Apr 122016

You are at War with Islam. Your leaders will not tell you this, but you are at War with Islam. But why you ask; you have spent the last few decades putting together a society based on understanding, cooperation, tolerance; a socialist paradise, so how can you be at War? What happened, why are you now at War with Islam?

Now, in order to understand the following, it is important to first understand that all political parties tend to stick with their own kind; for example, Republicans stick with Republicans, Democrats stick with Democrats. But when Liberals stick with other Liberals the following happens.

To begin with, most societies, like America are now based on liberal policies, and if you talk to most liberals you will find out that most liberals think of themselves as good people who just want to do good and build a better world. But a mistake liberals make is to focus on people who they believe are the victims of their countries colonial past. They forget that the people who committed these long ago horrible acts against innocents are all dead. All laws state clearly that to convict someone of a crime, you must charge the actual person who committed that crime, not their children or even grandchildren. Even the Bible states clearly that you can’t blame the son for the sins of their fathers. But yet this is exactly what liberals are doing, they want this generation to pay for the sins of their grandfathers. So, liberals think of their fellow countrymen as racist, sexist, homophobic and just plain mean people with a long history of doing evil deeds. This in itself is racist thinking by liberals in that they label a large group of people the same, the good people with the bad.

But you must also realize how liberal policies are created. They are created by a closed society of liberals, who lock themselves away and allow only like-minded people to join this inner circle, because they talked themselves into thinking everybody else is racist and just plain rotten. So, anybody with a different point of view, or a different life experience is shut out of the conversation.

Here in America, liberals have tried to get sponsors of TV programs to stop supporting programs that do not support their point of view. They block roads to political rallies of their opponents, they send their people into their opponents political rallies to shout down the speakers. They have told outright lies, like Harry Reid saying that Mitt Romney did not pay his taxes, when tax records clearly show he did pay his taxes. Liberals have tried to change history by saying that America was a slave state when it was founded, but the truth is that when America was founded, the whole world was a slave state and America was different in that America said that slavery was wrong and struggled for years to end slavery. But yet, liberals still say America was founded as a racist slave state.

So, whether or not liberals realize it, this closed society that liberals live in is causing great damage to Europe and America, but liberals get away with this, with the lie that they are the kind, caring, the progressive and enlightened ones, while they are destroying Europe and America by flooding these countries with foreigners, who do not share their culture or their values; and are raising national debts to such high levels that they threaten the financial stability of nations.

Another harm liberals are doing is to over-tax working people so that they cannot have a family of their own. Then the liberals use this excess tax money to attract and pay foreigners with welfare checks, free housing, food stamps and free cell phones. These foreigners then can have large families that then start to replace the native population. This way liberals change the make-up of a country to one that is more socialist oriented and more likely to vote liberals into public office. That’s what free stuff does.

Liberals also do all they can to make these foreigners happy by accommodating all their cultural habits. But when a fellow countrymen wants his own culture and traditions maintained, the liberal calls such a person a racist and a bigot for wanting their own culture respected.

Since Liberal policies are not established by democratic means, these policies do not consider all facets of a problem, they only use ideas from people who think like them, this limits the number of solutions for problems, so these policies are more likely to fail. These liberal policies have turned Europe and America into terrorist targets where public places are killing fields, and rape is now a way of life.

Such is the harm that Liberals cause; other political parties cause other problems that can cause harm, but this what Liberals do.

People have to wake-up and see what these liberals are really doing, see how they are destroying their countries and ours. If nations are to be places where people can live in peace, they must have leaders who know about democratic values and the real world and how to deal with it. The closed mind of a liberal can’t do this.

Wake-up before it’s too late.

Jose Lugo, editor DDTV .ORG

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