May 052017

On April 29 Samantha Bee had a television special titled “Not the White House Correspondents Dinner”. The show was promoted as a comedy show, but it was certainly not comedy, it was political assassination directed at conservatives masquerading as comedy.

The show was proof positive that the liberal establishment has become a group of anti-social degenerates banding together to protect each other using arrogance to cover-up their collective insanity.

Anti-white racism and cursing was a common thread throughout this tastless show, that from the very beginning showed its bias.

The opening scene had a press room full of liberal actors pretending to be conservative reporters. The woman moderator dismissed some reporters randomly to justify mindless arrogance. She finally yelled out:

“You’re all monsters (to conservative reporters), YES we have freedom of speech and of the press in this country and that is a beautiful thing.”

This completely contradicts the fact that liberal students have been rioting on college campuses to stop conservative speakers from talking at their campus. Then she went into a rage insulting the conservative reporters; while praising the liberal reporters for their hard work at producing propaganda, and

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