Jan 282015

Obama’s latest State of the Union speech was his usual great sounding speech, because that is what Obama does best. This causes the Democrats and liberals to say he is a great statesman and a great leader. The Conservatives on the other hand, say it’s just the smooth talking of a con-artist. This is not new, because the Conservatives and the Democrats cannot agree on anything, least of all Obama.

Just to avoid the usual Obama bashing that it is the favorite sport of Right Wing people; it will be stated right now that there were a few good and a few bad things in the speech. For example, he said that we must do more to stop computer hackers and identity thieves. This is clearly very much needed although a very difficult objective to achieve, especially when a lot of these hackers are working from foreign nations. Then there is North Korea with its professional hackers. This will be really hard to overcome; but we must do our best with this problem.

An even better statement he made, was that we have to re-negotiate many trade agreements. Finally, somebody in Washington D.C. woke up and realized that we are getting killed in foreign trade. I mean we just can not survive as a nation when everything in our stores comes from China. We have to have a vibrant manufacturing sector to create jobs here in America, not in China. And since Obama’s 800 billion stimulus was a complete waste of money, we have to get manufacturing going to create some really high paying jobs. But more than trade deals are needed, we have to create a climate where business can be done. This means less taxes and regulations. Unfortunately, Obama likes high taxes and lots of regulations. Also, Obama has shown that he is not a good deal maker, since he has a tendency to just give everything away.

That’s the good stuff, now the bad stuff, in his speech, he said:

Increase sick pay.

Increase maternity leave.

Increase minimum wage.

Subsidize child care.

Free community college.

Immigration policies stay.

Or to summarize all this, it means more government control over the economy and our lives, which sounds more like a dictatorship than a free enterprise driven America. Obama did say, “I have a pen and a phone, if Congress doesn’t do this, than I will go around Congress and do it myself”. This sounds more like the Obama we have come to know and this could be one of the few times Obama did not lie.

Most of Obama’s policies are socialist and I don’t know how many times I have written about socialism being a historically proven failure. But then again, the current fashion seems to promote socialist policy without calling it socialism/communism. But what else can redistributing wealth be but socialism, and this goes along with other commonly mentioned phrases like “income equality” and “social justice”. It all sounds good, but it is just socialism, it failed everywhere it was tried. But then again this trend did not start with Obama, it was Woodrow Wilson who passed the “Progressive Tax law” that adjusted income tax brackets so that lower wage earners paid less tax, and higher income earners paid more tax, sort of equalizing income a little. In other words, this started the slide toward socialism.

Then there is the 18 Trillion dollar debt the nation now has, with 8 Trillion dollars added by Obama. This was not mentioned in his speech. Maybe because it’s embarrassing for him because when he ran for his first term as President he said that the then 10 trillion in debt was a “crime equal to treason” ? ? ? It’s interesting to note that the interest alone on the national debt is over $237 billion dollars a year and growing. This is enough to give everybody free health care and that free Community College he was talking about, instead it’s going into the pockets of those fat cat bankers he says he hates, so that they can buy another Lear Jet to fly around to all those huge mansions they own because of their friend Obama.

But is this Obamas fault, after all, Obama is not the first wannabe dictator to come along? Or is it that Congress has suffered the ultimate fate of the “politically correct crowd” which is the cowards way of doing nothing while the country goes down the tubes? Congress has to get a set.

While Obama was telling everybody that the economy was doing great, a recent CNN pole said:

69% of Americans say the economy is not good.

65% of Americans say America is on the wrong track.

Real wages have been falling since around 1970.

92 million Americans are not in the labor force.

Income is $3,600 lower than 2001.

39% of work force earnes less than $20,000.

36% decline in home values.

40% of Americans say they are just getting by.

76% are living pay check to pay check.

But in Obamas world the economy is doing great.

As Obama was giving his speech, I couldn’t help thinking how much he sounded like Juan Peron, the President of Argentina from 1946 to 1973. Is it with Obama as it was with Peron? In that they both made great speeches and promised all kinds of free stuff for the poor and middle class people. Which sent government spending soaring up like a rocket, along with the national debt; and then the national bankruptcy that followed. To top off Obama’s speech, Madonna should have been singing the theme song from the Broad Play “Don’t cry for me Argentina” in the background.

But don’t cry, we only have

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