Oct 162015

The big news about the Democratic debate is that Hillary Clinton came out of the closet and admitted she is a progressive. I know that to most people this is no big deal, but this confession is important because it officially establishes that the Democratic Party is going to openly push its socialist agenda more aggressively. This will either knock them out of politics entirely, or if they are successful, wreck the entire economy like socialism always does.

Also noteworthy is the fact that Bernie Sanders also admitted that he is a progressive as well as admitting many times that he is also a socialist, this establishes the fact that a progressive and a socialist are the same sort of stupidity. But to take this full cycle, it has to be realized that socialism is really just a sanitized type of communism.  This economic system provides people who work hard for a better life, and lazy people who do not want to work, with the same income, so it does not matter if people work hard or not; so it’s just not  worth it for people to work and society falls apart. Everybody knows this, except the Democrats.

I know, this theory may sound way out to some people, I mean, how can the Democrats go communist right here in America, the land where capitalism is ground into the history of the nation and the majority of people agree that capitalism is the way to go. Well, it has to be realized that the Democrats have been pushing communism for many long years, but have not been calling it communism, instead they call it “income equality”, or “social justice” or something else just as insane; but the problem here is that many people have come to agree with this as long as it is not called communism. The crazy thing about this is the fact that they are getting way with this.

Since the Democrats are going down the communist path, consider that communists believe that censorship absolutely must be part of a society. So, look at what they did in the debate. they talked about Bengazi, but they censored out anything about the lies Hillary Clinton made about the attack being caused by a video. Also, they talked about the need to create more jobs, but they censored out the fact that Bill Clinton (a Democrat) sent millions of jobs to other countries by his signing into law treaties like NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) and the WTO (World Trade Organization), then there is also the fact that Bill Clinton also gave China special trade status. It has been estimated that between  5 million to 20 million jobs have been lost by these actions of Bill Clinton.

The Democrats created the loss of jobs problem and are not mentioning this, but are instead claiming that they are the only ones that have a cure for this problem. It takes a total lack of morality to do this.

They also censored out the 18 trillion debt we have, 8 trillion added by Obama. Since Hillary said that she will add to the success of Obama, which most likely means another 8 trillion in debt for the nation. This means a debt of 26 trillion. But we will not make it to such a debt because most economists have said the economy will collapse when the debt reaches around 22 trillion, or sooner.

There is also the complete failure of the policy Hillary and Obama put together in the Mid East, and just about every where else in the world.

As one last proof, think about how the Democrats have been saying for the last 7 years that the Republicans have to “stop obstructing” and “get out of the way”. Well, Bernie Sanders took this to a whole new level by saying with a snarly look on his face “you Republicans had better stop obstructing or your going to get fired”. This surely is not a democratic way of thinking, in fact this is the way a dictator thinks, as is typical in a communist country.

If you look at the history of communists since 1917, it can be easily seen that they all did anything they could  to get rid of opposition groups like sending them to hospitals for the insane or just a regular jail, or mostly they just shot them.

So, basically, the Democratic Debate was just another propaganda stunt, but what else could you expect from CNN a socialist network and a bunch of socialists running for president.

It’s time to take a stand and stop this madness before it does any more damage to America.

Jose Lugo, editor DDTV.ORG



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