God Overruled

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Jul 172015

This essay is about gay people and religion, these are both explosive issues, so if you have a closed mind; read no more and go away.

If your still here, the first thing you have to realize is that most Christians believe that God created all living creatures, therefore, he created gay people and straight people. This means that we are all Gods children and we should realize this and start respecting each other.

With that being said.

As the circus that once was the American government keeps rolling on with scandal after scandal; a new act has come on the scene due to the mania of the government to control and regulate everything and everyone under the sun. Now, the Supreme Court of the United States has extended its authority over God.

The issue at hand is if God has the authority to define marriage as between one man and one woman, with the American Supreme Court clearly giving itself authority over God to decide matters they think God is not authorized to.

Or so they think!

Because of this anti-American government we now have, we have gone from a free county to a place where everybody has to ask the government for permission to do anything. In Easton Pennsylvania, if a citizen wants to move from one house to another house, they need a permit from the government, and they have to pay for it. Even for the most minor repairs on a persons house, they need a permit from the government. Everywhere people are becoming more in need of government permission to do anything, anywhere.

Men fought and died so that America can be a free country, but it is clearly no longer a free country. The government controls the schools, banking, hospitals and is everyday taking more control of every industry it can get it’s dirty hands on. The government even spies on every Americans phone and email accounts. America today is Joseph Stalins dream come true. Total control. The reason for this is that an institution like government naturally attracts con-artists and people suffering from a “domination psychosis”, better know as “control freaks”. Efforts have been made to control these people, like the Constitution, but they just keep showing up and causing problems anyway.

This is the reason they now think, they can stand in judgement of God himself.

Thousands of years ago God said that marriage is between one man and one woman. Many people just believed that this is natural law. But now, the Supreme Court of the American dictatorship has stood in judgement of God himself. They decided that God has no standing in their own corrupted legal system and they fully believe that they can overrule God and decide if they will allow Gods law to stand.

They think they can rule on the sacred law of marriage that the church has held holy for three or four thousand of years. This invasion of the church is illegal and unconstitutional by any meaning. But the Supreme Court does not care about what is legal or what is Constitutional, they do not care about what is moral, the only thing they are concerned with is that they now think they are God and can rule over anything they please.—-Sick people.

Marriage is Gods law. Government can not even comment on it, and certainly can not decide any code of conduct or rules within the church.

Or, look at it this way. The Constitution of the United States of America has never been nullified or dissolved, so it is still the law of the land, and in the first amendment it states clearly:

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof”.

But yet government employees, who are called justices of the peace, are performing marriages all the time. Only a priest or pastor can perform a marriage and it must be performed in a church, not a town hall. But the government has clearly taken over this holy sacrment. They also decided that they can dissolve a marriage by laws they passed with regard to divorce. This is all clearly unconstitutional because it is the establishment of a government religion.

Regardless of what the biased liberal news media says, America is a nation committed to freedom and liberty for all its citizens, this is why slavery was abolished, it is why women were given the right to vote around 1920, its why gay people are getting many rights that were before denied them. Freedom in America is a process, not something that happened in a snap. But you cannot take away somebody’s rights while giving rights to somebody else, and this is what the Supreme Court has done. They could have given gay people in a Civil Union the same rights to inheritance, insurance and healthcare so as to be equal to straight people, since this was the main grievance gay people had. This would have respected the right of christians to have the holy sacrament of marriage preserved as is their right. But no, the Supreme Court has to show they rule over all of heaven and earth…..Sick SOB’s.

Two thousands years ago when Jesus Christ was killed and the Jews got blamed for it, it’s worthwhile to note that the Jews did not kill Christ. It was the politicians who killed Him, the Jewish people loved Him because He helped them whenever he could. The politicians convicted Him in an illegal trial, and it was the politicians who packed a public hearing with their supporters in front of Pontius Pilate to sentence Him to death. The Romans were just a tool used by the politicians. Today, with what the politicians are doing, it’s clear that they are killing the legacy of Christ, just because they can’t stand it when somebody

The hosts, Gabe and Jackie, know first hand that people don’t

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Jul 142015

Chaque fois que j’entends quelqu’un me dire qu’il va louer un petit entrept face mask, je me dis: “Oh, mon Dieu!” Ce n’est pas une avenue que je recommande. Ils vont payer 200$ par mois pour l’entreposage. La plupart du temps, ils laissent les choses l beaucoup plus longtemps que ce qu’ils pensaient.

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Zamel and his crowdsourced consulting firm, Wikistrat

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Jul 112015

My current dog, by the way is a rescue, but it was done privately. My friend knew of a guy that was talking about dumping his dog as he had to return home after having his visa renewal denied and didn want to take her with him. So I happily gave her a home.

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Construction on 1 WTC had barely reached street level in that

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Jul 062015

new legislation to protect logging contractors

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Your valuable and constructive comments scoring that you

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Jul 062015

I’m reading “The E Myth” right now and see how it would be helpful to create SOP’s for my real estate ventures, too. I haven’t done so yet because I’ve only been purchasing one buy hold property a year and figured I could keep everything straight in my mind. However, I seem to reinvent the wheel each time..

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