Conservatives and Self Destruction

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May 152016

So you’re not going to vote! I keep hearing that wherever I turn. Cruz people using the hashtag #nevertrump.

Trump people who say if Donald isn’t handed the nomination they will either sit out the vote or go third-party.

Trump himself crying like a bully who finally got punched back, that he has been robbed. Robbed? How is that?

If Trump gets to the convention with 1237 delegates he wins. But he isn’t there yet, and lest we forget past history, there have been 10 brokered conventions.

Seven of which did not go to the candidate with the most delegates, hence we have a history when a candidate that may be caustic to the cause.

Truth be told in Colorado, Trump blew it. He knew what the rules were. They weren’t new rules meant to stop him. He simply wasn’t prepared and hence lost the delegates. And now he is trying to convince everyone its a ” vast right wing conspiracy.” Sound familiar?

And to the Cruz people let me say this also. America, in case you haven’t noticed is about to go under. Not a recession, not a depression, an end. And your playing games.

When any of you threaten not to vote, you threaten every family, every person in America. My family included and I’m not ok with that. If in your selfish, self-centered thinking you take the “its my ball, I’m taking it and going home” attitude, you not the Democrats, not the establishment, you will have responsibility not only to all Americans but to God for the end of this nation.

Our founding fathers fought and died to give us the freedoms we have, and you with your , “I just won’t vote” attitude threaten the future of this nation. Not the Republican party, the whole nation.

If you can’t see that a democrat victory will finish this nation off you are even less intelligent than your current behavior indicates. I am so tired of the insults, the lies, the me, me, me that I hear. Perhaps you don’t see it but that’s very Bernie like.

So for the love of your children, and grandchildren, grow up, man up, and when we finally have a Republican candidate join up and whether its Donald Trump, or Ted Cruz lets start rebuilding American, and turning back to the precious Judeo-Christian ethic that made us great in the past. Wake up!


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