Apr 232015

Hillary Clinton now has her campaign well under way for becoming the first woman president of The United States of America, and as expected, every Right Wing News organization has gone into full attack mode. But why do we have to hear them re-hash the same old scandals again. Look on the bright side; most politicians run for office promising that they are the real good guys, that they will fix all the wrongs in the world; then when they get into office, we find out they’re just another crook. But Hillary is different, she already has a bunch of scandals so she doesn’t have to prove she is one of the good guys (or gal), we already know who she is.

In fact, she has so many scandals that the process of fixing them by just letting them get old and forgotten has already taken place on some of her scandals; do you remember Whitewater, Trooper Gate and Nanny Gate? Google it. But lets not forget that her hubby Bill was impeached.

But just for the record, her not yet faded away scandals are the email account mess, Saudi Arabia donations (a known abuser of women, when Hillary champions women’s rights) and Benghazi. Remember her saying at a Benghazi hearing “at this point, what difference does it make”. Apparently she doesn’t know that when Americans are killed fighting for their country, it always matters.

Then there is the real scandal that’s so bad, that not even the crooks in Washington D.C. want to talk about it. Do you remember NAFTA, better known as “North American Free Trade Agreement” ? Or how about WTO, better know as the “World Trade Organization”. To figure these out you have to go way back in American history, way back to 2001 and even back to 1993, to the time when Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton and Monica Lewinsky were in the White House along with a lot of cigars and a saxophone.

What happened then was that on some days when Bill couldn’t get a hold of Monica and Hillary was out of the question; Old Billy Boy didn’t have anything to do, so he signed some trade treaties, namely the before mentioned NAFTA and the WTO. Bill said that these treaties will create American jobs, real good paying American jobs. But the opposite was true, it has been estimated that eight million American manufacturing jobs left America and are now in foreign countries. But you have to realize that it’s not just the manufacturing jobs, it’s the sub-contractor jobs, the support jobs like restaurants, hotels, advertisers. The real job loss could be as high as 16 million jobs.

This loss of eight to sixteen million jobs is so massive, (it’s the loss of corporation taxes, income taxes) that America does not have the money to effectively function anymore. This is why when Bill and Hillary first went into the White House, the national debt was only about 5 trillion dollars, now it’s 18 trillion and growing at an outrageous rate. Surely by the time Obama leaves office the national debt will be around 20 trillion dollars or more. Just the interest on this massive debt is about 241 billion dollars a year. Can you imagine other things that can be done with this money? The schools, hospitals, day care centers, roads, bridges that can be built with this money; instead it’s going to already very rich bankers.

But then again, it’s not just the millions of lost jobs, it politicians buying votes by giving away free cell phones, food stamps, rent free apartments etc. Clearly, there is no money for this, but they just have to buy votes.

The reason many people in the news media and government are not talking about this is because the corporations like this whole set-up. They are making massive profits by manufacturing goods in foreign countries with slave rate labor of about one dollar an hour, instead of the ten to fifteen dollars an hour that American workers need. Then they sell their goods to the high price market in America and Europe. Many business operations have come to accept the new normal that you just can not do business in America anymore and naturally outsource manufacturing to foreign countries. To add to this job loss, there is also high taxes and regulations on whats left of American manufacturing. And, lets not forget that the cost of all the unemployed workers are passed along to the few American workers that are left, not the fat cats that caused this problem by pushing Old Billy Boy into this; and who are making huge profits like you just cannot imagine.

This is the reason the Stock Market is

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