Hernando Times Newspaper on May 4 by Ted Laven.

In response to Ted Laven’s attempt at decoding Suzanne Collins’ literary symbolism, a little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing.  Only Ms. Collins knows for sure.  It’s obvious that  we filter what we read through our own life experience and biases, changing the flavor of the “Cliff Notes”  entirely.
As one who has read all three novels in the amazing trilogy not once, but twice, who has been a life-long educator, who currently teaches our United States Constitution and American History as well as current political theory, I have an entirely different perspective.
Where I do agree with Mr. Laven, is that The Hunger Games is a political work of dire prophecy for our nation, if not the world.  As to the perpetrators,  I believe very differently.  When eventually, he reads all three novels, and rereads to sift through the symbolism, I think he’ll be in for a real surprise.
In my opinion, the Capitol represents the left-wing Democratic Party.  The rebels from the underground 13th district (which I believe Mr. Laven has not yet encountered),  represent the right-wing Republican Party.  In the end, our main characters Katniss and Peeta, find  that  the leaders of the Capitol and the Rebels are not so very different at all.  They both support war, torture, corruption, control of the media, absolute power and the sacrifice of innocent children and citizens.  Both leaders hunger for absolute power as often seen in our world today.
Although Mr. Laven blames the Republican Party, who has really perpetuated The Patriot Act?  Both parties  have, including President Obama.  Who passed and signed that frontal assault to our fair trial rights (NDAA sections 1021 & 1022)?  Both parties and President Obama signed it.  These sections declare all of the U.S.A. to be a battlefield, and “belligerents” may be locked up without fair trial rights. I agree about the loss of some of our personal liberties under George W. Bush, but I believe President Obama has far surpassed George W. as far as the disrespect of our Constitution and personal liberties.  Our current President has even taken us into several wars under the approval of the United Nations and NATO instead of Congress. He recently signed  another unconstitutional executive order to control search and seizure of any citizen’s property against their 4th Amendment rights.   We may be required to serve at the order of the government against our wishes. The last time I checked,  involuntary servitude was still unconstitutional by the 13th Amendment.  We’re on the road to becoming Panem, but I see entirely different culprits who are responsible.
The truth, which main character and Hunger Games participant Peeta reveals throughout the second and third novels, is a libertarian message.  He repeatedly warns Katniss, that both sides are corrupt  people who will use her to their own ends.  He encourages her to search deeper for the hidden agendas.  Without my revealing any details, Katniss finally realizes that she has been used and abused by both sides and that the leaders of both the Capitol and Rebels will have to fall.  What she fights for is a free society, free trade among the districts, the rights to the fruits of their labors, fair and simple government, that does not tolerate torture, or sacrifice of its citizens.  Katniss and Peeta stand for the “do no harm” philosophy, which states that what doesn’t hurt anyone else  should not be the business of government.  All these are part of  libertarian philosophy.
Suzanne Collins, I believe, has captured the essence of G. Edward Griffin’s The Creature From Jekyll Island , a non-fiction expose of the Federal Reserve system and its financial support of a United Nations New World Order. Former president George H.W. Bush was an outspoken proponent of this New World Order, where the wealthy elite globalists will rule just as in Collins’ Capitol.
Many Democrats and Republicans support this New World Order, through organizations like the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission.  David Rockefeller is a staunch supporter and openly wishes for the day that a sovereign U.S.A. is no more, and a U.N. flag flies on every continent.
John Kerry, Henry Kissinger, Madeline Albright, Bill and Hillary Clinton,  the Bushes,  most of our media moguls,  presidents, cabinet officers,  and some congressmen  from both parties, to name a few, are selling us out to a totalitarian socialistic world.
As far as Mr. Laven’s comments on Republican candidates for President, his descriptions don’t apply to one of the two remaining.  This candidate says that The Creature from Jekyll Island is a must read.  He understands this global New World Order threat and has sponsored legislation to remove us from U.N. membership.  He has  repeatedly tried to get a true audit of the Federal Reserve. He advocates for a sound money policy.  He understands the perfidy of the two-party system and believes with all his heart in our Constitution. He closes his door to all lobbyists, so they stopped coming.  He would end foreign aid and gifts to the International Monetary Fund. He would truly, as commander -in -chief, end our wars.   He would engage us in constitutional defensive war only, when called upon by congress to serve.  He would bring our soldiers home to defend us and close all unnecessary foreign bases worldwide.  These savings would enable our government to honor our contract with seniors and replace social security funds which have been spent and replaced with I.O.U.s.  He would advocate for opt-out programs for our youth so they have a chance at a future retirement.  He truly respects individual liberty and could save a sovereign U.S.A. from world-wide, global socialism.  He could stop Panem from happening.  No, I’m not talking about some fictional character like Superman.  He’s for real. His name is RON PAUL.  He’s stood the test of time and maintained his ethics in a sea of corruption.
While globalist powers from within and without the U.S.A., conspire to bankrupt our country, he has strategies to stop the drain.  New World Order advocates freely talk about their Keynesian Economic strategies that bankrupt us economically.  But they also have worked to bankrupt us morally, intellectually, environmentally and militarily.  Their plan is to redistribute our wealth globally to bring us down to the level of the rest of the third world nations,  thereby making an easier merge for us into a New World Order.  So far, they’re succeeding.  Check out agenda21today.com to see how our industries have been regulated out of business and our local communities are being controlled by the U.N. through unconstitutional presidential executive orders.  It all sounds like a fictional novel doesn’t it?  Unfortunately, it’s all too true.
I encourage every American to read Suzanne Collins’ Hunger Games trilogy along with G. Edward Griffin’s The Creature From Jekyll Island and make up your own mind.

Shirley Miketinac, author, Brooksville FL
Jose Lugo, editor ddtv.org