Feb 272013

The good news for the Left Wing is the fact that banning guns is possible. The bad news for the Left is that it is not going to happen. This is so because the Constitution states very clearly that gun ownership is a protected right, and has been since the founding of the republic.

In fact the only legal way to ban guns is by a Constitutional amendment and that takes a very long and drawn out process. But that does not seem to stop Congress from thinking that by simply passing a law in Congress that they can ban guns. The only thing Congress can legally do is “Propose an Amendment” and both Houses of Congress must agree to this by a two thirds majority vote; this majority does not exist in either house. Another way for such a “proposal” to be made is two thirds of the state legislators must agree to propose an amendment. If either of these methods succeed to propose an amendment, it must then go to a convention where three fourths of the states must achieve ratification for the proposed amendment to become the law that will ban guns. This three fourths majority does not exist nor will it because banning guns will not solve the problem of mentally ill people massacreing fellow citizens.

Since Congress is completely ignorant of the Constitution, they might indeed pass a law banning guns and force law enforcement officers to go around confiscating guns. They will face stiff resistance from citizens who know their rights and that this right is protected by the Constitution which was never legally nullified and so is still in force, even though Congress thinks other wise.

To do what Congress is trying to do is similar to you driving your car past the speed limit and when pulled over by law enforcement telling the officer that you made speeding legal. Well, you will end up in handcuffs in front of a judge who will not be very understanding. But handcuffs and a judge is not likely to happen to Congress, even though it sounds like a great idea.

So, what actually is Congress trying to do with this banning guns issue? Do they know anything about the gun culture in America? To look into this I had a little adventure about this very topic. You see, I was born and raised in New York City, so I have a New York accent as thick as a concrete wall, and since I now live in the Deep South where guns are legal, and a very important part of Southern Culture, I decided to buy a gun. THEN I went to a shooting range populated by genuine fully armed Southerns with every type gun you can imagine. Not a good idea you might think, and I had my reservations about doing this myself, but I figured if I keep my mouth shut to hide my New York accent I could get away with this. What happened to me was an education I did not bargain for. Since I was new to guns, problems developed, but to my surprise, some very Southern gentlemen came over to help me out, and they were not playing head games with me. They really helped me out with the right advice that worked! This is despite my horrid New York accent.

Needless to say, I learned more than I bargained for, I learned about the way gun owners think, it’s not that they are mean people at all; in fact they are the sort of people who are deeply ingrained in American tradition and a strong desire to “do the right thing” and a New York accent does not  override this. On the firing range their was a courtesy and mutual respect that was very noticeable, and very well-liked by myself and I think is typical of the average legal gun owner.

Now let me add a few facts here:

Hammers kill more people than guns.

Knives kill more people than guns.

Cars kill more people than guns.

Smoking kills more people than guns.

Chicago with the toughest gun restricting laws in the nation has more people killed by guns than any other city that has armed citizens.

The National Rifle Association reported that gun owners stopped 5,000 crimes last year, most without firing a shot, just the presence of a gun stopped the crime!

During World War II some Japanese generals had a meeting to plan an invasion of the West Coast of the United States which would have killed millions of people. During the meeting one of the generals said “There is a gun behind every blade of grass in America”. The invasion was cancelled.

So what is going on here. Guns are a proven deterrent to crime and foreign invasion, so why ban them? Banning guns from citizens who legally own them will not stop mentally ill people from killing fellow citizens. In fact, if a legal gun owner was present at the Sandy Hill killings, they could have stopped it. Unarmed teachers were not able to stop it.

Mental illness is the problem, not guns.

An answer can be found to this by realizing that Congress has a very low approval rating of only 15%. They are doing a really bad job at managing the nation and everybody knows it, including Congress. They cannot even stop the crazy over spending that is running the nation to bankruptcy. In fact, it could be said that America really has no problems, except that Congress keeps messing up everything. And Congress knows that the majority of citizens are angry at them, and angry citizens who are armed sometimes overthrow corrupt  governments. So, banning guns is just a job security tactic by Congress.

Instead of banning guns, maybe we should ban Congress. Or at least put back Constitutional controls on them.

Jose Lugo, editor ddtv.org

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