Party Time For Russia

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Mar 092014

The world is a very dangerous place with Russia back at their old tricks of invading countries on their borders. But is this all Russia’s fault, or did America give them the green light?

Consider American policy in Afghanistan, a country on the Russian border, and how America deals with Hamid Karizai, President of Afghanistan. American politicians claim they do not like what he is doing, but American politicians do not seem to realize that they leave Karzai no other choice.

Among the decisions made by Karzai are his refusal to sign the Bilateral Security Agreement that would have left American forces in Afghanistan and their not being subject to Afghan law in case of injuries to Afghan citizens. Also, (and the most important) is the release of 65 Afghan Taliban prisoners from jail, some of whom have killed Americans and are known bomb makers.

To anybody who has any common sense it is quickly apparent that Karzai had no choice, but to make these decisions like he did, if he wants to save his own skin after the American forces leave at the end of this year. Clearly it will be him and the Taliban alone, after the Americans leave, and he knows that the Taliban are very good at assignations of political hacks they do not like. This is why it was so wrong for Obama to unilaterally announce the American troop withdrawal at the end of the year, they forced Karzai’s hand. Also, it should be clear as day by now that Karzai is in fact a Taliban himself. His loyalties are to the Taliban, not America. Karzai’s problem is that he wants American money, but definitely not the Americans. In fact, the only reason he is still alive is because he has convinced his fellow Taliban that he is on THEIR side, and to make the best of the American occupation of his country; in other words, get American money!

This is why America has been using a policy that is all wrong. One minute America is acting like a door mat, just letting all kinds of nuts walk all over us, but then giving them money at the same time. Then demand that they accept American style democracy as their life style and form of government. It was apparent a long time ago that muslim countries do not want American style democracy. They want a society based on religious values that involves worship of their God and strong family values. They look at America with declining religious values, legal aboritions, open promotion of irresponsible sex, high divorce rates, one parent families and they react in horror at us. Clearly, they do not want American style democracy. In fact the only thing America has accomplished with this misguided foreign policy is to give democracy a bad name, a historic first!

The Russians clearly see this really dumb American policy in Afghanistan that’s right on their border and decided to take advantage of it. Other examples of American diplomatic incompetence are the Libya situation, where a American ambassador was killed and nothing was done by America, then there was the Syria situation where America said, “Don’t cross the Red Line and kill civilians with poison gas”, but Syria crossed the Red Line and nothing was done until the Russians stepped in and solved the problem for America.

If you look at American policy with Russia during the Cold War, you will not see any American foreign aid, military intervention or America acting like a door mat. What happened was that a policy of MAD (mutual assured distruction) was used, in other words; you attack us, we distroy you. It worked great. There was no nuclear war, communism fell in Russia and their economy is progressing along nicely. Sure they have an annoying dictator, but this will pass and they will develop a better society as the years pass, all by themselves without American intervention. America on the other hand is not doing well at all. American politicians have adopted the same policy that caused the fall of