Jun 132016

Well, we had another mass shooting, sadly, nothing new. But sadder still,  the response is also still the same.

49 Americans are shot dead in an Orlando Florida night club by another Muslim. Then President Obama gets on TV with the same old stale talking points with the predictable pitch for gun control.

Some Muslim clerics also get on TV saying the same old stale line about “not all Muslims are to blame”, but they are not doing a thing about it either.

And that’s the main point here. The president could have banned “gun free zones” because that’s where most of the mass shootings happen, if people are armed in these current “gun free zones” they can defend themselves and others around them, but no, he did not ban “gun free zones”. He could have required armed guards in “gun free zones”, but he did not do that either. He could have required bouncers or bar tenders at night clubs to be armed, but he did not do that either. Obama basically did nothing but the some old stale talking points to make him self look good, but he’s too stupid to realize how stupid he looks.

One person in that night club with one gun could have stopped the shooter, or at least prevented some of the killings. But of the 350 people there, nobody in that night club had a gun, except the killer.

Then the rest of the news media kicks in with their stupid talking points, like, “we need common sense gun control”. Nobody seems to realize that you don’t dis-arm your people while under attack, but it seems that clear thinking is no longer practiced in America, or at least not by the government or the news media.

We just have “the same old, same old”.

What happened to us.

Jose Lugo, editor ddtv.org

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