Oct 232012

Barrack Obama and the Democrats keep banging the drum on this trumped up narrative of a “war on women.” This call to arms begs the question, what is the war on women? Since there is no real declaration of war to review, we have to listen to the battle cries to actually understand this fight. If you listen closely, the premise is simple: If you don’t want to pay for a liberal’s abortion, if you don’t want to pay for a liberal’s contraceptives, you are at war with women. I’m sorry, that is not a war on women that is a war on irresponsible behavior.

I am a women and my perspective is simple: Pay for your own stinking birth control. Pay for your own abortions, pay for your own healthcare. This is not a war on women, this is called being a grown-up. Dear little liberal whiner-baby, this is what happens when you grow up! You have to get a job. You have to pay for your own stuff. Stop your whining and moaning, thinking everyone owes you something and everyone is supposed to take care of you…but you. Pull up your big girl panties and take care of yourself. If you want equal pay for equal work, if you want to be treated the same as the “men” in the world, stop your crying.

Here is a question no one is asking: since when did women have the RIGHT to tax subsidized healthcare? Why should the entire country have to pay for Planned Parenthood so that women can have GREATER healthcare services than the rest of the population? I don’t see anyone whining about tax subsidized men’s clinics needing funding. I don’t see men running around demanding we pay for their contraceptive choices?

Obama is trying to say that the conservatives are waging a war on women by limiting access to abortion by defunding Planned Parenthood. Let’s throw on the breaks and analyze this argument. I thought we were told that Planned Parenthood doesn’t use public funding for abortions? Obama’s argument just confirms what we already know: Planned Parenthood DOES use federal dollars to fund abortions and that is ILLEGAL! (Illegal since 1976, and the passage of the Hyde Amendment)

By the way, is Planned Parenthood a government agency? No, it is not. Why are we funding it at all? Your local convenience store has birth control, should we fund it too? Liberals are idiots. Grow up and pay for your own sexual activities. I thought what you did in the bedroom was none of my business? If you actually believe that, then stop asking me to subsidize it.

We the people never consented to subsidize healthcare for women. How did Planned Parenthood ever get funding in the first place? What happened to the consent of the governed? Doesn’t the Declaration of Independence establish that the government receives it’s just powers from the consent of the governed? I guess if that statement is still true, and we didn’t consent to this power, we must conclude that it is NOT the application of a “just power.”

What about equal protection under the law? Why do women get this special right? Why do women qualify for greater protection than the rest of the country? One liberal said it’s because women’s health is so much more complicated. Really? Repairing a diesel engine is complicated for most, do we need to subsidize diesel engine repair? Space flight is complicated, we don’t subsidize that, well not anymore. Perhaps we should farm out our complicated women’s healthcare to the Russians, like we did the space program.

War on women? Not really. This is just another handout, just another free ride put on the backs of the taxpayer by a bunch of corrupt whiny brats who refuse to grow up and take responsibility for themselves. We are going broke taking care of this bunch of freeloading nit wits. We are allowing them to destroy our Republic and shred our Constitution. If we don’t stop them soon, they will turn America into a third world country where no one is free because they all just want free stuff.

by KrisAnne Hall http://www.KrisAnneHall.com

October 22, 2012

 Jose Lugo, editor ddtv.org

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