Liberals and Mass Murder (part 2)

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May 042018

Liberals and Mass Murder (part 2)

It’s been a little over two months since the shooting at Parkside High School in Florida that left 17 of our kids dead. What has been done to stop such future tragedies, precious little. In Florida, very few teachers will be allowed to conceal carry guns in school, the rest of the nation is doing just about nothing. Sure the politicians made the usual grand speeches, but nothing else. The students are outraged and protesting nation wide, but they’re not getting anything useful done.

This must end. The time for being polite is over, political correctness has no place here, nor does it have a place anywhere else. This essay makes hard disturbing statements, if you can’t take it, then read no more and go away.

Mass killings have happened throughout history, but to figure this out I will look at our current situation. During the eight year term of Barack Obama there were five school shootings; including the horrific Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting that killed 28 of our precious children. What did Obama do about this: NOTHING! Is it that he did not know what to do (a real possibility)? Is this because he could not reach agreement with Congress about what to do? If so, why didn’t he sign an “Executive order” to put armed guards at all school entrances to prevent another school shooting? He used an “Executive order” to let millions of foreigners into our country who can’t speak the local language and 70% of them go on welfare and this raises taxes on Americans. But why is it that nobody is asking the hard question–that is–what if Obama DID NOT WANT TO DO ANYTHING to save our children? Is it that using these tragic deaths was to, his mind only, useful to get guns away from law abiding citizens? They have no other real reason to ban guns. Is the liberal agenda more important than the lives of our children?

Also, consider that the solution for this is as simple as it gets. Namely: armed guards and metal detectors at all school entrances. One reason these killers go to schools to carry out their insanity is because they know that schools are “gun free zones”. So gun free that even armed guards are not allowed. Even police officers who spend their entire working lives walking around with loaded guns; but if they retire from the police and get a job as a school guard, they are not allowed to carry a gun in the school. Why is this?

We spend billions of dollars to protect foreign countries like South Korea, Japan, and even Europe with thousands of our armed soldiers, but spend close to nothing to protect our children with armed security guards and metal detectors.

The reasons given by Liberals for not protecting our children make no sense at all. For example, they don’t want our children caught in a cross-fire. Well if they’re being gunned down by a mad man, what difference does it make if some bullets are flying toward the shooter to stop him? Or they might say “they don’t want our children exposed to guns”. Again, if they are being gunned down, they are exposed to guns anyway, so more exposure by a security guard to stop the shooter is the only way that they can be saved.

Consider that 98% of mass shootings happen in “gun free zones”, like schools. So, why do we have “gun free zones” ?

Also consider that the police and the FBI were told about problems with Nikolas Cruz. They were told a total of 23 times that he was dangerous and was talking about shooting-up a school. But the FBI and police did nothing.

Finally, consider that the police were actually there at Parkside H.S. while the students were being gunned down. The police heard the gun shots and the screams, and did nothing.

If you add-up all of the above, there can only be one conclusion. Our precious children are being “set-up” to be killed so that the Radical Left, the Progressives, the Communists and the Democrats can have an excuse to disarm Americans, so that they can impose their insane Socialist Agenda on Americans who do not want to live under socialist dictators.

This has happened too many times. It must stop, we must demand an end to all the talk and demand armed guards and metal detectors at all school entrances.

We must not allow insane people to get their hands on guns; but we must not allow socialists to take away our guns and our freedom.

Jose Lugo, editor