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Subject: press release
It’s well known that many animal species are becoming extinct, due to habitat loss caused by the expansion of human towns and cities. In response to this some governments are trying to reverse this trend; some by policies like the Hernando County 2040 plan. But this plan has major flaws as pointed out at the Nature Coast 912 Group meeting held on Saturday, April 15, 2017. Shirley and Pat Miketinac spoke about this plan. At first Pat Miketinac stated that the word “shall” appeared 834 times in this plan, since this basically means compliance is necessary, this establishes 843 new laws, most of which cause problems. Such as: people must use only the type of fencing mandated by the plan; this causes problems because different farm raised animals require different type of fencing. Land owners must also use only the outdoor lighting allowed by the plan.

Shirley’s speech got very disturbing when she said that people who own over 100 acres of land will only be able to use 50% of their land. People who own between 20 to 100 acres will loose 30% of their land to the government; but people who own under 20 acres will be able to use all their land. These land owners will still have to pay tax on the land they are not allowed to use. This is clearly a land grab by the government.

With 35% of the land in Hernando County already owned by the government, how far will this plan go? This plan also has many ways to make suburban living too expensive and so force people to move to cities that will become increasingly overcrowded due to this plan!

What is basically happening here is that private property is being taken off the market, and with the law of “supply and demand” setting in, this raises the cost of existing land. Shirley said that some states have had the cost of land go so high that it was priced out of the market. So, a question must be asked here, is this plan a secret a way to raise the cost of land so that people who already own a lot of land are rigging the real estate market for their own profits?

The strangest aspect of this plan is that it establishes “wild life corridors” that’s supposed to help wild life survive, but it was never proven if this works. Little plots of land scattered around at random allows animals to wonder around, often into human living areas where they can be harmed. It seems that large plots of land like Yellowstone Park do help wild life live better, but this not possible in a highly developed state like Florida without serious financial trouble.

The attached picture shows Pat Miketinac on the left and Shirley Miketinac on the right.

Jose Lugo, editor DDTV.ORG and reporter for the Nature Coast 912 Group.



1. The Draft 2040 Plan should be voided in its entirety.

2. Staff should go back to the current Comprehensive Plan and modify it with “strike” for deletions and “underline” for additions as is common legal procedure.

3. The GOP (Goals, Objectives and Policies) Model should be retained, dropping the GOS (Goals, Objectives, Strategies) Model.

4. The use of “shall”, “will” and “must” or other such legal mandates should be removed to be replaced by “may”, “could”, “should”, “consider”, “encourage” and other non-legally binding language. This plan should only be a guide for ordinances to be decided by our County Commissioners.

5. The current private property rights language should be retained, and State Statute Title VI, Chapter 70, section 001 entitled “Private Rights Protection” should be added. State Statute 163.3161 (10) Private Property Rights should be added.

6. Where possible, easy to read charts should convey information such as land density and open space options, if any, county facilities and parks, total acreage by categories, etc..

7. All references to “Ecological Linkages” with additional open space, fencing and lighting requirements should be deleted as well as any such restrictions in the Rural Category.

8. Any reference to “wildlife corridors” should be referenced as theory only and used only in voluntary educational programs.

9. No one should lose usage of any portion of their property for a wildlife corridor or ecological linkage theory.

10. Clustering should be totally voluntary at the discretion of the property owner.

11. Any restrictions on private property rights should be the very minimum required by state law.
Remove any open space requirements that are not mandated by the State of Florida.

12. Any mention of land acquisition should be stricken from the Comprehensive Plan, as almost one-third of Hernando County is already in Conservation, more than 42 other counties. With government holdings, a full 45% is off the tax rolls.

13. This plan should have an extensive chapter devoted to natural history, and all the conservation lands, parks and special features that Hernando County already possesses.

14. Transportation by automobile should be acknowledged as the primary transportation mode in Hernando County (over 95%) at this time. Bicycles and pedestrian should be acknowledged as mainly recreational.

15.“ Smart Growth” strategies such as “traffic calming”, “complete streets”, mixed-use communities, transportation-oriented development, extreme growth restrictions on rural properties, should be deleted . In 2011 the Florida Smart Growth Laws were repealed as an acknowledged failure and as being harmful to our economic growth.
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We the undersigned, are opposed to the Draft 2040 Comprehensive Plan for Hernando County, as written and agree with the actions called for in Numbers 1 through 15 above. Please enter this request into Hernando County records.












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