Dec 182015

Caution: the following essay contains strong language, if you can’t take it, read no more. Go away, NOW.

While watching the latest Republican and Democratic debates on TV with the candidates debating security and terrorism, the thought came to me that what if the famous World War II General George S. Patton were there and what would he say to them, it may have sounded something like this:

“You pathetic pack of wimps, what’s this crap about you all running for president, none of you (except the Donald), can’t even win a place on a kindergarden ball team. I fought a war against the Japanese and the Germans that attacked us with a combined man power total of a couple of million men and I fought back and beat the hell out of them with our allies. But you butt wipes can’t even beat a small bunch of illiterate camel jockeys. You have to pull your heads out of your a$# and realize what war is really about. War is not pretty, your humanity is always the first casualty of any war, you have to wake up and realize that.

You cry about collateral damage, well in the big one, we deliberately bombed cities with people living there. We fire bombed the German city of Dresden, we bombed Tokyo another civilian city, and many other civilian cities and we didn’t shed a tear about it, because we knew what war is about and we did what had to be done to win and establish peace.

All you numb nuts can do is stand there and argue about privacy rights and say “that’s not who we are”. Well political correctness never won a war, it can’t because in war you have to get down and dirty and do what ever it takes to win because if you loose, you and your entire families will be dead or be slaves for the rest of your lives.

You butt wipes can’t even realize that this thing you call the internet is a great intelligence gathering tool that can be used to easily find out all kinds items that can be used to fight an effective war against our enemies. You have to learn that you have to hit the enemy any-way you can, any time you can and hit them as hard as you can. So, stop asking those stupid questions about the internet, just use it and shut-up about it.

You jerks actually want to let those murdering camel jockeys to come to America and live here? How stupid can you get? In my day we rounded-up all the Nazi enemies living here and sent them packing back to Germany. We were going to do the same with the Japs living here, but they would not take them back, so we locked them up, and couldn’t have cared less about them. But you jerks want to take our enemies in and give them welfare checks, food stamps, social security and free medical. You’re all completely insane; totally and absolutely insane (except the Donald).

In war, only the smartest and meanest win, since you all (except the Donald) are neither, you better grow a beard and start wearing berkas, because Muslim or dead you are certainly going to be. Or y0u better get used to a life without music, dancing, movies or beer, because thats what your going to live like when the camel jockeys take over.

 We won World War II because we fought a war of annihilation that only ended with an unconditional surrender that was followed up with an occupation and total disarmament of the defeated enemy.

That’s how you win a war, that’s how it always was and still is today, but you morons just don’t realize it.

Back then in my time, if anybody in our entire nation gave our sworn enemy 150 billion dollars and the right to develop nuclear weapons, they would have been court marshaled and sent to an army firing squad.

You people are too crazy for me to waste any more of my time on. So I will say good-by to you losers. I’m sick of looking at you, and I hope none of you make it to the White House.

As for you Mr Trump, can you please come with me, I want to talk to you”.


World War II lasted four years, the politically correct war in Afghanistan has been raging for 15 years and still there is no end in sight….Need I say more?

Jose Lugo, editor DDTV.ORG

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