Feb 102016

Freedom of Speech and Other Follies
I’m retired now, but back in my working days I had a strong desire to criticize the government for what it is doing to America, but I knew that certain topics were off limits for criticism for the very real reason that I could be fired from my job for criticizing the wrong person. So, when I retired it was like liberation day for me, I felt I had achieved true freedom of speech as promised to all citizens by the Constitution.
I was wrong.
Even though I could no longer be fired from my job for the simple reason that I no longer had a job, and my pension is untouchable (at least for now) I found out that the establishment has other ways to retaliate. What happened was that the four family house that I own in Pennsylvania was becoming just too much for me to handle, so I decided to sell it. The real estate agent told me that it would sell better if it had no building code violations on it, and since I had it inspected just a few years ago and the dozen violations that came up were mostly cleared up, I figured getting it inspected would be a breeze.
I was wrong again.
The building inspector came back with 95 building code violations.
Among the violations was one that stated that the fire place in one apartment had “to be inspected to make sure it was safe for use”, but the problem was, that the apartment has NO fire place!
Another violation stated that all apartment doors had to have 3 inch high letters so that they can be identified; again this would only be common sense for apartments to have some sort of indentification on them. The problem with this is that ALL apartments already had 3 inch high letters on their doors that were there for eleven years before the building inspector showed up; and were there while the inspector was doing his inspection!
Still another violation stated that one room in one apartment had to conform to the fire code (not all the apartments, just this one); so, it stated that a repair had to be made by removing the suspended ceiling, repair the ceiling above it, then REPLACE the suspended ceiling! This would make this the only room in the world with two ceilings! This left me wondering how I can hire a contractor to do this job without the contractor dying from laughter.
Another violation stated that a working light in the hallway had to be “VERIFIED” that it in fact worked. Maybe the building inspector had a broken finger that day and he could not flip the switch. But this earned me two building code violations for a light that worked perfectly OK.
Then the building building code inspector said that I have to have a fire exrtinguisher in the basement, and of course, there already IS a fire extinguisher in the basement!
I could go on about this funny stuff with this code inspector, but the bottom line here is that this house I want to sell, can not sell because nobody in his right mind will buy a house with 95 building code violations on it even though it is clear that some funny stuff is going on here. I mean, I thought about hiring the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland to do these repairs because no other contractor is qualified to fix a non-existant fire place, but I could not find the Mad Hatters contact information.
So, I decided to file a law suit. I talked to two Pennsylvania lawyers but they both said I have no case. I then went to the District Court and they said they don’t handle stuff like this, go to the District Attorney. I went to the DA and they said they don’t handle stuff like this, go the Civil Court; the Civil Court does not return phone calls.
What is going on here is similar to what went on in the South before 1950 where the KKK controlled the courts, the police and the politicians and so African Americans were denied many of their Constitutional rights. Well, Pennsylvania is a far left state and the mayor of Easton PA is even more far left than DeBlasio of New York City fame. In fact, Pennsylvania is so far left that a permit is required by its citizens if they want to move from one house to another. So, abuse of citizens who don’t follow the party line is the result of this system. And since my own politics are very far Right, in fact, so far Right that I ride around in a car with a 3′ x 4′ sign on top of it that says “Government Betrays You, We the People Must Govern”.. So, a far left government who controls the courts is retaliating against ME for critizing the far left government.
Abuse of citizens right here in America has also happened in other places. For example, in 2012 just before the presidential election, the IRS was abusing Tea Party organizations by denying them 501c3 tax except status, but left wing groups had no such problems. Another case of citizen abuse is going on right now in the state of Oregon in which Steven and Dwight Hammond are being harrased by the government by having access roads and water rights blocked by the government that wants to get them off their land. Recently one supporter, Robert Finicum was killed by government agents. In the same area, the government has also arbitrarily revoked grazing rights of other ranchers and even flooded their land.
There are other cases of government abuse of citizens–like the case of Cliven Bundy and the massacre at Waco, Texas where 74 people were killed. If this abuse of citizens continues it can only lead to civil unrest. But maybe this is what the government wants so that it can declare martial law and impose a dictatorship–which may be the real goal here.
Jose Lugo, editor DDTV.ORG

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