A Deadly Escalation In Terrorism

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Apr 182014

Malaysian Flight 370 continues to be a tragic mystery, but some hard facts to deal with are the fact that the flight transponder was deliberately turned off and the recently located “ping” from the black box voice recorder has been heard from ships in the Indian Ocean; so it’s time to speculate that this may have been a terrorist act. If the plane had a structural failure or some other kind of mechanical failure, the transponder would not have been turned off. So, terrorism is the prime suspect.

The implications of this are enormous.  If it’s true that the pilot and/or co-pilot shut off the transponder, then all security measures that have been adopted for anti-terrorism reasons have  been defeated. It may still be a possibility that an onboard passenger was a terrorist and forced his way into the cockpit; but this is unlikely because of the bullet proof doors that are placed on all aircraft these days. So, all evidence points to the pilot as a suicidal terrorist. However, it must be said that the recovery of the cockpit voice recorder is the only definite way to establish what actually happened — until then it’s only speculation. As of now, the facts do point to a pilot terrorist act.

Now to understand how problematic this is, you have to consider a very old saying that states:

“Under perfect laboratory conditions, any security equipment one person puts together, another can take apart”.

This breaks down to the Spy vs. Spy drama where each needs to get a better weapon or method to defeat the enemy. History clearly shows this as better weapons are constantly created to defeat other weapons. At first there were rocks, then clubs, then spears, then slings and arrows, then guns, then missiles; and this just goes on and on.

The latest methods to stop terrorists has been scanners, passenger pat downs, sniffing dogs and bullet proof doors on passenger jets. The terrorists defeated all this by developing a new method to get around these tools by just putting the terrorist in the pilot seat to do the deadly deed. Malaysian Flight 370 may show that this deadly technique was effective with the deaths of 239 passengers.

Since Flight 370 may prove that all anti-terrorist technology developed to date is useless against these terrorists, where does this leave us? Well, some may say that we should let them into our homes to show them our humanity, and develop friendships with them; this failed because the 911 terrorist acts and the Boston Marathon bombings were committed by terrorists who lived among us and even went to our schools. This was a total failure on 911 because they went to our schools to learn how to fly the very airplanes they used to attack the World Trade Center and Pentagon where 3,000 Americans were killed.

Some people will now say that we must screen the pilots more carefully; this also can not work because the Muslims have developed communities in America so that there are many Muslims who are native American, they can not be screened out.

This situation with Islam is developing into anger and revulsion that can lead to a major war. This is not acceptable because it may spread to Russia, Asia, Europe, America and get many other countries involved with massive losses on all sides. Also, there are about a billion Muslims in the world today, and so the war will go on for a long time and most likely turn nuclear with unmanageable horrible  results.

A method that has been in use since 911 has been to find and get rid of the terrorists by throwing them in jail or killing them. This limited war has not worked as proven by Iraq and Afghanistan, whereas many as we kill, there are always more in increasing numbers to carry on the fight. The reason is revenge for family members killed. Also, the hate they learn in their schools and their Holy Book the Quran teaches that they must get rid of non-believers and they will be rewarded in heaven for their sacrifice.

One method that has not been tried is to inflict massive casualties on them to the point that they realize it’s a no-win situation for them. But this can not be used because it’s politically incorrect and may lead to the before mentioned major war. It also has to be realized that problems with Muslims are not new. President Thomas Jefferson fought a war against Muslims in Tripoli from the year 1801 to about 1815. And we all know about the Crusades that lasted about 500 years. The question here is, did the Crusades really end, or was there just a 600 year truce that ended with the establishment of Israel in 1948? It must be realized that during most of the history of the Mid East, there was no terrorism, just the usual turf wars that are common to the chaos of the human condition. But there was no terrorism until after the establishment of Israel, so what we call terrorism is really attempts to cut off the supply lines from America to Israel. So, a way to stop terrorism would be to establish peace between Israel and the Palestine people; but many people have tried and failed.

Basically, all the Israeli and Palestine people really want is a home they can call their own; the problem is they both want the same home. But if you add up all the costs of terrorism, it may be worth it if all the nations of the world got together and arrange a homeland for them all. Where I don’t know. It will be a massive undertaking, but well worth it if it ends terrorism.

The last option to counter terrorism would be to have effective leadership that can counter the terrorist threat, but since we do not have effective leaders, there is no solution to terrorism in sight, except maybe to get them all a homeland.

Jose Lugo