Nov 022012

In a mindless mad rush to achieve ever higher heights of undefined unneeded levels of freedom, America is getting rid of many of the institutions that define a nation.  Instead of freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of assembly, America is seeking freedom from responsibility, freedom from caring for others, freedom from work and freedom from financial responsibility. Even freedom from supporting the nation that is the home of  the freedom and makes freedom possible in the first place.

Even maintaining borders, the definable boundary that defines a nation is being gotten rid of. This is being championed by a group called “Open Borders”, what else. They are openly advocating elimination of borders and free travel for anybody across borders. No other nation will tolerate such a group and will quickly get rid of them, but America quickly welcomes them to join in the quest for higher levels of unneeded freedom. Other groups welcome “Open Borders” because of the opportunities they present. Groups like “La Raza” see their big chance to grab their piece of the American pie, namely: Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona. China wants California, Japan wants Hawaii, Europe wants the Northeast, Russia wants Alaska. The rest will be up for grabs for who ever comes along.

Even our language, one of the most important items that defines a nation, is slowly being taken away. Call any business or government office and you get a variety of languages to speak . Nobody seems to realize that if everybody speaks a different language, you get a communication break down; but that doesn’t matter. What matters is FREEDOM at any cost!

Then there is freedom from any cultural baggage; get rid of Christmas, Thanksgiving, cowboys, baseball and apple pie.

Shoot that stupid Eagle and replace it with a quiche.

What’s the government doing about this, well joining in on the fun, of course. Congress doesn’t bother to read bills anymore, it’s not any fun; just pass it and so what. Congress has also gotten rid of the messy task of governing by passing on the job of decision making to unelected extremist groups that just jumped at the chance to regulate everything. The EPA, the FED, TSA, the Energy Dept all regulate with a frenzy because that’s what control freaks love to do; and if that’s their idea of freedom, then enjoy.

As for the ultimate control freak idea of paradise, the White House, that’s where the real fun is; those multi-million dollar vacations are great; even better if you don’t have to pay for it! But who cares, its fun and that’s what matters these days.

As for freedom from responsibility, the President has it better than any President before him has ever had. It just does not matter what he says or does  anymore. When he first got into office he said:

“If I don’t get this done in 3 years, then this is going to be a one term proposition”.

Then he messed-up the economy even worse than it was when he started his term and then he said:

“I’m going to need four more years to straighten this out.” (and enjoy those great vacations).

The President even sold fully automatic guns to Mexican drug gangs and got away with it by claiming “Executive Privilege”. Not even President Nixon could have gotten away with that.

Talking about President Nixon, imagine if he said to the Russian President what Obama said:

“Wait until my next term, I’ll have more flexibility then”.

The press would have roasted him alive in a firestorm, but not Obama; it”s just, so what.

But to make things even better, he even denied protection for our embassy in Libya, which was quickly destroyed and got the ambassador killed. But it doesn’t matter, because this President is not responsible for anything he does, and the news media is not responsible for holding him responsible either. Reporting on Snooki, the Kardashians and Lady Ga-Ga  is more important anyway.

The only thing the President has to do is give away free stuff to make sure he gets back in office to keep the party going; so he gives away free cell phones, food stamps, birth control and abortions and anything else he can think of. What the hell, it works this way, doesn’t it?

America has become the “So What” nation. So what, if we are adding a trillion dollars to the debt every year. So what, if we go bankrupt doing this. So what, if we downgrade the military, when we are facing threats from Muslim fanatics. So what, if the government starts telling you what health care you can have and what you should eat. So what, if criminals have guns and we don’t. So what, if our education system is failing. So what, if our industries have been sent overseas and those that remain are so over regulated that they can not do business.

So, America today is just a house of cards that can officially fall apart with any sudden touch, because there is no effective government, no culture, no dominate language, no protected borders, and too many citizens just don’t care. The glue that holds a nation together is gone.

These people who do not care about America are getting very close to becoming a majority, and when they do become a majority, America will just disintegrate into nothingness until it’s land area is colonized by other nations.

The only way for America to get back to the great country it was, is for the citizens to realize what made it great; the Constitution and the founding principles are what did this along with the people being in control, not the government. This is what has to be re-discovered.

 Andy Griffith passed away just days after the Supreme Court upheld Obama care. Think about it.

Jose Lugo, founder of DDTV.ORG


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