Aug 232014

The simple process of immigration, a process that all other countries handle with simple procedures and low level bureaucrats without having any problems at all; has somehow turned into a humanitarian disaster on the southern border. Is this because America cannot do anything right anymore, or has a divided congress turned America into an open territory where anybody can come and go as they please without security checks or other procedures that may inconvenience them, regardless of intentions being peaceful or not?

Contrary to what the news media may be saying, many of the children coming over the border are not helpless babies in diapers, that age group is usually accompanied by an adult who is using the old “anchor baby” trick to get into America, the land of welfare checks and other goodies. There is also a large group of teenage kids who seem to be traveling by themselves or in groups of other kids. But this is a cause of concern because all these groups are being exposed to dangerous deserts and ruthless people, robbers, rapists, and drug dealers. The danger to these people is caused by what seems to be the current American way of having no clear policy, or conflicting policies, or ignoring laws. Or so it seems.

Washington’s politicians are treating this issue as if the immigrants are the problem, when they are just the symptom to a deeper problem. That main problem is government corruption in Mexico, The United States and the South American countries involved. These governments have reached new lows in depravity and a total lack of respect for the law.

Mexico and many South American countries are controlled by special interest groups, large monopolies, drug lords and rich powerful landowners. In these countries, politicians represent only these rich special interest groups, not the middle class or the poor. So, like most corrupt governments, these governments are fixing the problem illegally, by not giving the poor the social services or jobs they need. They are instead dumping their poor people on the United States where stupid American politicians then have the American tax payers – pay the cost of housing and feeding the thousands of poor from these South American countries. Half of current illegal immigrants wind up on welfare and about 40% are in the underground economy and pay no taxes.

The reason the United States is allowing illegal immigrants over the border, is old fashion vote rigging. Politicians think they can win votes by doing favors for illegal immigrants, but what America is really doing is supporting those rich special interest groups in Mexico by reducing the number of poor Mexicans who would vote against them.   If  adult Mexicans that are in America are sent back to Mexico they can then vote for politicians who will represent their interests and so create opportunities for them to make a decent living, and those that are not able to work can get help from the government. Then and only then can this problem of illegal immigration to America be solved. The current direction America is on will only continue the disastrous situation on the border.

The rich in Mexico do not like competition so they have the government put up barriers to any Mexican citizen who wants to start a business that may give them some competition. These barriers, take the form of regulations and taxes to make it impossible to make any profit. This is why about half the people in Mexico live in severe poverty, often in dirt floor shacks without running water or electricity. One of the reasons the poverty is not higher in Mexico is the 18 billion dollars sent to Mexico from Mexicans living in America, it is in fact the 10th largest source of income in Mexico.

It will be noted that Mexico has little, and in some cases, no border control on the border with America. This proves that Mexico wants the poor to move to America. In fact, the Mexican government gives the poor who want to leave, instructions on how to go to America and what to do once they get here.

While Mexico is pushing out these poor people; America is attracting them with free education, welfare checks, food stamps and many other social services. Just to get their votes and cheap labor.

The Mexican children are definitely the ones suffering the most with the border disaster, but another serious victim of the border mess is the American tax payer. Over the last 30 years they have had millions of their jobs sent over seas. Many of them lost their homes and savings in the 2008 government engineered housing bust. Now, they have to pay higher taxes to support foreigners, many of whom just want to take advantage of American tax payers. Clearly, the southern border mess is part of a war on the American tax payers.

If adult Mexicans would face their responsibility and fix their government instead of running away to America, there would be no problem on the southern border.

So, the whole immigration issue is pure corruption and a total lack of any morality, and this goes for all parties involved, the governments and the adult immigrants themselves.  It’s just rigging elections, while the Mexican children and American tax payers are getting hurt by this. This problem has existed for years, but as long as this problem has existed, it has never reached the lows in depravity it has now reached by exploiting childern and the already suffering American tax payers. It’s disgusting.

One point of view nobody is talking about is that Mexico today is like France just before the revolution of 1789, in that a very rich upper class is walking all over the poor. If Mexico has a revolution it most likely will end in a communist state. There are many active communist groups in Mexico working just for this.

And you thought we have problems with Mexico now! Just wait for communist Mexico!

So is the immigration mess just a pressure relief valve for Mexico to just keep things quiet, I doubt it, it’s still vote rigging the way I see it, and that’s doing enough damage all by itself. To head off this disaster of a communist Mexico, it’s not enough to just send illegal Mexicans back, they  must take the illegal Mexicans into a class room and explain that they have the responsibility to fix the corruption problem in Mexico by getting politically active and voting the bums out, then send them back to their South American country.

Mexico has a population of 116,220,947, about 59 million are poor, if half of them move to America this means an additional 29 million Mexicans to the 11 million already here. The cost of social service to these Mexicans and other South Americans will most likely push America over the edge into bankrupticy. But I don’t think the politicians care about this, as long as they win votes to stay in office. America, wise up.

Jose Lugo, editor,


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