Apr 102013

The main rational given  for having Unmanned Drones flying over our heads is “Surveillance”. But since when has it been decided by our federal government that fully grown, intelligent  adults are to be treated like three year old children that need constant 24 hour surveillance by these experimental  unmanned Drones?

I am a 64 year old grandfather who has worked in a major utility department for 37 years, my wife and myself maintain our own home, cook for ourselves, arrange for our own health care and the care of our grandchildren,  and we do it very nicely. If  indeed I somehow run into a problem, I have a cell phone that I carry around everywhere with me.  If I do run into some kind of problem, I can call 911 or anybody else in the world to help me out. I do not need a stupid Drone to do this for me, causing billions of  my tax money being spent, when a cheap cell phone can take of it  instead.

If the rational for surveillance Drones is crime prevention; then I say, do not take our guns away from us. The reaction time for the police, is about twenty minutes. Most crimes are over in one minute, so would it not be better if I had a gun to hold a criminal at bay until the police arrive nineteen minutes later? 

We do not need “surveillance” by a federal government that has spending out of control, has borders that are being overrun, our cities are rotting, roads and bridges are in disrepair, entitlement spending is out of control, our Space Program is going nowhere, our allies are alienated; so what makes them think they are so suddenly so smart and wise that they have the moral  authority to treat me like a child that needs 24 hour surveillance?

It has been said that a person who walks the width of Manhattan has been video taped about fifty to sixty times.  Again, like a three year old kid who does not know how to take care of themselves, and so needs constant surveillance.

Even way back in the day when I was in fact a kid, my own parents did not keep me under constant surveillance. I used to jump on my bike and disappear for hours on the roads of Manhattan, as long as I showed up for dinner, there were no questions.

Admittedly, there are some fully grown up adults that need constant surveillance, they are called patients in mental hospitals or convicts in prison. They are watched 24/7 by guards and all sorts of cameras. But I must admit this is for good reason. But then again, I am not a patient in a mental hospital nor am I a convict in a prison, but apparently the federal government seems to think I have to be treated the same way. Why? They are not saying.

 Is it to create jobs for the surveillance industry? Well, if the federal government did not send millions of factory jobs to foreign countries, then the federal government would not have to create artificial jobs with my tax money! Every fool knows that if the situation is so desperate that the government has to create jobs like this, then we have more serious problems, and  the federal government  can’t realize the seriousness of this problem, and this is a problem that unmanned Drones can not solve.

This whole program of testing experimental  Drones is wrong on the face of it. It is also wrong in the way it is being carried out. The federal government admits that it is an experimental program, but yet it is being carried out in populated areas, like my neighborhood that has schools, hospitals, churches and all sorts of housing. Why fly experimental Drones in these areas when there are deserted areas in the South West?  Surely the federal government has to think this over some more, since the needs of special interest groups seems to be more important to them.

To get down to basics here; drones were created to fly in hostile combat zones where there is a very high probability of military aircraft being shot down by enemy ground fire. This way if an aircraft is shot down, you will lose the aircraft, but not the human pilot, because there is no pilot in these unmanned drones. But I have to emphasize, America is not a combat zone. There is little to no chance of a military aircraft being shot down. So, there is no need to fly an unmanned aircraft for pilot safety reasons. Current aircraft with human pilots can do any job an unmanned drone can do, and current technology aircraft can do these jobs better and safer, because if an aircraft with a pilot has a problem, the pilot can fix it or glide it to a safe place to land it, away from houses or other sensitive areas; a pilotless drone can not do this, it will just fly off in any crazy direction. A real hazard.

If somehow we become a nation that needs constant surveillance, then we are no longer a nation of adults, we will be a nation of child prisoners. And to that I say, no thank you, I do not need you Mr. federal government, nor do I need your insults, like this insult of needing Drones to keep an eye on me.

 Maybe the federal government is so paranoid about their own inept performance that they fear the people may want to get somebody else to do their job? Sorry, but I see nothing wrong with getting somebody else to do a job that this federal government obviously can not do.

Are the anarchists right, is no government better, than having a government?

Is no government better than a federal government of fools.

Jose Lugo, editor ddtv



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