Samantha Bee – Full Frontal

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May 052017

On April 29 Samantha Bee had a television special titled “Not the White House Correspondents Dinner”. The show was promoted as a comedy show, but it was certainly not comedy, it was political assassination directed at conservatives masquerading as comedy.

The show was proof positive that the liberal establishment has become a group of anti-social degenerates banding together to protect each other using arrogance to cover-up their collective insanity.

Anti-white racism and cursing was a common thread throughout this tastless show, that from the very beginning showed its bias.

The opening scene had a press room full of liberal actors pretending to be conservative reporters. The woman moderator dismissed some reporters randomly to justify mindless arrogance. She finally yelled out:

“You’re all monsters (to conservative reporters), YES we have freedom of speech and of the press in this country and that is a beautiful thing.”

This completely contradicts the fact that liberal students have been rioting on college campuses to stop conservative speakers from talking at their campus. Then she went into a rage insulting the conservative reporters; while praising the liberal reporters for their hard work at producing propaganda, and  then she said:

“Yes sometimes they f–k-up, but sometimes they appologize for it, most of the time.”

Then she said the most amazing thing:

“We have to let you exist, but we do not have to listen to you.”

She feels generious by “letting you exist” (thank goodness she does not have that power), but then she totally invalidates her first statement that “democracy is a beautiful thing” by saying “but we do not have to listen to you”. ? ?

Another notable skit was when Samantha found an old film reel showing the inauguration of Hillary Clinton as president (yes they were ready). Then she went into tears at glories that never happened. Yes they almost had it all. They could have controlled the mass media without any challenges, they could have abolished the Constitution, abolish the military, abolish the police, abolish all borders, make all white men an oppressed minority. They could have had free medical for all, free college, free child care, free housing and nobody would have to work anymore. Everybody would get a welfare check from the government. Yes, they could have had it all (except a way to pay for it). But NO, they got nothing. Nothing but Donald Trump. Oh the pain!

The liberal establishment has nothing to stand for anymore, it’s just protecting it’s collective insanity with insults to their opponents. They stand on a mountain of failed policies and serious damage they have done to America. Someday they will realize this, then their card house of fantasy will come crashing down; maybe then, they will start thinking.

Jose Lugo, editor