Jun 282017

The violence in America is escalating at a rapid pace. Congressman  Steve Scalise was shot down by a Democrat, who attacked a group of Republicans playing the innocent game of baseball. The attacker was killed by officers who responded to the incident. After the attack, a list was found in the shooters pocket with the names of other Republicans he wanted to kill. Since the month of May, about thirty other Republicans have been threatened or attacked by means, not as lethal as was used on Congressman Scalise, but they were non-the-less very troubling.

Anytime a Conservative like Ann Coulter wants to speak at a college or university, the students riot and cause major damage to the college; causing a further rise in the already dangerously high level of tension.

Republicans and Conservatives are becoming increasingly angry. They see their freedom of speech rights being taken away because their representatives cannot speak at colleges, and now the people they elect to represent them in congress, are being attacked and gunned down.

You would think the news media would try to calm down the situation, but NO, it seems they are doing everything they can to rise tensions to new dangerous highs.

What is causing this dangerous atmosphere; but more important, what can be done to stop it? We have had many Republicans in the White House before, but non has caused the anger and violence we see now. What makes Donald Trump different from all other Republicans, is the insults he yelled at many Americans during his presidential campaign of 2016. He insulted the largest number of Americans ever insulted by a person running for public office. He insulted women in the most outrageous manner ever seen in any public official. He insulted our courageous veterans, gay people, immigrants, religious groups, in the most outrageous manner possible. How he won the presidency is a miracle never before seen.

But whatever the case, the legacy of the insults Trump made during his campaign are his own doing, and so this is his responsibility.

But can you imagine the burn the victims of his insults must have had when he won the Presidency? It’s like the whole nation spit in their face with Trump’s election win. It’s a burn they feel to this day, and they vent this anger every chance they get. One actor said publicly he wants to punch Trump in the face. Another actress said she wants to blow up the White House.  Another is walking around with an effigy of Trump’s bloody decapitated head. Actors are having performances where a Trump look-a-like is stabbed to death. This is all a result of the burn they feel from the Trump campaign insults, and his win of the Presidency.

“How can the nation elect such a person”, they feel this with genuine anger and hurt.

The only hope we have to cool down the anger and violance Trump caused with his insults and campaign win, is for Trump to sincerely apologize to these seriously aggrieved fellow Americans. He is President, it is his responsibility to stop the violence he caused by his election win. I know he has a big ego, but he is President now and he has to do what the nation needs; that is to apologize sincerely to our fellow Americans who have a very real hurt from his actions.

Jose Lugo, editor DDTV.ORG


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