May 132015

Freddy Gray died a few weeks ago and we still don’t know if he died as the result of an accident or if he was murdered or if the police van ride aggravated a pre-existing condition to the point of it being fatal. Despite this lack of knowledge about the fate of Freddy Gray, the black people of Baltimore burned down about 200 buildings and destroyed 150 cars looking for justice for Freddy Gray.

To start off this riot, the Mayor of Baltimore Maryland told an African American population:

“Those who want to do destruction, will be given space to do so”.

That was it. Party time, and the rioting and looting began.

After making this outrageous statement that caused massive damage to Baltimore, the Mayor then lied by saying she never said it (go to the video). It was also reported that she told the police to “stand down” and later was also reported to say “let them loot, it’s only property”. This is similar to a statement made by Mayor David Dinkins of New York City during the Crown Heights riots in August 1991.

It looks like African Americans feel aggrieved because of an injustice they have suffered. But while they did suffer injustice around 1960 and before that, they clearly are not suffering any injustice today.

There are always accusations of racism, but when it was reported in Baltimore that most of the city officials, including the Mayor, Police Chief and Attorney General are all black people, the racism charge got quiet. It was also revealed that half of the police officers involved in this case are black people also. Then it was said that the riot was caused by a of lack of opportunity, until it was realized that one billion eight hundred thousand dollars have been spent on the black people of Balitmore for education and anti-poverty programs. Nation wide about 20 billion dollars have been spent on black people for job training, education, housing and other anti-poverty programs. Then there is the Affirmative Action laws that give black people preference for jobs and education, or discrimination in favor of black people. So, the charge of lack of opportunity got quiet also.

Then there is the charge that black people cannot get justice in America anymore, but did anybody ask if O. J. Simpson got justice when he killed his wife Nicole?

It has also often been said that there is a war on black people, that young black men are being hunted down and killed by police; but yet more white people than black people are killed by the police. The last figures available state that 123 black people are killed by police, while there are over 300 white people killed by police on average.

The latest slogan is “Black Lives Matter” but since there were 2,600 black people killed by other black people in Detrioit and nobody objects to this, it could be said that black people don’t mind black people being killed as long as it’s black people doing the killing. But if a white person kills a black person, then the riots and looting begin. This is the same as when a black person uses the n—-r word as they often do in rap music, it’s OK, but if a white person uses the same word he looses his job, or his business and gets sued in court. A total double standard.

This is all a scam that’s going on all over America. It’s a well known, yet ignored fact that black people constitute 12% of the population, but yet produce 60% of the crime. They aspire to Gangster Rap music, the defiance, the glorification of crime and glorification of self destructive behavior. Besides, it’s cool to stick it to whitey. Because of this, black people distain education and jobs, they prefer a life of crime (the money is better).This is the reason that black people and the police always have conflicts, the police go where the crime is to keep it under control. Some people call this targeting black people, another myth.

The only reason poverty is not going away in the black community is because 72% of black children grow up without a father; the reasons for this vary, but in too many cases, the mother does not care about the kids, she’s only having them from different fathers for the welfare checks. The kids know this and so have no sense of family, and so look for family in street gangs. That’s where the crime comes from, along with lack of education that would give them a chance at a good job.

Then there is the biggest grievance of them all, black people have a long history of oppression in America, so they’re entitled. But look at it this way, 70 years ago Americans, Japanese and Germans were shooting each other to death and blowing each other to pieces during World War II. Today, we are all trusted allies and trading partners. In 1960 Viet Nam was a killing field of napalm and machine guns, today Viet Nam is also a trading partner. But black people are still complaining about slavery that ended 150 years ago even though 620,000 Americans died in the Civil War to end slavery. Then there is the Civil Rights Act, the voting in of a black President. Black people are 12% of the population but yet hold 40% of government jobs. Blacks today have it better than they ever had it.

Black people have no justifiable grievance, it’s long past time for black people to get over it, cut the B.S. and take care of their families, this is the only way poverty and crime will end in the Afircan American neighborhood.

Jose Lugo, eitor

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