Oct 062013

With the government shutdown a lot of people are worried about what may go wrong, but instead of a disaster, things seem to be moving  right along  anyway. True, some federal workers may not get paid after October 1, but they can survive a short vacation anyway. A major problem is that some government contractors are getting worried about getting paid, but they must have taken this into considerition anyway, because of the frighteningly high national debt the nation has. I mean, if you lend money to somebody deep in debt, you should know that getting paid back is not a sure thing.

Also,  new welfare applicants may have to wait. New home loans may also have to wait, because Social Security or income can not be confirmed.

Other than that, things seem to be normal. Everybody is blaming somebody else for the shutdown, and the news media is showing its usual bias. Congress will still take half the year off on vacation. Those Congressmen who choose to debate something will still do so in front of an empty chamber. Harry Reid is still cursing out the Tea Party, this time calling them “Anarchists” because they want to establish a Constitutional Republic. I guess Harry wants something else. Nancy Pelosi is still in her office puffin her wacky weed. Congressmen like John McCain are still playing video games during committies, or just sleeping. It’s all still business as usual; I mean the mail will still be delivered, so what’s to worry.

But to get just a little more on the positive side, maybe some people may start to think that we really do not need such a big government after all, and maybe those Conservatives may be right after all about small government.

Another positive may be that if this were a complete shutdown (which this is not), we would be saving about 9 billion dollars a day, while only spending about one million in total shutdown costs per day. So, this is really a good thing even if the saving is a lot less than 9 billion, we are still saving some tax payer money!

What may be the biggest plus to come out of this government shutdown, is a realization that this may be the only way to get the Democrats to stop their crazy over spending, that has the nation on it’s way to bankrupticy. If you consider that the Republicans have critized the Democrats for too much social spending a long time before the Obama administration took office, and have gotten nowhere. Maybe because this is how the Democrats get into office by just buying votes, by giving their supporters all sorts of  “gifts” like cell phones and food stamps. So the Democrats do not want to stop this social spending, because if they do stop, it will end their jobs in government. Instead they just answer the Republicans by calling them sexist, homophobic, racist, greedy old men who eat babies for breakfast. This was tollerable in the past, but with a national debt of almost 17 trillion dollars, this has gotten to be a dangerious game that we can no longer afford.

To take a lesson from the past, when Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky were in the White House, Newit Gingrich who was Speaker of the House at the time; had the same problem with Democrats and their high social spending. Gingrich tried all sorts of negoations, but got nowhere with the Democrats, except to be called sexist, homophobic etc., etc.. So, he went to the extreme and forced a government shutdown with the Democrats. The result of this was one of the rarest of times in American history when the nation actually had a budget SURPLUS.

Can this shutdown result in a  budget surplus? Or at least a balanced budget? Or to get real about this, maybe just a reduced deficit that may actually return America to a AAA credit rating? Who knows at this point, but dream we must.

With Congress operating like this, a person must wonder why their job approval rating is as high as 7%. According to realclearpolitics.com

But the big question is – has John Boehner finally decided to stop the nice-guy junk and get mean with the Democrats, and so is using the same methods as Newit Gingrich with the government shutdown? Well, as they say; if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it must be a duck. To me this all looks the same, except that Monica Lewinsky is nowhere to be seen.

Where is Monica anyway?

Jose Lugo, founder www.ddtv.org




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