Race Riots

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Sep 252016

This is not news anymore.

Another white cop kills a black man and riots erupt with the usual smashed windows, burning buildings and torching cars. Also, not new is the fact that our government, you know the one that keeps telling us that that know it all and can fix anything; looks like it hasn’t got a clue about what to do about it.

You would think that the politicians might say something like “that cop that did the shooting has a right to a fair trial like all other citizens, and this is necessary if we are not to be ruled by Jim Crow laws with lynchings and terror as the usual way to do things”. No, our politicians are doing nothing useful.

In fact the Mayor of Baltimore Maryland, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake even said “Those who wish to do destruction will be given space to do so”. She should have been thrown out of office for saying this, but no, she is still there doing nothing useful at all.

Sure some black people believe the fiction that police are hunting them down and killing them, but why don’t they realize that more white people are killed by cops than black people? Why haven’t the politicians impressed them with this fact? Is it that the politicians want the riots and property destruction so that they can have a grievance population that they can cater to for votes?

Why is it that 3,600 black people are killed by other black people in Chicago and this is hardly mentioned by the main stream press, but yet a couple dozen black people are killed by cops and riots break out. I would think that the lives of 3,600 people matter more than a couple of dozen killed by cops. Where are the priorities of these people, or is it that the politics matter more. If so, then this whole situation is really sick.

Why isn’t the news media saying that some people like to riot and smash up buildings and cars. Why aren’t these people being arrested and charged with the crimes they commit.

The answer to all this is that the ruling class wants the riots, the killing, the property destruction. Barack Obama himself even had the Black Lives Matter group invited to the White House, maybe he likes to hear them advocate for the killing of our police.

Somebody, somewhere wants to destabilize America to bring on martial law or a dictatorship.

Wise-up America.

Jose Lugo, editor of DDTV.Org