Dec 172014

The Legacy of Three Black Men

Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown and Eric Garner were all killed by law enforcement personal, then protests and civil disobedience followed. In all three deaths, no one was arrested for the killings, and controversy was rampant throughout America. But what is really going on here? All of these men broke the law; two of them resisted arrest, some even attacked law enforcement personal. Eric Garner did not attack law enforcement personal, but he did resist; therefore, the police had to use force to arrest him, but this force plus preexisting medical conditions proved fatal.

These men may have wound up as just more of the unknown who fall to street violence, but just a few months after these deaths, events unfolded that may leave them as a turning point in American history.

These deaths brought out the anger that has long simmered just below the surface in Black America, but it comes to a boiling point when tragic incidents like these happen, because race hustlers like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson know how to tap into that anger and use it to their advantage. They know that a few lies spread around can grow quickly into a raging mob. Lies like Trayvon Martin was hunted down and killed by police, and that Michael Brown was shot in the back while having his hands up; this was proven to be a lie at the autopsy that showed no bullet holes in his back.

These lies grow quickly because of a long history of abuse inflicted on Black America. This abuse has ended, but Black America still suspects it’s just below the surface. Black Americans only understand their anger, but they do not realize they have been lied to, just like the lies about these deaths.

This has been building for hundreds of years, from when Europeans first came to America with the baggage of slavery. It must be emphasized that America did not invent slavery, it was inherited; but many of our forefathers fought as hard as they could to end it, right along with many other fights for freedom and liberty.

One of the first lies told to Black Americans was that the Declaration of Independence was a slave document written by slave owners. They were not told that this document has these words in it:

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

Even Booker T. Washington, a black man and former slave himself, believed the Constitution was a slave document, until he read it, and realized that freedom and liberty was the basis of the Constitution; then he supported it.

The very same people who wrote the Constitution put the issue of slavery on the ballot in the First Continental Congress and to their horror it lost by only one vote. Clearly, 49% of the first Congress was strongly against slavery. But, they fought on against slavery along with the fight for their own freedom, until around the year 1805 when slavery was abolished in all the Northern States. The South held onto slavery because they believed it was needed for their farm economy. It was then a long series of arguments and compromises that got more heated as the years passed, until it exploded into the Civil War that killed 620,000 Americans and ended slavery in America. A terrible high cost in blood and treasure.

But the South still held on with the Jim Crow laws that denied black Americans living in the South many Constitutional rights. This came to an end with the 1964 Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

To the majority of Americans, all the laws that are needed to end discrimination are on the books. Laws ending housing discrimination, voting, education, everything to give Black Americans equal rights, but yet Black rage still simmers.

Even Laws on Affirmative Action were passed giving Black Americans preferential access over White People to education, jobs, and housing; but Black rage still simmers. Some even say that there is White Privilege, but how can they say this when Affirmative Action Laws are being enforced; until you realize that they are being told lies by people they trust.

There are even government programs giving Black People financial aid in many areas in finance, housing, job training and food aid. But Black Rage still simmers. This rage is supported by lies like the lie Vice President Joe Biden (a Democrat) told the NAACP:

“They  (the Republicans) want to put y’all back in chains”

The audacity of this is incredible. When the Jim Crow Laws were in force in the South, the Democratic Party held a solid majority in the South, the same Democratic Party that VP Joe Biden belongs to. Also, George Wallace, the former governor of Alabama, who once stood in the door way of a school to block it’s integration and shouted “segregation now, segregation forever”, was also a member of the Democratic Party.

In fact, the Republicans who are being called racist, are the party of Abraham Lincoln who signed the Emancipation Proclamation to free the slaves. This is the same Republican Party that held the majority vote to pass the Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act. But yet the Democrats call these Republicans racists and get away with this lie.

It seems that the only thing different about the Black Experience in America is that Blacks went from being abused by their open enemies, to being abused and lied to by people claiming to be their friends. This is going on in America with a history of fighting for freedom and liberty, where more has been done for the longest time to right the wrongs of past generations than any other nation, but America has only received scorn and hate as a result of these efforts.

The majority believes that all that can be done to set things right, has been done. But Black rage still simmers because of race hustlers with their lies. The real problem here is that Black America is 12% of the population, but yet produces around 50% of the crime, because of the family breakdown in black communities. With these statistics there will be other tragic incidents like these, and since police have to control crime, you can be sure there will be other incidents. The race hustlers are making lots of money on this.

The question now is; will America give-up on Black America, or will a new awareness emerge? This is the cross roads America now stands on.   This is the legacy of these three black men.

Jose Lugo, editor DDTV.ORG


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