Flip Flopping Trump

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Dec 052016

The American people have been betrayed, AGAIN.

Donald Trump, a man who many Americans have put their trust in to save our great country, has let them all down.

During his presidential campaign he promised multiple times that he will make Hillary Clinton answer to justice for her many crimes against America; he has now decided not to pursue criminal charges against her.

Doesn’t he realize that the American people are sick and tired of being lied to.

Throughout his campaign, his supporters have chanted “lock her up”, and Trump said during one of the debates “if I were President, you would be in jail”. Then as soon as he won the election, he decided to let her go. He in fact said, “Prosecuting Hillary is just not something I feel very strongly about”. ? ?

He said, “she suffered enough”. Where is she suffering? She has $300 million in the bank, she has two homes with a net worth of around five million dollars. If anybody is suffering here it’s the American people who are suffering under an abusive government that sends their jobs to other countries and over taxes them. But most of all, the American people are suffering by not knowing if the government is on their side or on the side of special interest groups. They are suffering by not knowing if their government is just a gang of criminals who are covering for each other and so have put themselves above the law.

When our Republic was founded, our Constitution was written so that elected officials represented the people. Apparently, this is no longer true; our government now represents international corporations and rich special interest groups who pour millions of dollars into election campaigns. The result of this is that the governments true function is to sell to the public laws that benefit these special groups only. And, this arrangement has caused jobs to be sent over seas and high taxes to make the public pay for the unemployment caused by this. And, politicians do this with big phony Howdy Doody smiles and slick propaganda campaigns .

What about his many other campaign promises? What about the famous “Wall” he promised to build along the Mexican border? Will there be a wall at all, or will there be a small picket fence. Or will a little old lady from Pasadena just ride along the border on her bicycle once a week to check it out? Or maybe there will be just a line in the sand.
What about his other famous promises? What about the better trade deals, will they really be re-negotiated or will they be kept as is. Lets face it, Donald is a businessman, and every businessman wants to run production as cheap as possible. This means cheap foreign labor, not American labor which due to foreign exchange rates is more expensive. Sure the exchange rates can be readjusted to help American workers, but why bother, profits are great for the company CEO and that’s all that matters. The workers be damed.

Trump has claimed many times that the election was “rigged”, but it now seems that the Donald was the main rigger. It appears that the election was a Democrat running against another Democrat, because the Donald was really a Democrat pretending to be a Republican. It is a fact that he danced with Hillary Clinton at his wedding, and Trump was shown on video claiming to be in fact, a Democrat.

Trump is not the first President to lie to the American people. When the first Bush ran for the Presidency, he said “read my lips, no new taxes”, then when he got into office, the first thing he did was to raise taxes. Then there is Barack Obama, who when running for office said “a ten trillion debt is wrong, it is treason, it is unpatriotic”. Then when he got into office, he doubled the debt to 20 trillion. Then there is his famous “if you like your doctor, you can keep him”, and we all know how that worked out.

So, it seems that the only thing we can count on is that we will always be lied to by politicians, they all work for special interest groups. Not the American people. This puts us back to where we were before the Constitution was written, that is we are ruled by crooks who think they are better than us and they can do whatever they want to do, they are above the law. We are just the chumps that pay for their parties, but are never invited to the party.

For further reading visit www.ddtv.org/on-going-debate.

It’s past time for a real change.

Jose Lugo, editor ddtv.org