Gun Control and Dictators

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Dec 202012

The tragedy of the Connecticut school massacre is a horror that is impossible to deal with, the death of even one child is too much to deal with. This sort of tragedy must be stopped at all cost. All that could possibility be done, must be done or we do not deserve any connection with anything that has to do with humanity.

To begin with, the exact cause must be recognized and dealt with. In most of these tragedies the cause is that a mentally ill person gets a gun and goes to a gun free location and starts shooting. So, it becomes clear that any person with a mental disability must be prevented from having any access to guns.  They must not be allowed to enter gun stores, gun shows, or any other place guns are stored or used, such as target ranges.  Above all, they must not live in a home that has guns in it for any reason what-so-ever.

Also, it’s clear that most of these mass shootings happen in so-called gun free zones like schools, shopping malls and movie theatres. These deranged people go there because they know that it’s a good chance that nobody there will have a gun to stop them. If these gun free zones are eliminated, then these deranged people will be less likely to commit their crimes. If the principal in the Connecticut school had a gun when she tried to stop the shooter, she would have had a better chance of stopping him. Instead, she was killed along with the others.

Passing the necessary laws to achieve the goal of eliminating gun free zones and elimanting  the chance for mentally ill people from getting guns will most likely end tragedies like the Connecticut school massacre. These laws can be easily agreed to by even the most ardent gun owner, even the NRA can agree to this. Why it is not being done is symptomatic of the dysfunctional government we have that is also causing us a myriad of other problems.

It must be realized that throughout history, the establishment of a dictator needs two main ingredients, one is control of the news media, the other is citizens without weapons. Adolph Hitler and Joseph Stalin are two prime examples of dictators who controlled the news media and disarmed the citizens. These dictators then went on to wreck their country and start wars with other countries that killed millions of people. With Hitler, it was direct attacks; with Stalin, it was stealth undermining other countries that caused massive social problems that killed millions of people.

The Left wing in America is clearly against the two main ingredients that can prevent a dictator from taking over. They always call for disarming the citizens of America even though this will not stop the massacres we are having. As stated: it’s preventing mentally ill people from getting guns and eliminating gun free zones. It’s also interesting to note that the Left in America often tries to limit or get rid of people who do not share their political beliefs; this is why they often try to have Glen Beck and Rush Limbaugh taken off the air. They even went so far as to try to get their sponsors to stop supporting them. If the Left gets rid of the right wing  media and gets the citizens disarmed, we will have the foundation for a dictator. 

When America was founded, the signers of the Constitution established a society where the civilians and the government had the same weapons. Granted they were simple muskets and swords, but non-the-less the government and the citizens had equal weapons. The reason for this is that they all wanted a society where the government was not all powerful over the citizens and the citizens can get rid of the government if it became abusive. This system worked for over 200 years, there is no reason to change this because of the false idea that removing guns from the citizens will make us all safer. It will not. Criminals will always have access to guns, no matter what the law says.

The main danger of attempting to remove guns from the citizens at this time in our history is the problem of America being seriously divided to the point that it is becoming a danger to us all. Barack Obama has governed by appealing only to the Left wing of society, the welfare recipients, unions, and Left wing parties. He has treated the other half of America – the Republican and Conservative sectors, like they were a problem to be overcome and has done nothing for them. This has led to anger and frustration among the working Conservative people of America.

The Right wing is angry because Obama has raised the national debt to dangerous levels that are destabilizing the nation just for the sake of giving favors for his supporters. Many feel that he only won the election by giving free cell phones and food stamps to his supporters.

Obama has done nothing to bring back manufacturing  jobs to America. He has in some cases begun to act like a dictator in that he passed the Dream Act by Executive Order while Congress refused to pass it. Obama was caught telling the Russian President that he Will have “more flexibility” in his next term; this secret deal with our enemy has caused even more anger among Conservative Americans. His policies have America divided like it hasn’t been since the Civil War.

This is clearly not the time to impose gun control on Americans. It violates American tradition, the Constitution and common sense. It’s using a tragedy to establish one of the main factors needed by dictators to control a nation; the disarming of the citizens. With all the mistakes Obama and Congress have made so far, I hope they do not try this one. The half of America he has ignored and abused have had enough, taking away their guns may be the last insult for them.

Jose Lugo, founder

Open Letter to the States to Stand Against Obamacare

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Dec 042012

Much of the population rightfully regards the Affordable Healthcare Act as extending far beyond the enumerated powers of the federal government. It is undeniable that there is no power neither enumerated nor delegated to the federal government to compel a citizen to purchase health insurance under threat of penalty of law. For the central government to claim such power denies the very nature of our Republic and makes the Constitutional restraints enacted by our founders null and void.

 Some claim that it must be submitted to as “the law of the land” since SCOTUS made its declaration from on high. This admits that we are not a Republic of sovereign States but a monarchy. The Supremacy Clause declares the Constitution to be Supreme, not the federal government. “If the decision of the judiciary be raised above the authority of the sovereign parties to the Constitution… dangerous powers, not delegated, may not only be usurped and executed by the other departments, but that the judicial department, also….” James Madison,Virginia Assembly Report of 1800

 The founding documents and the men who wrote them make it unequivocally clear that the States have the final word on whether their creation, the federal government, has trespassed its clearly defined boundaries. AND IT HAS. Our States are “United” in a compact, the Constitution. The States’ compact created the federal government and dictated its limited and specific powers. As the creators of the federal government that means the States are the masters of their creation. The 10th Amendment makes that very clear. The Legislative, Executive and Judicial branches of the Federal government have collectively torn through the boundaries set by the Constitution. The people have no recourse in the federal system, and must now turn to their States. The Framers considered it the duty of the States to stand against EVERY unconstitutional law created or enforced by the federal government.

 “…in the case of deliberate, palpable, and dangerous exercise of other powers not granted…the states…have the right, and are in duty bound, to interpose, …for maintaining, within their respective limits, the authorities, rights, and liberties…” Virginia Resolutions of 1798, James Madison “Father of the Constitution”

 “That the several states who formed [the Constitution], being sovereign and independent, have the unquestionable right to judge of its infraction; and, That a nullification, by those sovereignties, of all unauthorized acts done under the color of that instrument, is the rightful remedy.” Kentucky Resolutions 1799 Thomas Jefferson, Writer of the Declaration of Independence

Nullification is the State declaring, “The federal government is NOT our master, the States and the people are the masters of the Constitution and we do not have to, nor will we comply with dictates not enumerated in the Constitution!” To deny the States this right is tyrannical and is an unconstitutional doctrine.

 You must take a stand in defense of the Constitution and the rights the citizens that hired you to represent them. Rest assured many will not comply with this mandate. If you do not protect your citizens now, what will you do then?

By KrissAnn Hall