Jun 252016

Now that Britain finally got out of the European Union, it’ time to clear the smoke and  find out what’s going on.

You see, Europe has always been an amazing place, the Europeans are a brilliant people who create great works of art, build beautifule buildings, cook delicious food and are always at the forefront of technological progress. But as amazing as Europeans are, they do have one nasty habit, which is to murder each other by the millions in endless Wars.

So, they got together and decided that if they form one country they will not have any more wars, and there will be peace and everybody will live happily ever after.

They were wrong. Civil Wars are still a possibility even with a united Europe. In fact, Civil Wars are often more bloody than international wars. So, the premise upon which the EU was formed was a false premise. But they decided to give it a go anyway.

The second mistake they made was to put liberals in charge of the whole thing. So, in came the liberals with their usual arrogance and I’m always right and your stupid if you think other wise attitude; this is no different from the Kings during the dark ages. Except that the liberals were not cutting off peoples heads, or maybe they just did not have any time to get around to this.

Then the liberals started with their usual liberal agenda, which is a welfare state, high taxes for working people, a crushingly high national debt and a flood of immigrants; all this has nothing to do with keeping peace in Europe. These liberals were doing what liberals do, in the same way that liberals always do things. And the result was the same as always with liberal agendas, a complete mess was created.

People became angry with their taxes going up to pay for free stuff to foreigners who were only increasing the crime rate and stealing their jobs. Taxes got so high for working people that they could not afford to raise a family, while the foreigners who were getting every thing free were having large families. This had the effect that the foreigners were starting to replace the local population, a sort of cultural genocide.

Many Europeans started feeling like strangers in their own county. There are places in France where French men can not go because of hostile Muslims who would attack them on sight. Then the restaurants, movie theaters, hotels, art works and public places stated to be created to cater to the Muslims, getting every body else angry that they were loosing their culture and their country.

The unelected liberal leaders would not listen to the local people, the leaders would only insult them, calling them racists and stupid. But everybody has a right to their own culture and the native people of Europe certainly have this right. Even though it was not recognized by their liberal masters.

So, the whole thing is falling apart. But there remain some benefits to a unified Europe, Better trade and higher incomes for one thing. Maybe they should try at a union again, but next time (if there is a next time) if they make democracy and respect for local cultures a priority it might work. Getting rid of liberals and their anti-democracy policies would also help.

Jose Lugo, editor ddtv.org

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