Jan 312016

My dear friend:

We grew-up together an we shared a lot of good times and bad times together, but threw it all you are still my friend, your like family, and I will always help you out if I can.

After sharing a lot of Face Book posts, I realized that you are a communist and thats OK with me, if that’s what you believe in, then go for it. At first I thought we could exchange a lot of political stuff and have some fun with it. But when you said that “I am sick and should go to the hospital because of my political ideas” it stunned me into a cold silence.

Yes, I know I am very right wing, I mean Rush Limbaugh looks like a liberal compared to me, but good buddy, you have crossed a very dangerous line. You are now in with people like the Russian Communists who believed that people that don’t agree with them are sick and they really did send them to mental hospitals where they were injected with all sorts of chemicals. But they were the lucky ones, others were sent to concentration camps where they were worked to death, or they were starved to death; others were simply shot dead. Read Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn book “The Gulag Archipelago”, he survived the concentration camps and told the world all about it. You should really read that book, it’s the end game of what you’re thinking.

A final tally of what the Russian Communists did was to kill abut 20 million people, the Chinese Communists killed about 50 million, The Cubans who have a smaller population killed 17,000 people because they did not support the ideas of Fidel Castro. Then there was Pol Pot who killed about a million in Cambodia. The list goes on and on with South America and Africa with their communist activists. Here in America we have people like Bill Ayrs who was caught on video tape saying that “we have to kill 25 million Americans” then he went on to talk about how we should kill them and how to get rid of the bodies.

So good buddy, that’s the company you are keeping these days. How you got there, I don’t know: but I guess the reason is that communists hate Americans. But the reasons for this hatred are based on lies. For example, the communists say that America is a basically bad country, founded in slavery and got rich by stealing from poor people.

I say this is not true because before 1776, it’s not that America had slavery, it’s that the whole world had slavery and America inherited this system from the rest of the world. But America was unique here because America stood up and said slavery was wrong, and after they beat the British Empire (then the most powerful nation on Earth), they went about ending slavery. They wrote the Constitution that said:

“We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal. That they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”.

In the first Contential congress, a bill was presented to end slavery, but it lost by one vote. But the 49% who wanted to end to slavery, fought on until they ended slavery in the Northern States in 1805, then  with the Civil War and 600,000 deaths they finally ended slavery in America and held the Union together. Then in 1965 they ended the Jim Crow laws in the South. Around 1930, the Sufergets came along and won voting rights for women. Then came the Stone Wall rebellion that gained respect and many rights for Gay people. You see, liberty is a process, it was not gained all at once, it came over time and this process is still going on, women have a way to go and so do African Americans, but it all started with the American Constitution, that was the guiding principal, and it’s getting the job done. This is what makes America exceptional, we were in the vanguard to end slavery and start the march to freedom.

I know that you communists, Democrats, liberals and progressives think we should help the poor, but what you don’t get is that we do help the poor. Since 1965 with the “Great Society” that president Johnson started we have spent over 20 trillion dollars to help the poor. All those programs you said that were around when we were kids are still in place, and in fact have had benefits added to them. There are still food stamps being given out, there are also subsidiaries for housing, heat allowances,  welfare checks are still going out and the poor are getting free cellphones. The poor are getting all they need, the only thing you can add to these programs are a limo and a European vacation. The reason there are still poor people around is that you just can not help people who will not help themselves. The commies are just trying to make America look bad by saying we have to help the poor, when we so clearly do.

When ever there is a disaster like an earthquake anywhere in the world like Haiti or Peru, America is there with the Red Cross and the Army sending in supplies. No other country helps earthquake victims like America does, but yet you say American is a bad country.

Good Buddy, you say I should open my mind, well I did open my mind, I listened to MSNBC, CNN and the other commie channels, and the conclusion I came to is that they are not honest, they do not give you all the news, they only give you their side of the news, and that side is just not the whole story.  I saw what the communists are doing to America and it is wrong. You are on the wrong path, you have to wake up and stop listening to MSNBC, maybe you should watch Fox News a little, get the other side of the news, then make up your mind.

Communist countries always have ration cards, you needed a ration card for everything, food, clothes, furniture, everything. Some people like the East Germans risked their lives to escape to the west and a lot of them were shot by border guards. You should think some more about your communist ideas, and stop drinking the Kool Aid.

But if you still think that communism is the way to go, then I think you should read up on some history. In communist Russia, the government could and did knock on peoples doors and had them meet people they never met before and told them they will be living with them from now on, if people objected to this, they were sent to the hospital.

I’ll be waiting for you.

Your friend.




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