Conventions Over, Now What ?

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Sep 122012

Now that the Democratic and Republican Conventions are finally over we can sit back  and wonder why they both forgot about the Presidency and want to nominate their candidates for sainthood, when the thought of Saint Obama or a Saint Romney just leaves a sour taste in your mouth. Maybe this is because way down in your gut you just know that the whole political process in America just stinks of bought out politicians, power brokers and rich special interest groups in Washington

Many ask, “why is it that the Republicans and the Democrats have a strangle hold on picking the candidates for the Presidency and the loosers they pick are just wrecking America.

Look at the big picture, we have had so many presidential elections where the voters were wrong either way that we always wound up with a president that could not do the job. In fact, Eisenhower and Regan were the only real Presidents America has had since World War II. President Johnson started the Great Society and got us started in the Nanny State that is sending us into bankruptcy today. Nixon got in trouble with  a stupid robbery. Jimmy Carter gave away the Panama Canal for free and down graded the military to the point  where it was useless. Clinton could’t keep his pants on and signed onto NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) that let goods into America from low wage paying countries, so that American workers who need at least 15 dollars and hour had to compete against foreign workers who earn one dollar and hour; the result of this is millions of jobs leaving America, and American workers stuck with the bill of paying for American unemployment. Then the clowns in Washington give tax breaks to corporations to help them move jobs to other countries. The first Bush who ran for office saying “read my lips, No new taxes”, then when he got into office the first thing he did was raise taxes. Obama, criticized his predecessor for spending too much money, but he added another 5 trillion to the debt,while he set-up Obama Care that we do not have the money to pay for. All these presidents have done real damage to America.

The Democrats are the biggest sinners here. The Democrats are just buying votes by giving people all sorts of favors like welfare programs, free cell phones, subsidized homes, heating allowances and the list goes on and on with the free stuff. The main problem with this is that America just can not afford this with a 16 trillion (and growing)  debt. Soon this growing debt will send America to financial collapse and then  nobody gets any more free stuff, they may in fact have a hard time just getting something to eat. Remember the Great Depression when people were eating out of garbage cans.

This has led to some really strange voting like:

Voting for the lesser of two evils.

And then there is the:

It’s not that the contender is so good, its that what we have now is so bad.

But now we have this:

In 2008 people did not vote for Obama, they voted against John McCain and these same people now are not voting for Romney, they are voting against Obama….I know, it’s nuts… Woun’t it be refreshing if people voted for somebody they liked.

So, with major political parties being harmful to America, the coming election is now about the people involved. So strangely, there is now a right choice for President, a really new event in American politics.

This is all so because the current resident of the White House is so bad that he is bad in a record breaking way, in fact there are three major reasons why he is not qualified to be president. The first is the most chilling thing he did was by telling the Russian President that “he will have more flexibility in his next term”. To this the Russian President said “We stand with you”. This raises the question of who he is working for, America–or our enemies, the Russians. This takes him from being just another bad president,  like most of the presidents we have been getting lately, to being the first really dangerious president we have had in our nations history.

Obama has never explained what he plans to do with this “flexibility” he will have in his second term and worse yet, the press never asked what did he mean by saying this to the Russian president when he thought nobody was listening. What is the plan going on here? The lack of information about this is frustrating. Until he does explain himself, on this issue alone he must be removed from the White House for the safety of the nation.

The second reason is what he did to the national debt, he raised the outrageous debt we had of 10 trillion to a disastrous level of 16 trillion, AND he gives no indication of stopping this madness. By the end of his second term  we will be over 20 trillion in debt. But before we reach that level we will surely have a financial collapse, as all nations do with this insane level of spending.

His third crime is that he established  the trend of bypassing Congress by creating laws by executive order. This is a dictator, plain and simple. It eliminates the concept of “Government by the people, for the people”. Instead, we now have “government by the President, only for the Presidents friends”. If you’re not one of his friends, you’re out of luck. This is not what America is about, and is always a cause of Civil War.

Clearly, any one of these wrongs committed by Obama disqualify him from the presidency. The only question that remains is the people who are not informed, who do not read newspapers or listen to talk radio will vote for him anyway because of all the free stuff they get from the Obama game.

This leaves Romney as the only solution to this problem. Of all said and done about him, he comes from the business world where he was very successful, and this is what we need now.

For a long term solution, America has to stop looking for a politician to solve their problems for them. We have to step up and fix this broken government with real reforms like term limits for members of congress, and a balanced budget amendment that can not be overridden; except in time of national emergency like a war. Not for daily operating expenses.

If the people will not step up to fix our broken government, then national financial collapse will.

Jose Lugo, editor