Nov 082012

One thing is clear in this Presidential election; a man who has excellent credentials to be President, lost to an incumbent President who is not qualified to be President.

Obama is governing without any business or economic experience. In fact, he is only using a failed ideology in his decisions and is wrecking the country in the process. Many economists have  predicted either a recession or a financial collapse as a result of these policies Obama is employing.

So what happened. Either Americans have bought into the Obama idea of re-distributing the wealth, an idea that destroys incentive and wrecks the economy in the process, or half of all  Americans are enraptured by the Obama mystique. This sort of charisma has often proven fatal to most nations that embraced it.

Personally, I’ve spoken to many Democrats in the past year and some have made statements like:

“I don’t care about the economy, I’m a Democrat and I vote Democratic.”


“The government should take care of the people like their children.”

“You have to admit that people on the Left are smarter than people on the Right.”

In talking to some people I was also very surprised to find out that some people don’t know that the national debt is at dangerous levels that are higher than the GDP and threaten national security. Other’s don’t even know who is our speaker of the Congressional House.

Still another factor in this election was the Media Bias that reached record levels, with the media doing everything it could to openly help the Obama campaign. Candy Crowley unfairly interrupted one debate between Romney and Obama to support a false statement from Obama that he called the Libya attack an act of terror, when he openly called it a result of a video on the Internet for two weeks after the  attack on our embassy in Libya.

Then there were the many lies Obama made about Romney, that he was a felon, a tax cheat, even a killer. Obama even called Romney a “Predatory Capitalist” that bought up companies, sucked them dry and dumped them for massive profits; when the exact opposite is true; yes Romney bought distressed companies, but he then fixed them up to make them profitable again and he created many jobs in this process. The media either supported Obama in these lies or didn’t report the facts truthfully, as is their responsibility to do so.

Clearly, election 2012 was the most disturbing election in American history. This is a bad sign of what is in store for America over the next four years.

It must be realized that the economic problems that America is having is the result of bad government policies, there is really no other reasons for this. America has a large and well educated population, abundant natural resources, creative business people who know how business works and are very willing to do the work necessary for success; but they are all being held back by bad government policy, nothing else.

Sadly, it may very well take another severe recession or even a financial collapse for the people to realize that the left-wing drift America is taking, along with bad government policy and a biased media, is wrecking America. The American people have to wake-up and elect leaders who work for the good of the nation, not for an ideology with a long history of failure.

What remains as the most disturbing aspect of this President, is the statement he made to our Russian enemies in which he said, “I will have more flexibility in my next term”. The biased left-wing media has still not asked him what did he meant by this. Is there a secret deal here that we have a right to know about? And will we find out about this deal, when it’s too late and a great harm has been done to America?

Jose Lugo, editor

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