Jul 192012

Editors Note: The following is a letter from the Agenda21enders, it has an important message for us all.

Fellow Americans:

It is hard to believe that a year has passed since our first AgEnders conference. In that year, AgEnders, Americans against UN Agenda 21, have formed a nationwide network with any and all like minded groups. We are Americans first. Our nationwide network has exploded as we bring Americans the education they were missing in order for them to make the right decisions about the future of America. Just as we have learned in the past, once Americans know the truth, they will make the right decision.

This could have not been done without coordinating with the experts who have spent years carrying the message of deceit, lies and corruption only to be discounted and disgraced. We thank you for never giving up. As a result of your efforts, AgEnders have been able to inform, educate and act. Today realize that too often the people we trusted, lied, stuck the knife in and twisted all so they can destroy America in the name of money, power and control. They are the Right, the Left, the R’s and D’s, the ISMS, the self proclaimed Evil elite, the power brokers in government, corporations and in the United Nations. They represent about 10% of the world’s population. They are trying to control 90%. We know they have stolen all of the money. Now they are after power and control. They are smart and have promoted both sides of wars, depleted food sources, enslaved masses, ignored disease, promoted phony environmental issues all in order to control populations. We know their goal is the destruction of America, God, Morality, Family. They say it often enough. Today we know their deepest fear is united Americans. Evil may have all of the money, they may try to erode our God Given Rights but they can only have power if we give it to them and so the buck stops here. ” When injustice become law, resistance becomes duty.” Thomas Jefferson.

70-80% of Americans are awaking up. Only this time it is different. We have our sneakers on not bags on our heads. Americans are finished with phony racism leading to divide and conquer. Americans know the spin game and we are not playing any more. Little by little, piece by piece, Americans are engaged. They saw Wisconsin, California, 138 cities and county bowing out of ICLEI, Resolutions and Bills throwing out the UN Agenda 21. Americans have chosen the US Constitution over international law. Americans are unhappy with the Elite chosen path which will lead to destruction and slavery for our children. Instead we choose our Founders and we will resist, one special, exceptional American at a time, coming together. No, we will not give you the power and control. We The People will retain control of the greatest country on the planet. We know you want to steal our land, our natural resources, our equity and our minds. We know you have used our laws and generosity against us. But our Freedom, Liberty and America is not for sale.

The great secret of America is its people. “Enlighten the people, generally, and tyranny and oppressions of body and mind will vanish like spirits at the dawn of day… I know no safe depository of the ultimate powers of the society but the people themselves; .” Thomas Jefferson

We are many; they are few. We have all the numbers. They will never buy our votes in order to enslave us. The only way they will have power is if we give it to them and we will not. Our Founding Fathers were brilliant men suffering from the same issues we have today. The Federalists wanted bigger government with more powers and the Anti-Federalists wanted the power in the states. Together they compromised and created the greatest document in the history of mankind, the US Constitution containing the Bill of Rights granted by God our creator, not men in the UN.

The first way to become whole is to recognize the problem. So let us all take a look in the mirror because we have all had a hand in this mess. The we must stop blaming others. It doesn’t matter whose fault it was, it only matters that we learn from the mistakes, correct them and stop them from happening again. We were all lied to, cheated on and stolen from. Either we can stay in this rut of distractions by continually blaming someone else or we recognize our failings and take responsibility and act. 70-80% want to act. Action requires a commitment. What are you willing to give up? Will you pledge your Life, Fortune and Sacred Honor as our founders did? “If to please the people, we offer what we ourselves disapprove, how can we afterwards defend our work? Let us raise a standard to which the wise, and honest can repair. The event is in the hands of God.” George Washington.

There is no more turning away from the responsibility to act. So let us re-learn what makes up American and together form the biggest group in the world, a group that can never be divided, America is my name.

America is the richest land mass in the world. It contains every item needed for survival without dependency on any other nation. Americans own America and therein is the problem. According to the US Constitution, Americans have rights to own their equity – personal, business and land. Americans can accumulate wealth. They can own what is above and below their land. The fight to retain ownership of that equity is the reason for the conflict. Evil wants to control the people, their wealth and their land claiming that the wealth and land (equity) belongs to all equally and it is there role of government to control that equity by deciding who gets what. Our founders recognized that as tyranny and the Revolutionary War was fought over that control.

Our Founders recognized that Freedom and Liberty were not negotiable. The Declaration of Independence severed the ties of America declaring Americans as a Free and Independent people. Americans were free from the oppression of the dictatorial rule of tyrannical King George of England. Evil removed that bit of history from history lessons so Americans would not understand the value of their heritage and citizenship. Evil knows that a man without a heritage can be easily led. Therefore, school lessons focus on American history after 1865. Americans who have no understanding of freedom and liberty will not miss what they don’t know. Re-Read the Declaration of Independence you will be shocked at the similarities of the 1700’s and today. Very little has changed. Evil still wants to control the people. Evil recognizes if the people are continually dumbed down they will require less and less and therefore they will get less and less allowing evil to get more and more. Our Founders recognized that if Americans were given the right tools of education and each had the opportunity to become exceptional, exceptional Americans will group together and create exceptional things. Our Founding Fathers had IQ’s over 125. In 1970 the average IQ of Americans was 100-110, by 2012, the average IQ is 90-100. Mission accomplished, dumb Americans were created. As a result of their wisdom, American have created more wealth and good for humanity in its 235+ years of existence than any other country in the world. Today every human on earth benefits from some American invention. Could that happen in the America of today?

In the early years immigrants came to America specifically to gain freedom from religious persecution and seek their fortune as free individuals. They learned English for two basic reasons.

•English is the official language on America and learning English enable them to communicate. Learning to read and write kept men free. Fredrick Douglass

•English is the language of business. Without learning English people sign contracts that are left to the interpretation of another, maybe without their best interest. People who can not read English will become slaves.

Evil knows without the ability to read and write English, people can easily be divided. Lies and fear can easily be initiated.

Divided We Fail. Evil knows that if multiculturalism is promoted, and the people stick to their ethnic or religious group they will forever be divided. Divided people will never group together for the one purpose of fighting evil. Like minded ethnic groups will stick together. They will deny America as their home and their home country will always take priority. Evil knows by creating a crisis, Evil will influence uneducated non English speaking Americans to give away America, since their allegiance is convoluted.

Evil knows that if immigrants come to America from poor countries they will find that American poor have such great advantages they will be satisfied with their new surroundings and be grateful. The will settle with their own ethnic groups and never realize the potential of their new surroundings. They will accept their new life as superior to their old. They will not seek freedom, liberty and opportunity for they will not know how to ask. If not learned in school, they will just accept…

Our Founders knew that learning English created a common bond and conversation. No instance exists of a person’s writing two languages perfectly. That will always appear to be his native language which was most familiar to him in his youth. Thomas Jefferson The enemy of Evil is education, common bonds and conversation.

In the months ahead, many groups will come forward with solutions. It is imperative that we first work within our states. The US Constitution grants the majority of the power to the people through the states. (Amendments 9 and 10). The states must remain whole and eliminate the overreach of the Federal Government. We all know the Federal Government lies and is on a crash course to increase in size and squeeze the life out of We the People. Yet, knowing and acting are two different things. It is now time to act. First we must become educated and then we can educate others. We must end political correctness and the idea to never talk about religion or politics. Those concepts were designed by Evil and create censorship, not discourse. We must understand that what comes from the government and the media is usually a lie to benefit government and special interest. Yet we must be informed. Truth will always prevail. Today it is easier to find on line. We must learn the truth.

Then American on a state wide basis supporting state sovereignty:

•We must come together as a group.

•Write legislation that you and your group would like to see implemented on a state level.

•Come together at a predetermined time to decide a state wide platform.

•Put the platform on line so all of your citizens can see and comment.

•You will find that most of the groups have similar items of concern. This will make the merging of ideas easier. American under one banner are hard to divide.

•Take your new state platform to question your candidates.

•Have them sign the platform and demand they sign a pledge to follow the platform once elected.

We The People will tell the government what to do. We The People will be in control. Once you give the platform, the candidate knows they work for you. R and D is not important. The person who agrees to follow your orders is your new employee. Demand truth and morality. Lying and saying, “It’s just politics,” is not acceptable. Once a person lies, they should lose your trust. Would you teach your children to lie? Then why would you accept anything less from a politician. “Our constitution was made for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” Samuel Adams

Call your politicians by their name. They work for you. If you elevate them above you, you work for them. Mr. Smith is your senator. He works for you. Always be polite but hold them accountable. “The power in the Constitution will always be in the people.” George Washington

We The People can not win if we are not engaged. We the People can not be engaged if we are not educated in the truth. Continue to learn the truth. Join the biggest group of people in the world. AMERICA IS MY NAME.

“All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to do nothing.” Thomas Jefferson

Victory is our only option.

We invite you to join us at Americaismyname.org

You will not be required to enter anything except your name on our Operation Paul Revere Newsletter. In our Newsletter you will find action plans that We The People can follow to make our voices known.

Americans will no longer be the Silent Majority.

Our requirements is that you are a legal American.

On this site we will relearn and understand the history missing from our schools. Learn why the pieces don’t fit or make sense. Who is running the show and why.

Learn why we are in the state we are in. Most important learn what it is to be an American and why we must NEVER give away our Lives, our Liberty and our Sacred Honor.

God Bless you and God Bless America.

Karen Schoen, author

Jose Lugo, editor ddtv.org

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